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Avatar m tn I am also taking probiotics now and my GI system is normalizing after only a few weeks. I still get reflux and take the omeprazole at most twice a week. I supplement with TUMS and now avoid foods that trigger acid reflux like tomatoes and wine for me (even ketchup! which I love). Nasal congestion and post nasal drip are improved also. There are always trade offs with medications - relief vs. side effects.
270554 tn?1289515247 I had 3 scopes done, pill cam, stomach scope, and coloscopy and all showed nothing. How long does it take for a non-functioning stomach to start working again after stopping PPIs. I even had elbow burning, and knee burning from protonix and tapered using nexium. I only stopped this Monday on PPIs, I took 40 mg daily for the last 9 months. I heard a few people said it takes about a month or two for the stomach PH to balance out again after PPI use and well I can't lose anymore weight.
Avatar m tn I was on Zegerid and probiotics(still taking them) for 3 months prior to September and still had the swollen tonsils. I cannot swallow properly, I snore so loud I wake myself up along with the household, I am always gagging and choking on my own saliva, constant allergies and post nasal drip...What does this have to do with GERD? I have no heartburn and no irregular amount of erosions in my esophagus!
Avatar m tn The ENT who determined I have LPR says they don't remove laryngeal tonsils, but the first ENT is concidering it since I've been on PPI's, probiotics, H2blockers and no relief. There is no Globus sensation, its physical. So how would swallowing therapy assist when there is a physical presence in my throat that has created my dysphagia? Would a tonsillectomy be the best route?
Avatar n tn I had stomach apin and sweating. Had protonix. Now I have an eye terrible reaction to light. Maybe, eye damage. there is a page: Protonix has been known to cause several extremely rare--but very serious--side effects, including severe allergic reaction, severe swelling of the face and throat, eye damage, dangerous skin reactions, and inflammation of the pancreas.
Avatar n tn about 10% of people will feel some sort of side effect from Reglan, mostly fatigue and possibly restlessness. Have you tried any other class of drug? PPIs, like Protonix or Nexium, or H2-inhibitors, like Zantac or Pepcid? (For the record, PPIs also strengthen the LES, although they shut down production of acid instead of increasing the gastric contractions.) Usually Reglan is reserved for people with gastric motility issues. Have you had a gastric emptying exam? If so, what was the result?
Avatar m tn I was on Zegerid and probiotics(still taking them) for 3 months prior to September and still had the swollen tonsils. I cannot swallow properly, I snore so loud I wake myself up along with the household, I am always gagging and choking on my own saliva, constant allergies and post nasal drip...What does this have to do with GERD? I have no heartburn and no irregular amount of erosions in my esophagus!
Avatar f tn I take protonix (20mg) once a day, Carafate (2xday), digestive plant enzymes (with lunch and dinner),probiotics and xanax to sleep at nigh (.25mg.)--I also have pain in my left upper abdomen under ribs sometimes but it isn't bad pain (it was bad before my surgery sometimes)and I have had pain under my left shoulder blade too.....however I have had these pains on and off for 5 years but with no gastric symptoms...
Avatar n tn I started having symptoms that I never had before I was treated (such as burning in my stomach, and pain). I took some advice off of this site and started taking probiotics and I am starting to feel a lot better. I'm going in to get tested again in a few weeks. I will do the antibiotics again if the bacteria is still there, just because I can't stand the thought of that stuff living in my stomach.
Avatar f tn hi everyone, i was diagnosed with erosive gastritis and mild esophagitis 2 mos ago. i have been on protonix for 2 months 1 x day and dr instructed 20 more days and then switch to 1 every other day. i guess he is trying to wean me off . anyway does anyone know if magnesium supplements and acifophillus probiotics are safe for me as i have gastritis ?? and generally is it ok to use such products??
Avatar n tn In August 2010 had a 4 week course of antibiotics and developed horrid acid taste, stabbing pain in middle of chest and back. Had endoscopy and esophageal mamonetry and was diagnosed with esophageal spasms. Had a botox shot and was put on 60 mg of dexilant for what I was told was a tight esophageal sphincter and the opposite of reflux. Dexlilant increased the thickness of my saliva and felt generally not well but could tolerate. Went to a new doctor in 2011 at a major teaching hospital.
Avatar n tn no stones were found in my gall bladder. They sent me home with Protonix and said call us in 2 weeks. I called them in 8 days and said I was feeling no better, still had pain in my side and constant nausea. They then said that maybe I had an ulcer and sent me for an endoscopy which came back normal. I then insisted that a HIDA scan and CT scan be done as I was not accepting that my condition was STILL acid reflux. The CT scan showed the liver hemangioma increased in size.
Avatar f tn I started back on the Protonix tonight. I went and drank Malox to see if that would control the reflux better and minimize the spasms so I can sleep. I am so past frustrated I just don't know what to do anymore.
Avatar n tn ER doc said my liver counts were very good and i am no longer anemic. i do take protonix for stomach problems cause i have h-pylori and did the 10 day treatment of antibiotics. pain is still there and doc says he cannot give me antibiotics again cause i will always have h-pylori antibodies and i just need to keep taking the protonix. i feel like i am running into a brickwall. i have never had so much pain in my life. the pain on my right side brings me to my knees crying.
Avatar n tn I do have acid reflux quite often, (although sometimes it is silent) and I'm currently on Align probiotics and 60mg of Dexilant daily. I just had a GI consult, and I'm going for an upper endoscopy/colonoscopy in a few weeks. I'm 30, about 20lbs overweight, but otherwise healthy. I've already had a barium swallow that showed no esophageal strictures, or narrowing - and was negative for anything else stomach-wise.
Avatar f tn Like I said someways are better than others but it seems that since I have started the Protonix and Vancomycin I have the lump in throat feeling and pain between my shoulder blades more. I'm so scared that the cardiac workup missed something and that all this is not related to my numerous digestive problems. Does anyone else have my digestive issues with similar symptoms? I'm at such a loss right now. I'm a 35 year old female with 2 young children and I have lost my ability to enjoy life.
Avatar f tn I had been taking Protonix around the time of both tests and am wondering if I might actually have it and that's why protonix, dexilant, carafate, and zantac have failed to work. Nothing will get rid of the pain. I was told it was a small erosion compatible with gastritis and looked very treatable, but I'm losing hope. Anyone familiar with whether the false negative could be a possibility? I'm sinking into depression that I'll probably need medication for also.
Avatar n tn I hate to here of all your pain, but I know how you feel about treatment with antibiotics and I beg you to try probiotics, even if your antibiotic treatment was over a year ago. Please try them as even if it isn't your problem, they will do no harm to you.
Avatar f tn And some times it's in the upper abdomen and sometimes just lower or both. A tight pressure will also come and go and feel like a brick is sitting on my abdomen. Is it possible the PPI's lowered my stomach acid too much? I still also have the crazy burping after eating and drinking. They tested for h. pylori at the ER and it came back normal. Also right after the first round of PPI - my hair got really brittle and dry and started coming out more. I don't know what to do.
1806721 tn?1510192923 I found when I got the the stage where I was taking my GERD meds every other day, on the day I was not taking it, I took the probiotics and slowly added the probiotics and took away the GERD meds....this was with my Drs do seek this help from them.
Avatar f tn protonics, cipro, sulindac, muscinex, xyrtec, nasocort, pulmicort in nasal rinse, nystatin (ingested), supplements (Vit D 2000iu, methylcobalamin 5mg, lithium, L-Tryptophan, Endotrex, Adrecor, Magnesium, Zinc, Senecot, Vit.C, liposomal glutathione, and therbiotics (probiotics). I know stress plays a part in this situation. She was attacked by a rotwheiler (sp?) dog when she was 5 -experiencing severe facial injuries that required surgery.
709686 tn?1277435759 Both of those drugs cause me severe side effects..quite scarry actually. Is Protonix and Nexium the same thing? Are Protonix and Nexium considered H2 Inhibitiors instead of PPI's? I see that I can purchase nexium at Wal-Mart and Wal-greens at a reasonable price. Thanks in advance for any help or direction.
Avatar f tn Then if failed, and I suffered severe heartburn night and day. I then went to a GI doctor who did an endoscope, and put me on Protonix. It gave me severe diarrhea, and cramps all day long. I took it for 2 months. Switched to Zantac which did not control my GERD. Switched to Nexium which caused cramps and diarrhea also but not as severe cramps as protonix.
Avatar m tn I'm pretty sure I have it myself (why I know any of this) but you basically need to only eat green veggies and organic (non antibiotic) chicken for a month and take probiotics, and hopefully that kills off the yeast overgrowth. Sugars and starches are what feed it, so you cant eat any of that.
Avatar m tn aspirin, lipitor, allegra, losartin, atenolol, plavix, protonix, hydrochlorothiazide and lantus and humulog for his diabetes. He was on reglan for a short time. He was diagnosed after many episodes with esophogitis and I cant recall the last one having to do with his stomach not emptying properly. He has been to a gastroenterologist and recently saw an new endocrinologist. He recently had a colonoscopy, his DR. was very pleased with the condition of his colon. He is 64yrs old and a tennis pro..
Avatar m tn this is my second post after a nice member of this forum gave some advice about probiotics and aloe juice,,my apologizes in advance cause english is not my first language...i became american citizen the last year but my typing is not the best...the last year they found h pylory after an endocoscopy...they gave me the treatment with the antibiotics and tested after and they told me that i was negative of the bug...but after that i felt worse than ever...pain around my ribs..acid reflux/...
Avatar m tn Hi there, I watched a Documentary today (RPA) on a patient that had sleep-apnea of 500 episodes in an 8 hour period! His only symptoms was being tired all the time! I also thought of how horrible it must be to live like that! When I read your post I could not help but wonder: could you be a surgical candidate and maybe even the sleep-issues will improve?
Avatar m tn Heartburn, throat feels like its on fire, chest pain, acid taste, indigestion, burping, acid coming up every time I burp. Finally got in to the gastro dr. He put me on protonix, and scheduled me for an EGD and Gastric Emptying Test. Both came back fine, but still feel horrible. Went back to the gastro today to follow up. He changed my dose of protonix, and said to see how that worked.
Avatar m tn When I got my endoscopy done a year ago it came back that I had acid reflux and he gave me protonix for 2 week and it would go away. When I eat or drink irritating foods like orange juice, alcohol, strong sugar, coffee, advil it triggers it without a doubt. I was reading that the lower oesophageal sphincter can become lazy and stay open. Could it be possible the milk made it stay open and the gases from my stomach are leaking out. It sure seems like that is what happening.
Avatar f tn I've been taking the protonix for about 4 days now. I also have taken tums, gaviscon, and peptobismol to try and find SOME relief. The symptoms are more or less constant. I haven't been eating much of anything, and when I do eat it's 'reflux-safe' things. Low-fat yogurt with dried fruit (no citrus). Drinking apple juice and water and oatmeal and dry sandwiches. In small portions, always making sure to chew thoroughly.