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Avatar m tn The chiropractor said that I don't have an injury, but fascia...itis in neck and shoulder. The only meds I'm on now are protonix for reflux, and clonodine for hot flashes, and wellbutrin. If it was rebound pain from getting off pain meds, I would think it would subside a little every now and then. Anyone know about this possibly being a side effect of taking protonix?
Avatar n tn alot of the foods that I eat seem to contain gas. One recommend garlic, ginger and orange peel, boil together and drink real hot, that worked for a while, but then the gas pain conitnued. Any more suggestions from any one will be highly appreciated. Thanks. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Stomach Gas and Arrythmia</a>.
620923 tn?1452919248 My blood work is all normal except for my C-reactive protien and total protien were high, but my white blood cell count was normal. Ive been on prilosec, previced, zantac, and im currently on protonix and NuLev. I take NuLev 6 times a day to keep my food down. Ive been "diagnosed" with lactose intolerance and acid reflux but again there was no evidence of any of those conditions.
Avatar f tn (may try the prevacid again) Zantac and watching what I eat and Mylanta Extra Strength is my companions now. I do have a hiatal hernia per the EDG and Reflux per the EDG (neither, I was told is really bad)but now I am taking charge and diligently trying various lifestyle changes, elevating the head of the bed with bricks, avoiding stresses.
Avatar n tn We talked about the next step and after talking for quite awhile, she feels I'm a canddiate for Protonix and perhaps Paxil to calm the anxiety this has caused. I know you take Protonix Jenn and like it. The nurse did explain that what works for one may not work for another. She herself takes Protonix and likes it alot. She has bad reflux and the Protonix has improved her quality of life.
Avatar m tn worsened IBS - bad abdominal cramps (caused by Nexium together with fever and Zantac) a white-coated and burning tongue (caused by Prevacid, Zantac, Protonix, Pepcid, Riopan). I'd like to know if anybody has experienced intollerance to the various antireflux medicines similar to mine. Have you ever had a severely burning tongue caused by them?
Avatar f tn Protonix side effects include muscle cramp and stomach pains, esophagial spams, throat tightening, among other things, I decided to go off the Protonix and just try Zantac morning and night for awhile and see if between that and the diet change if my reflux would be controlled enough. I have only been off the Protonix a few days and my reflux is terrible. I started having, what I think are esophagial spasms, a few months ago. They happen at night while I'm laying down.
Avatar n tn now ive tried protonix,up to 300mg zantac,and rx strength prilosec,either no relief or alot of gi side effects.what else can i do,looking at seeing gi specialist for abd ultrasound to check status of herniation.
Avatar n tn My question is could a bunch of different medications at different times cause stomach problems. I take 40mg twice a day of protonix, also 2 150mg of zantac. to help but not helping much anymore. I have no insurance other then workmans comp.
Avatar n tn she complained that she wanted to eat but eating made her stomach hurt. The Zantac was given as a trial and it did help. She regained the weight she lost and 112 pounds. Every time we stop the Zantac she starts losing weight again....I'm going to have to start it again since her weight has dropped again from 112 to 103....she says she cannot eat. She does not seem to have the typical behavior patterns of anorexia, and she claims she wants to eat. When on the Zantac, she does eat!
Avatar n tn Dr. switched me to Protonix, and it seemed to help my stomach ache, but not the chest pain, tightness, and the feeling of something stuck in middle of my chest is still there. My appitite got a little bit better, but still cannot be compared to before. I never had any GI symptoms before. My resting Heartbeat dropped from 81 to 68, BP dropped 118/78 to 96/60. I did some research, and wondering maybe I 1) developed hiatal hernia when falling on that water ride and got hit by bag?
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170935 tn?1225374676 I've asked my cardiologist and my Gastro doc about them being tied together and they both deny it! I think its related to the vegal nerve. When my stomach, esophagus spasms, I get the palpitations. It is really unnerving and very frightening for me, as I have never felt anything like it before. I've been to the ER twice because I thought I was having a heart attack. I had the EKG's, Stress Test, and even an arteriogram. All showing a perfectly healthy heart.
Avatar m tn I am really nervous about having to put up with the pain after surgery and GERD symptoms together. I really need to have GERD settled down before then.
Avatar m tn Pharmacists are DOCTORS of PHARMACOLOGY and they know more about drugs than any 10 GP's put together. Thank you for writing and I'm very glad that you are off all the meds now and regaining your health. But don't put ALL the blame on the medication.
200220 tn?1361955154 A week ago I started having anxiety and have had it every day since. I also started on that day Protonix 40 mg. I don't think that would interfer with the levothyroxine. I was taking it in the am but switched to pm and it really didn't make a difference. It does help me with my stomach pain. I went to my MD today and absolutely got no help. She is sending me to a GI doctor about my stomach. I am about at my wits end with the anxiety and not knowing what is causing it.
221122 tn?1323014865 They came out of the blue. I've heard that Zantac, Pepcid, ranitidine (generic Zantac), and other H2 blockers can also cause heart beat irregularities. I need advice in tapering off. There's B-12 deficiency in my family and osteoporosis, other reasons to get off PPIs and H2 blockers. But I don't know how to safely taper off the Nexium without risking serious esophagus problems. My doctors are useless. They think I'm making it all up.
Avatar f tn Half of your body feels bad and trys to get better, but the otherside is to busy growing a baby...mix those together it = being really tired is what you get. I hope you feel better soon. But I wanna know what they gave you for the nausea. Keep in touch hun!
Avatar m tn I can hardly eat anything, cause I always feel full, but at the same time, I feel hungry, sometimes I have hunger pains, cause I'm starving and feel full. Carbonated drinks are out of the question. I have had an upper GI & endoscopy return normal Jan 08, no acid reflux, no hiatal hernia.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure what it is - I spoke with my doctor's nurse and she suggested keeping a journal for a month to track what might cause it and what relieves it. Has anyone else ever had anything like this? And if so, what is it?? And what gets rid of it??? It's kinda freaking me out!! I though maybe the Zantac that I started taking was causing it because it went away when I stopped taking it. (went away for a few days, then came back) I don't really thing I have acid reflux or GERD...
Avatar n tn I took the over-the-counter for 2 days, had a slice of pizza, and had the WORST heartburn. I stopped the Prilosec, and took Zantac for a couple days - nothing. Then I stopped taking everything and for the next few days felt pretty good. I saw a naturopath, changed my diet completely, elevated my bed, lost weight, etc. About a week later, the sore throat started, along with a cough, and the choking sensation again. I saw an ENT, and he looked through my nose and down my throat.
Avatar n tn Has anyone been able to heal their duodonal ulcers with Zantac and if so, how large was your dosage? Side effects? I realize I'm about 15 years older than last time I used Zantac so side effects may get me this time but it's something I've at least had success with in the past. these PPIs are about to kill me.
Avatar n tn I ave had way too many surgeries & tests to know that this in not uncommon. I got to the point where I tell them to write down what their diagnosis is because I won't remember it. I had the upper cope test before my GB surgery & he wrote down "IBS..Learn how to relax...need anti-depressants for the pain." I got mad too. I went back to my GP & he too agreed with me that it wasn't IBS or stress related.
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2121656 tn?1395678349 I did try to stop taking now on protonix for 3 days on a low fat diet and experienced, indigestion, GERD and nausea, in which I was forced into starting them up again due to the discomfort & not knowing how long I will have to deal with the unpleasant experience. Also, being scared that it would cause other medical issue's pertaining to my digestive system or esophagus. Please advise. I know this is a long post, as well as hard it was to share with someone I don't know.
Avatar n tn He put me on a PPI (Protonix) and said if it didn't help he would order and upper GI series. The PPI actually helped for about a year, but on occasion, sumptoms would flare back up and I would go back on the PPI. This has been going on for 3 years now. Recently, I spent Christmas Eve in ER with what I thought was a heart attack. I presented to my hospital with shortness of breath, clamy, chest pain that radiated from behind my sternum and into the back, severe bloating.
544341 tn?1234992477 All 4 of my boys had reflux but my youngest 2 were the worst. They had to be on combos of meds together. Prevacid in the morning and zantac at night along with that we did carafate every few hours and a motility drug every few hours. Along with prethickened formula. Nathan was allergic to dairy & soy protein so he was on a prescription formula called Neocate for the longest time. He then went to an OTC hypallergenic formula.
Avatar n tn The treatment includes things like Prilosec and/or Protonix, coupled with Zantac or the equivalent and a change in diet. The process involved higher doses of meds than regular reflux (GERD) and there is a surgical option if you aren't getting much better in a year or so. here's an article from Columbia University: