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1475202 tn?1536274577 I take propranolol 80 mg er once daily. Objective is to maintain a resting heart rate of 50-60 bpm since I have grade three varices caused from portal hypertension a symptom of stage C decompensated cirrhosis. Since beginning this new medications (taken before bed) I wake up many morning with my heart pounding really hard then after about an half hour it returns to normal. Could this be a side effect of the medication or something else? Thanks for any information.
Avatar n tn Hello Gibbi ... Along with several other meds, I also take 160mg. of propranolol each night in order to help me sleep. Typically this med is prescribed for high blood pressure, but often doctors will use meds for other purposes as well. I don't believe your daughter is in any trouble after taking 40mg. However it may make her sleepy. If you need more peace of mind then don't hesitant to call your local hospital ER and speak with them.
Avatar f tn It lasted 3 weeks and then went away. A few weeks later I stood up to close a window, got dizzy and almost fell down. I went to the ER and my BP was in the 190's. Ive never had high BP in my life. It gradually went down after 6 hours. A week later these sensations started in my chest and stomach. They didnt hurt but just felt like nerves. I figured anxiety due to all that had happened. Then 2 weeks ago I started to get thumps once or twice a day.
Avatar n tn My blood pressure runs on the low side, so if yours does not perhaps you can tolerate much more Propranolol than I can. I have found that oftentimes, the Propranolol will not take effect until two hours later and sometimes not at all. Most of the time though it does help. What did they give you in the hospital to stop it?
Avatar n tn she recently had a TIA/stroke and was rushed to the ER. Her Neurologist prescriped 10mg of Propranolol twcie a day - he stated it is related to her migraines. She takes her meds. separate from each other to prevent interaction. I know that Propranolol is used to treat hypEerthyroidism as well as her migraines. Will the Propranolol raise TSH??????????? I can't tell if it is used to treat some of the SYMPTOMS of hypErthyroidism such as high blood pressure or if this drug actually raises the TSH.
Avatar m tn I'm considering the minimum dose of propranolol as prescribed by my doc, but i'm very cautious and wanted to know what it is like and what any side effects and withdrawl might be like. what can i expect when taking this? i enjoy working out so i'm hoping it wouldn't affect my weight lifting and cardio that i like to do. thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn Normal body weight 115 (30 yr F) but gained 12 pounds in 3 days after start of propranolol. Continued to gain an additional 13 in the next 2 weeks. Began methimazole one-and-a-half weeks after propranolol. I normally eat 1900 calories per day w/moderate activity. Could I have gained 25 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks on that sort of caloric intake? Or is it the medication? DR said I had some fluid retention but made no further comment about the weight gain.
Avatar f tn At the ER my heart rate was high because I was dehydrated and had anxiety but the doc still wanted me on this med. He made me feel like I was going to die if I didnt take it but that is how I feel right now. Im scared and trying to make it till morning. Tomorrow is going to suck because both my little ones are home and I just cant stay asleep.
Avatar n tn The anxiety has been happening for over 20 years but I finally spoke up about it. He prescribed be 120mg of Propranolol ER a day. He explained it should help with my blood pressure as well as for mild anxiety. This initial dose seems high to me. The prescription says take one a day but I'm not sure I want to do that. My questions are: Should I just take it every now and then for situational anxiety or take it everyday as prescribed by my doctor? What time of day would be best to take it?
Avatar f tn 4 days ago pcp changed my beta blocker from propranolol 40mg twice daily to metprolol er 25mg daily d/t low pulse in 40s- 50s. Been on propranolol for 22yrs for PVCS. She had me just stop propranolol and start metoprolol, been experiencing shakiness, occassional pvcs, headache, nausea, pulse still 45 - low 60s at rest and with exertion 70-90. Should she have tapered propranolol or will the metoprolol block the more serious withdrawal symptoms ie: HTN, chest pain ect.
Avatar m tn Im sorry you had to go to the ER. I hate that place. Ive been there a lot over the past 2 years. I dont know what to say about your med other than I its a love hate relationship for me with my Propranolol. I only take it when I need it now because of all the side effects. My heart rate will jump to 150 sometimes when before my cycle starts. No one knows why. Its very scary because sometimes its starts in my sleep and I wake with this high heart rate.
Avatar n tn We are waiting for the bloodtests to come back, but in the meantime he told me to take propranolol 20mg 3 or 4 times a day. I started taking it several days ago, and my heart still races like crazy and I have heart pain. I dont know how to make it through another night like this. Can someone please advise me on some way to ease the symptoms so I can sleep ? (at least the pounding and racing heart). Should I increase dosage? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I've been on Propranolol for anxiety (3 x 40mg a day) for about a year and a half and just this week an endocrinologist prescibed Metformin for my PCOS. At the moment I'm on 500mg a day. When I went to get the prescriptions filled for both, the pharmacist told me there was an interaction warning between the two, but that it was insignificant or minor. It says "The effects of Metforming 4000mg tabs are slightly increased by Propranolol 40mg tabs increasing the hypoglycaemic effect.
Avatar f tn so far he has wet the bed (life changing for him) but is there anything else that you have seen or experinced with this drug. He is also propranolol 60mgs daily. we are to start taking him off of the propranolol in two weeks. I have never messed with this med so all help is greatly aprishated. the good and bad so that I can prepare my self and know what to look out for.
Avatar f tn I was given propranolol 10mg, twice a day to control my rapid heart rate and SVT runs-- it worked wonderfully at regulating my heart rate! my heart beating does not bother me when it's in sinus rhythm (even when it's 190) but on this beta blocker my heart beat was truly a background function! it was crazy, all these years, I guess I did notice my heart beat ... but I started having the strangest chest pain. Right in the center of my chest.
Avatar f tn I took it when I was pregnant and it helped a lot but now that I've relapsed without being pregnant it made my POTS symptoms much worse and it took my cardiologist a year before he sent me to an electrophysiologist that prescribed propranolol 10mg twice a day and I've been taking it for 4 months now and I can say that it keeps almost all of my POTS symptoms at bay except for the digestive issues.
Avatar f tn 4 days ago pcp changed my beta blocker from propranolol 40mg twice daily to metprolol er 25mg daily d/t low pulse in 40s- 50s. Been on propranolol for 22yrs for PVCS. She had me just stop propranolol and start metoprolol, been experiencing shakiness, occassional pvcs, headache, nausea, pulse still 45 - low 60s at rest and with exertion 70-90. Should she have tapered propranolol or will the metoprolol block the more serious withdrawal symptoms ie: HTN, chest pain ect.
534785 tn?1329595808 I also felt an intermittent burning pain behind my left eye. Rather than have something terrible happen to me later on while I was alone, I opted to head to the ER after class because the weakness persisted, as did the random muscle spasms. I figured it was either a stroke of some sort, or a seizure. The nurse at the ER room finally checked me in after a 2-hour lie.
Avatar f tn When did you start taking Propranolol 20 mg? Side effects of propranolol include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, depression, memory loss, fever, lightheadedness, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, cold extremities, sore throat, and shortness of breath( ref: It is possible that your symptoms are related to the medication you are taking.
Avatar f tn I have been hospitalized in the ER three times in the past two weeks for bradycardia. All this suddenly started happening in the last two weeks. I start to feel weak, have a seizure, this last time, I fell down on the kitchen floor and hit my head pretty good. I am a 28 yr old female who has been on propranol for almost 4 years. I have a at home blood pressure monitor, that also checks my pulse and I do it religiously. My pulse has always been 65 to 80.
Avatar f tn I have high blood pressure and am taking lisinopril and they gave me another beta blocker propranolol er 80 mg which has helped with the pressure it was overbearing feeling like my face was about to explode. I take my meds at night. lisinopril, propranolol, sertraline 50 mg because the dr talked me into it, sronyx 0.10/0.02 mg becuase of the periods that won't stop.
2035404 tn?1455173583 I pray it's not heart problems idk if its my blood pressure Meds, I take propranolol. Or if its just anxiety Iam not stressed out anything but I keep getting this!!
Avatar n tn Three days ago, my 23 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism by blood tests (no scan done) in the ER. She had increasing symptoms of anxiety, sweating, palpitations, weight loss, fatigue and muscle weakness. At the time of diagnosis, she had no thyroid enlargement. They started her on PTU 50mg QID and Propranolol 80mg BID. Since then, her thyroid has significantly enlarged, where it is visually obvious, and she is now complaining of a sore throat when swallowing.
Avatar n tn my ecg was not fine. when my test came he find that i have enxity n nothing. he gave me medicine(INDERAL, PROPRANOLOL,10MG). now i m frighten to take ths table 2 in a day. please tell me how can i remove my panic attaks.
Avatar f tn Since then he was on and off several types of medications like propranolol and propafenone and others that I don't remember their names. Every time he gets an SVT attack (which was all the time) we had to take him to the ER for him to get the adenosine. He ends up staying at the hospital for observation. After many trials they finally figured out which medication worked best and how much of it. So he then for quite a while was only on propranolol, which they already got to the highest dosage.
Avatar m tn Im a 26 year old female and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and RA as well. Last night i went to the ER with severe weakness, dizziness panic attacks. After drawing my blood they diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism... My thyroid has been tested so many times and always came back normal. My dr called me today and wants me in immediately to get treatment started. The levels she gave me over the phone are: TSH3 -0.09 t4- 5.50 What does this mean??
10610562 tn?1411422014 So, I am a 29 year old male. 5'7" 130lbs. I was put on propranolol to reduce the heart rate, as well to possible help with my anxiety and panic. This medication worked really well for me. It helped ease my mind, enough to where I felt more comfortable leaving the house and being productive. It completely got rid of my embarrassingly shaky hands. I was so happy. Then, I noticed my asthma was being severely effected.
Avatar f tn Not sure how to edit my question above but I also take Metroprolol 25 mg ER (split in half twice a day) and Propranolol 50 mg at night. The Propranolol was added about 8 weeks ago when I was complaining of the high heart rate at night plus higher blood pressure.
Avatar f tn I do have high blood pressure and asthma, (i take Lisinopril and Albuterol for those). My BP has still been running high, although I was just switched to Lisinopril from Propranolol 4 days ago. Should I go to the ER?