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1475202 tn?1536274577 I take propranolol 80 mg er once daily. Objective is to maintain a resting heart rate of 50-60 bpm since I have grade three varices caused from portal hypertension a symptom of stage C decompensated cirrhosis. Since beginning this new medications (taken before bed) I wake up many morning with my heart pounding really hard then after about an half hour it returns to normal. Could this be a side effect of the medication or something else? Thanks for any information.
769503 tn?1238499921 Been on 10mg Ramipril and 40mg propranolol daily. All has been stable after lots of altering of dosage. However this week my BP is high. Is it ok for me to have an extra propranolol. Thank you.
1243620 tn?1274794297 Does anyone take propranolol for anxiety and panic attacks? I've had crippling anxiety for my whole life. Antidepressants increase it to the point where I'm in such a state I almost pass out from hypervenitlating. I've heard propranolol is good for this, and is effective.
Avatar n tn My blood pressure runs on the low side, so if yours does not perhaps you can tolerate much more Propranolol than I can. I have found that oftentimes, the Propranolol will not take effect until two hours later and sometimes not at all. Most of the time though it does help. What did they give you in the hospital to stop it?
Avatar f tn Normal body weight 115 (30 yr F) but gained 12 pounds in 3 days after start of propranolol. Continued to gain an additional 13 in the next 2 weeks. Began methimazole one-and-a-half weeks after propranolol. I normally eat 1900 calories per day w/moderate activity. Could I have gained 25 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks on that sort of caloric intake? Or is it the medication? DR said I had some fluid retention but made no further comment about the weight gain.
Avatar f tn I want to try to stop taking propranolol for my migraines.. I still have them occasionally, but I wanted to see what it was like without it. I've been on it for about 3 years. Is it safe to stop this completely or do I have to lower the dosage and wean off it? I skipped one dose and my body was acting terribly. I could hardly sleep because my heart rate was so high. I kept having weird dreams and I'd wake up just to fall back asleep and keep having the dream.
Avatar f tn ok so the past few weeks ive been having extreme anxiety, tingling in fingers, arm pain, back and chest pain on and off (pressure, sharp pains, anything you can think of i've felt it), panic attacks. saw a cardiologist on tuesday, said i had a normal echo. last year and nothing would drastically change within a year, and normal ekgs and holter monitor recently. he also prescribed me propranolol , which i'm terrified to take because it drops BP and your heart rate.
Avatar m tn Before I was hit by severe anxiety in 2009, my normal blood pressure was 135/85, who is normal here in the Canada, not like in the USA where that blood pressure reading will be put in the stage 1 hypertension... I try also the Clonidine, who act as an alpha 2 agonist and let the brain beleive that the level of noradrenaline is already elevated when in fact it's not true...
Avatar f tn Is this a normal side effect when being OFF the med? I started taking it again and got back to normal. I'm just confused as to why this would happen when I stop taking taking the medication. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
1139187 tn?1355710247 If you have hashimotos, what dosage of medication do you take? Did you start on this amount or did you work your way up? Have you tried taking more, or tried taking less? what happens then? DO you feel yucky after taking the thyroid medication>? I get about 4-5 hours of "yuckiness" after taking just .025. Whats odd is I know a couple of people that have been hashi for a long time and take a very large dosage of meds (175 or 150) and do just fine...
Avatar f tn My cardiologist said about 50 are "normal", but this DOES NOT mean that 51 is "abnormal" and it certainly doesn't mean they're dangerous. I know someone who was having 5,000 PVCs a day and not being treated because they were just simple PVCs. "Normal" just implies common in this case.
Avatar m tn MRA had an anatomical variance the Neurologist / Neuro-Opthamologist called normal. All eye tests were normal except for minor corneal abrasion that was gone a few days after sun glances - treated with Systane drops and Systane Nighttime. All other eye tests completely normal. Amsler Grid normal, OCT, Florescin Angiogram, Retinal tests - Corneal Topography and Videokaratography normal. Dr.'s believe I have an undetermined brain problem and not an eye problem.
Avatar f tn I haven't felt this well in years and am hoping I can stay this way until Wednesday. My question -- is it normal to feel this good? I had heard from others that you need to be stepped down gradually from beta blockers, and was frankly surprised that the cardiologist took me off them "cold turkey", even though they don't seem to have been working lately. I've only been off the beta blockers since I got up about 4 hours ago.
2023813 tn?1328785364 I have to admit, I had to ask my doctor for a small dosage of propranolol (nonselective beta blocker) in the beginning, but without doubt it helps to be active and trust yourself. Keep up the good work and we are always here for you!
Avatar f tn If it is necessary to discontinue propranolol, its dosage should be reduced gradually over several weeks. Talk to your doctor about this for proper management. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn This was following the doubling of my propranolol dosage, however not as an immediate effect. I was not aware this could be an issue so, I was not hypervigilent to monitor - the blood work was done maybe 12-24 months following the dosage increase. Sure wish I had been aware of this danger- I would have made sure to have my levels monitored more frequently AND requested a change in medication- now I am left dealing an avoidable health situation.
10610562 tn?1411422014 Is there a way to lower the dosage of propranolol? maybe try to titre it down to where it still helps with the symptoms but has the least affect on the asthma? sorry out of my realm of knowledge. hopefully someone else has some tips.
Avatar m tn My blood pressure is running very low on it and my pulse rate is a lot lower than on the Propranolol, BUT the side-effects are not anxiety symptoms like I was saying yesterday, I had very bad muscles tension on my face, jaw pain, throbbing headache and more dizziness than on the Propranolol. Today I try the Propranolol again, will try to reset my dosage like you... I mean that tweaking my dosage insistead of taking higher dose less often...
1494095 tn?1288788477 to elaborate, my normal "at rest pulse was always 60-65, since the hyperthyroidism came out of remissions it has escalated to as high as 89 (at rest) and while this is still within the "normal" at rest rate, it is NOT MY normal. The propranolol is used to lower the heart rate and has yet to show any signs of doing just that. In fact, like I stated, it has gotten worse, NOT better, since strating it.
Avatar n tn this year i changed my doctor and visited one of the best doctors in town,i explained my condition,he checked the previous my echocardiography and other documents which was all normal and prescribed propranolol treatment at the dose 40 mg per day(half in the morning/half at night). after 3 days i started to feel dizzy and had vertigo which i never experienced before! i called the doctor he recommended to lower the dosage but,dizzyness and remained!
Avatar m tn Also having PVCs at the time, I was being treated with a moderate dose of Propranolol. I was aware that Propranolol was used to treat Migraines as well. I asked the Doctor if he would increase the dose of Propranolol to see if it would stop the Migraines. He did and the Migraines stopped (more or less, perhaps 1 a month rather than a few per week) and I discontinued the Ergotrate. I continued to take 240 mg Propranolol per day for several years.
Avatar m tn Because of my former hypertension and tachycardia he wants my free T3 to get into normal range (to prevent a heart attack or stroke) despite what happens with TSH and Free T4. He said me might try lowering Tapazole dosage once Free T3 gets back to normal. Will heat intolerance go away once my free T3 gets into normal range? Why am I responding so slow to Methimazole? Might it be because only my free T3 was high so now my free T4 is now low, so little reverse T3 is formed.
Avatar n tn Low dosage beta blockers (I'm guessing your propranolol is low dosage as well) are pretty safe. A lot of folks take propranolol to reduce anxiety for public speaking, etc. I'd tend to agree that they aren't a cure for PVCs based on my personal experience. I think they are more for just helping one to cope better... I saw you were going to try the Taurine/L-arginine supplements. Please do report back. Just FYI, I'm doing 1G L-arginine (nightly) and 2G Taurine (split AM/PM).
Avatar m tn i personally never have but just so you know half inderal is Propranolol Hydrochloride its a Beta Blocker. good luck finding out the info you need.
967168 tn?1477588089 been moving so I've been gone for about 6 my question is - how do you know when it's time for a dosage increase? I've been Propranolol for 3 years now and went on 60mg twice daily last year my last cardiologist tried 120mg once daily but it was too strong I don't know if it's from the stress of house hunting, moving and unpacking or both but my meds just do nothing except make me sleep any more.
Avatar n tn this year i changed my doctor and visited one of the best doctors in town,i explained my condition,he checked the previous my echocardiography and other documents which was all normal and prescribed propranolol treatment at the dose 40 mg per day(half in the morning/half at night). after 3 days i started to feel dizzy and had vertigo which i never experienced before! i called the doctor he recommended to lower the dosage but,dizzyness and remained!
Avatar f tn My pediatrician ran all the tests he could (I am scheduled to see a cardiologist in january and I am scheduled for a renal ultrasound this fall), being the specific professional that he is, which all came back normal. These tests included an array of blood tests, stool samples, electrocardiograms, general vital signs, and chest x-rays. Over a period of three months, my blood pressure read as high (140-150 systolic and 85-92ish diastolic) at each appointment.
534785 tn?1329595808 Just as I predicted he would do, he upped my dosage of Propranolol from 60mg once daily to 80mg once daily, as I told him it helped a lot with my 'essential tremor', and that I thought it helped with my headaches a little bit...he said I was on a low dose of Propranolol to begin with and that the next step to take would be to increase the dosage to see if this gets rid of my headaches, which I was still having daily.
Avatar m tn Apparently my levels were high enough that a week after the treatment, they put me back on my PTU (at the same dosage) and I'm to remain on it for 2 weeks. I'm also on the Beta Blocker (Propranylol (sp?)), and that has not changed. I've already noticed myself getting sluggish and tired constantly, but I'm thinking that 2 weeks seems a little early for this to be happening. I've noticed that after having an average BPM of 90-110, I'm now at 55-60 BPM (which feels weird).
1668236 tn?1308160026 Hi everybody, I'm a 23 year old female who has recently been diagnosed with Grave's disease. I am starting Methimazole and Propranolol for treatment. I am curious to know if any of you have used these, and how effective were they at treating your symptoms? (My symptoms are: fatigue, tachycardia, palpitations, ^ systolic BP, shortness of breath, muscle twitches, eye twitches, heat intolerance, and restlessness.) Also, did starting Methimazole make you gain weight?