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Avatar n tn I don't believe the side effect of the long acting propranolol is any less than the immediate release one. I would recommend letting your doctor know about the insomnia that is being caused by the propranolol and possibly changing therapy.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me more about the safety of Propranolol and it's long term use? I know it causes fatigue etc... but how about the more serious side effects like bradycardia and bronchial spasm etc...? Are these very rare occurances? I am a 41 year old female and all of my tests have been normal... stress, echo, ekg etc... Thanks so much for your reply.
Avatar f tn You are absolutely right about the propranolol helping with the physical symptoms and if you only have the physical symptoms, then sometimes a doctor will prescribe it alone. Reason being that if the physical symptoms go away, then the anxiety does too. (Propranolol is prescribed for people who have essential tremor. Some times these people who have the tremor become anxious because of it. Once the tremor is gone, generally by taking the beta blocker, then the anxiety goes too.
Avatar f tn posted this a second time to change the title* I want to try to stop taking propranolol for my migraines.. I still have them occasionally, but I wanted to see what it was like without it. I've been on it for about 3 years. Is it safe to stop this completely or do I have to lower the dosage and wean off it? I skipped one dose and my body was acting terribly. I could hardly sleep because my heart rate was so high.
Avatar n tn I also take the Propranolol twice a day for my heart. The Propranolol was prescribed for my heart and never for anything else. Now I am currently taking Propranolol in the morning along with Paxil, at night I take Propranolol again. I take the Klonopin is taken as needed twice a day.
Avatar f tn and went into cardiac arrest. 10 days later once out of ICU i was told i have Long QT syndrome. There are many arguments into what caused it as well as i had one doctor insist they take me into surgery right away to have and ICD place. Also they argue i had a predisposition to it (genetics) or it was one of the many drugs they gave me. I have been to several EPs including one at Stanford and have been told i am "borderline" and a decision to get an implanted ICD would be up to me.
1154462 tn?1327437979 It is difficult , as you know, to work when your bipolar is acting up. I take propranolol, a beta blocker, to treat a side effect of Abilify and found out it helps with anxiety without sedating. I looked it up in a PDR and that use was listed. As to your depression .. There are a large number of ADs out there. I take MAOI called Emsam. MAOIs require a special diet but can be effective drugs. Emsam is a patch so you get a steady dosing all the time. Working...
Avatar n tn With an underlying irregular heartbeat, it is generally advisable to avoid medicines such as albuterol and the long-acting form, SereventĀ® Inhalation Aerosol (salmeterol xinafoate). However the converse of that is also true that it is generally best to avoid beta-blocker medicines such as InderalĀ® (propranolol), if you have asthma. There are a couple ways to approach this. First, work with your doctor to determine if you do indeed have asthma.
Avatar n tn the doctor put me on alprazololam , 1 tablet daily as needed. i havnt been taking ,but i am worried about taking and how long this will help me. he prescribed 25 mg. i get panic attacks at my job. i havnt had to take because i have only been working but a few hrs a week. next week he wants me to work alot of hrs and i am starting to stress.the dr told me i could start taking propranolol -10 mg 3 times daily instead. i dont know what to do.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if I should take a smaller dose of the Propranolol long acting since I'm so sensitive to Meds to start with or do you think it's ok to take the 60mg long acting right from the start? Remember, I'm already taking Nifedipine 30mg and my BP ranges from 100/60 to 120/70, which is on the low side already. I'm afraid my BP will bottom out with the addition of 60mg of the Propranolol, that's why I'm asking if a smaller dose would be more appropriate. Thanks for your advice.
Avatar f tn Started with a sore throat on my right side (the same side my thyroid is acting up) was given prednisone to bring inflammation down, but it hasn't. Now I am losing my voice. Went to urgent care to make sure I didnt have strep and it came back negative. I have all the symptoms of hyper, just filling worse and worse each day. I have an uptake and scan 2 weeks away, but honestly don't know if I can make it that long!! I feel so sick. It's become so debilitating.
1399363 tn?1462346210 ( I wonder why they dont make the fast acting one. Antidepressant drug usually act faster. When on episode/worse time you wait 1 hour and more the condition can change on its own so its ridiculous. So its either you get lucky it subside on its own which sometimes happen or end up dying. Such an irony.
Avatar n tn ----------------------------------- Have you been diagnosed with anxiety? If so, I don't think that propranolol is the first line medication to treat long-term anxiety. You seem to have learned the CBT techniques such as the breathing, etc. What I'm wondering is if you are on the right medication. It would sem to me you need to be one one of the SSRI and SNRIs. Think Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin as examples. Right now you are not sleeping and who can function on no sleep.
Avatar m tn This probably won't be much use since I don't know anything about methadone. I agree with cutting the xanex apart, but if they are control release (long acting) that will affect the medication itself. I would say that a lot of your anxiety is caused by the thought of not using. That's a huge change. I'm a smoker (cigarettes) and seriously just the thought of quitting can give me a panic attack. I take propranolol and I am confused on how that helps with the detox of the xanex.
793815 tn?1285495056 Pervious after procedure was 70-80, I know quick rhythm is normal, but how high is too high? Should I take an extra fast acting verapamil that the doc recently prescribed for tachy times, I already take 360mg time release 2x daily! How high is too high and if it shoots up even more when do I go to the ER? I know these burns have to heal before we know if ablation was a success, but this is all new to me. Any advice would be welcomed! so far no break hrough afib that I feel anymore! Whew!
Avatar f tn I call them PEZ because I thought they did nothing. I took them on top of a regular long acting propranolol dose. Haven't had to since adding the diltiazem and flecainide to the beta - blockers. One of your best plans of action is to be sure your fluid intake is high. Being dehydrated at all can both pick up your heart rate and factor into constipation. Hope it works very well for you.
Avatar n tn If so, the airway obstruction may be at least partially reversible, in response to the administration of a long-acting bronchodilator. Second, your oxygen saturation should be checked at rest, with exertion and while asleep, to determine if you might benefit from supplemental oxygen, at least some of the time. Third, if you are not already engaged in a regular exercise program, I strongly suggest that you initiate such an exercise program.
Avatar n tn If all of the above were normal, it would be reasonable to try a long acting beta blocker (such as propranolol) or calcium channel blocker (verapamil).
1644126 tn?1300976642 This requires a specific treatment in which the over-used medications are slowly stopped and replaced with more long-acting medications. I am not sure what is wrong with your heart. It could be a pain response, anxiety, or a cardiac issue to name a few. I would suggest you discuss this with your primary care physician. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck!
Avatar n tn This requires a specific treatment in which the over-used medications are slowly stopped and replaced with more long-acting medications. Tylenol with caffiene, and similar medications, can cause medication overuse headache if used too frequently. Lyrica, which is used for fibromyalgia, can be used for chronic headaches too. I hope this was helpful.
Avatar m tn This can be accomplished by using a short acting preparation of the drug, the effects of which should normally last only 4-6 hours and avoid long-acting preparations.
Avatar f tn There is always a compromise between the short-acting abortive meds and the long acting preventive meds. In the long run you should try to cut down on the abortive meds as much as possible and even quit them completely if possible. Good preventive drugs are for example propranolol, amitriptyline and verapamil. They take time to work and you must take them every day. You obviously take amlodapine and valium as preventive drugs. Is this a good choice for you?
Avatar n tn I haven't taken a sublingual nitro tab in 4 weeks, which is a massive improvement over last year at this time. I do take 30mg of Imdur (long acting nitro) which seems to do the job. One of my cardios told me that only 15% of their patients actually exercise (I was amazed). It takes a combo of meds, lifestyle/diet, and exercise to keep heart disease in check.
1504778 tn?1321398245 Hello my name is Dennis I am 18 I'm pretty healthy I'm 6ft 3 weighing 70kg I do not drink or smoke or take any other drugs, I take a daily medication I take Propranolol 10mg twice a day one in the morning and one in the evening they are to calm down my anxiety and heart palpotations wich I have been having for about 10 months now.
Avatar m tn prazosin class: antiadrenergic agents, peripherally acting Prostate SR generic name: saw palmetto class: herbal products Cardura XL generic name: doxazosin class: antiadrenergic agents, peripherally acting
968908 tn?1274874715 You usually wouldn't want to combine Amitriptyline with Propranolol, given that they both undergo hepatic metabolism by CYP2D6 (a liver enzyme). Propranolol can increase Amitriptyline plasma levels. Additionally, given the alpha-1 agonist property of Amitriptyline, the anti-hypertensive efficacy of Propranolol may be compromised. With Mirtazapine, the effects are additive. With Amitriptyline, the effects are inverse, or in other words, the two drugs tend to cancel each other out.
Avatar n tn Xanax is not a very long acting benzodiazepine, so if he/she let too much time go by without taking it then the withdrawal is extremely dangerous from benzos. seizures, stroke, and can be fatal. A few of my friends doind coke all the time and drinking of course would take 5 or 6 2mg xanax bars at a time and 6 or 7 somas to go to sleep each night and one of them had a heat attack at 25 yrs. old because he stopped taking the xanax for over a week. You'd think it was the coke and alcohol right?
Avatar n tn This requires a specific treatment in which the over-used medications are slowly stopped and replaced with more long-acting medications. Tylenol with caffiene, and similar medications, can cause medication overuse headache if used too frequently. Lyrica, which is used for fibromyalgia, can be used for chronic headaches too. In addition to all these, lifestyle and dietary modifications need to be made.
Avatar f tn This requires a specific treatment in which the over-used medications are slowly stopped and replaced with more long-acting medications. Tylenol with caffiene, and similar medications, can cause medication overuse headache if used too frequently. Lyrica, which is used for fibromyalgia, can be used for chronic headaches. I suggest you follow up with a neurologist in your local area. You should also see a cardiologist.
Avatar m tn It all seems to be stress related, but I dont know how I can reduce my stress levels. I am on slow release propranolol, Elavil SSRI, Pregabalin. My left cheek is always worse than my right cheek (as shown in the picture) and I can see some blood vessels on the surface as well as some permanent redness. I did get broken blood vessels on my right cheek before the flushing, these came up when all the stress started. Is there anything I can do to treat this or reduce the flushing?