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Avatar f tn Anyone knows the dosage of propranolol (inderal) for a 37 year old for the purpose of relieving the symptoms asociated with anxiety (shaky hands and trembling voice) that is to be taken 1 hour before the anxiety provoking situation?
3060903 tn?1398568723 Understanding anxiety medication Anti-anxiety drugs (benzodiazepines) Other types of medications for anxiety Safety concerns and risk factors Deciding if anxiety medication is right for you Medication alone is not enough Guidelines for taking anxiety medication Drug dependence and withdrawal Understanding anxiety medication This information is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice.
Avatar m tn ) Before I had my first one last May, I had heard of people having anxiety problems (my ex-girlfriends mom took meds for them) but just scoffed at people actually having to take medications to control their thoughts. What pish-posh I thought to myself. Well, after 1 year of having these #$%^$@ panic attacks, it's not pish-posh anymore.
Avatar n tn Propranolol is best known for its benefit in performance anxiety. If your anxiety disorder does not include performance anxiety as a major component, you may consider weaning off Propranolol, after consulting with your psychiatrist. Sertraline is expected to take care of the anxiety as well as the depression.
Avatar n tn The medication used most often for anxiety is Propranolol. This is a non-specific beta-blocker (not targeted just for the heart muscle). I'm not too sure if this is a good route for GAD (again, it should be your MD's call). Generally, it is used for things like performance anxiety. In other words, if you are anxious because of symptoms (racing heart and S.O.B.) these might be o.k. But, if your anxiety is mental in etiology (going crazy or getting sick), the beta-blocker might not be the best.
Avatar m tn There are several of us on here who have a similar eye complaint: seeing a bright flash, like the afterimage of a flash bulb, when we blink, and sometimes, on upgaze. This is transient symptom for most of us, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When the "spot" in our visual field passes over a dark background, the spot appears light. When the spot passes over a light background, it appears dark.
401095 tn?1351395370 A combination of an SSRI and haloperidol (Haldol) can help such tics and the OCD symptoms. C. General Anxiety For general anxiety, medications help reduce some of the symptoms of anxiety. (Escitalopram oxalate) Lexapro has been approved for treatment of GAD. There are current studies indicating that the tricyclic antidepressant imipramine and other SSRI's may also be effective for general anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have been on Half Inderal for about 3 months for Anxiety and I notice that I have problems remembering things and I find I feel kinda spaced out, and slowed down, I'm also a bit more clumsy as well. Anyone else like this ?
Avatar dr m tn If your palate and tongue structures are predisposed to falling back easily due to sleeping on your back and muscle relaxation in deep sleep, then having a stuffy nose can aggravate further collapse downstream. Untreated obstructive sleep apnea can lead to chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attack and stroke. ____________________________________________ Steven Y. Park, M.D.
Avatar f tn I have no other health issues, have a healthy heart (CHAD score is 0), BP that is nice and low (100/60), don't smoke, drink (anymore - it's big trigger), etc etc. After an ablation for PVCs, I developed a-fib. I have a wonderful (and high profile) cardiologist in Boston (who performed the ablation). He put me on flecainide (worked up to 75mg/day) and 50mg/day metoprolol. It worked at first - not a blip.
Avatar f tn GP put me on citalopram which I went along w/ just to be cooperative, and propranolol to help regulate what he viewed as anxiety-induced tachy. Did not seem to find it significant that symptoms did not occur during periods of actual mental anxiety. Said it might be pheochromocytoma, but that he wouldn't bother testing as that's so rare. Ashamed to say I didn't and still haven't actually demanded said testing.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have been a chronic flusher for years. I get a red blotchy anxiety rash on my neck & chest area when nervous or anxious. I have tried many vitamins & herbs to help this & nothing has really stopped the rash completely except beta blockers. Good luck!
503727 tn?1210442710 Although its not a nice thing to go through, its good to know we're not alone. I've just come off some tablets that i took for my anxiety, i was on a very low dosage but this last week i have felt very light headed and as though i am about to pass out at any time, this has certainly never happened before and is very scary, so obviously I start thinking something is wrong, but i'm now telling myself its psychological so trying to breathe through it and talk to friends and collegues about it.
Avatar f tn I've had insomnia since I was a child, coupled with severe anxiety. I take an antidepressant and Ativan for anxiety and depression. None of the psychiatrists or doctors I have seen have ever told me to go off Ambien.
Avatar n tn They also put me back on propranolol (a beta blocker used to keep your blood pressure low) to try to prevent any migraine attacks. Since I had been on the propranolol in the past, I know what side effects it caused for me, which were minimal. However, the warfarin is making me very tired, or possibly it’s my body healing. I was told I would be able to switch to aspirin next week, so I’ll keep you all informed as to how I feel after the switch. I’m also feeling depressed and somewhat angry.
363682 tn?1299492962 Now anytime after about 2 drinks a massive pain will run from the (right) side of my neck and up towards my eyebrow, starting slowly and then getting more and more painful. No allergies or TMJ. I take klonopin for anxiety. I do sit crouched over at work, and have had some minor back issues, but like Mark said where does the alcohol come in to play then? I've used every method mentioned in this thread with different amounts of success.
Avatar f tn I had convinced myself it was some sort of panic attack although I have never had any anxiety issues otherwise. I have had a slew of odd neuro sx on and off for almost 6 years and I'm on the Limboland rollercoaster currently. Don't know if this experience/sx has any significance but maybe I will mention it to my doc. Good to hear there are others out there that experienced this. Now I have to go back and read all of the comments...