Propranolol and hyperthyroidism

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Avatar n tn I used to be on Seroquel and for the 3 years I took it I could not reach an orgasm. Will Propranolol have the same effect? Or is there a better medicine for me?
Avatar n tn Both PTU and Propranolol are for her Hyperthyroidism, these two are pretty common drugs used by many hyper people. May be there is an infection on her thyroid, better get her back to ER and have them take a look. To see an ENDO is not easy (at least in my area) , some time you have to wait for weeks.. throat sore is not a listed hyperthyroid symptom. I am not a doctor, but If I were you, I'll give her some antibiotics just to be save if you can not find a doctor to treat her now..
Avatar f tn I have been trying to do some reading on it so i will be able to understand more. He is currently on tapazole and propranolol. Since beginning the tapazole, he has been having major mood swings. He realizes that he is having them but doesnt seem to try and control it, or maybe he cant control it. I am at a loss of what to do. I dont know what to say to him because i dont know what type of mood he will be in. He can have several ups and downs within one day.
Avatar n tn 06 as on May’07. Since her medcation has been Thyrocab (Carbimazole Tab) Betakon (Propranolol Tab) and Nortriptyline Hydrochloride Tab (She is not taking this tab fearing it to be an Antidepressant) Her latest Thyroid report is T3 0.8, T4 8.8 and TSH 18.3. The Physician has continually reduced the frequency and dosage of the above drugs from 2-3 tablets daily to one tablet daily. Her symptoms at present are loose type stools. The physician has advised Colonscopy.
Avatar n tn Hi, I’m nineteen and I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism 4 months ago. I had an I-131 treatment - I believe it was 7 mCi- and was told to stop taking thyrozol since it wasn’t necessary anymore. I had a blood test taken one month ago and came out: TSH 600, and Antithyroglobulin 265. I was told to take Propylthiouracil 100mg three times per day and propranolol 20 mg. Although the blood test shows I still have hyperthyroidism, I have the opposite symptoms.
Avatar f tn So last week I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism after being shaking, anxious and loosing a lot of weight the month before. My blood tests confirmed hyperthyroidism and I also found in the ultrasound that I have one cyst on each side of my thyroid (2 total). I am currently on propranolol (40 mg twice a day) as well as aspirin and amoxicillin (just incase I have a small infection going on). The first day I took the medication I felt amazing, like a brand new person.
Avatar n tn Dear Sir, My mother 60years,36Kgs has been diagonised as having borderline hyperthyroid case. She has been given the usual Iodine drugs. She was 65Kgs last year in May'06 and has lost drastically her weight. What I want to ask you is that would she be taking these drugs for the rest of her life?
Avatar f tn Sorry if this was ask before, just arrived at this forum, I'm diagnosed with hyperthyroidism the doctor put me on Mercazole 1 twice a day. My problem is that I can't seem to lose weight, and I'm terrified if I use this medicine I will gain more weight I'm already 20kg's overweight? what must I do? if I look at how sick this thing can make u......
1504778 tn?1321398245 Hey I'm 18 iv had palpotations everyday for the last 5months or so and chest aches and pains, I went to the cardiolagist and they checked my heart with the tred mill test, heart echo and two 24houre ecgs's they said my hearts well structured and looks like a healthy heart and said what I might be getting is a early heart beat called a ectopic heartbeat. They perscribed me Propraolol to take one in the morning around 9.30 am and one in the evening around 6.
Avatar n tn she recently had a TIA/stroke and was rushed to the ER. Her Neurologist prescriped 10mg of Propranolol twcie a day - he stated it is related to her migraines. She takes her meds. separate from each other to prevent interaction. I know that Propranolol is used to treat hypEerthyroidism as well as her migraines. Will the Propranolol raise TSH??????????? I can't tell if it is used to treat some of the SYMPTOMS of hypErthyroidism such as high blood pressure or if this drug actually raises the TSH.
Avatar f tn I have Graves disease and was put on Methimzole and Propranolol. The combination relieved my hyper symptoms and I was losing weight while on those meds. Eventually it tapered off. I have read thatbwhen you are Hyper you eat much more, I didn't find that to be true, I was so hyper, I could barely eat. I loss over 15 lbs. Once me levels lowered, they did keep me on the dosage ( it was 10 mg per day).
Avatar m tn I have Graves and had hyperthyroidism. Eventually after 12 months of uncontrollable levels and thyroid storms, I was given RAI and TT.
Avatar m tn my brother is 19 male,he is hyperthyroidism pt from 1 yr and from last 6months he is suffering from severe tracycardia.i want to know that it may lead to any heart problems.?
Avatar f tn If this also helps... I have a twin sister and she doesn't have Hyperthyroidism. However, my mom and my aunt has had hyperthyroidism. I got unlucky I guess. I am taking propranolol to help calm down my heart rate. It goes over 115 -120 sometimes. So the Propranolol helps so much. And I am taking PTU. Which is the anti thyroid. So far it is working and calms me down and I don't go crazy with anxiety and random nervousness. I suggest you give these anti thyroid drugs a try before you do RAI.
Avatar m tn I feel terrible and I am tired and drowsy and feel LOW in my body all the time. I work 8 hrs a day and go to school also. I did another blood test to take back to my ENDO this week and it says TSH in range 1.47 (.40-5.00) that range normal? Or still too high? Why is it that I am on medication and still feel soo sick...sometimes I am absolutely hungry and cannot eat because of how sick I feel. I am just 20 years of age!!! HELP!!!!!
Avatar n tn i have been TTC for 6 months and have just been told i have subclinical hyperthyroidism with mulitnodular goiter. my endo has recomended that i spot TTC and have RAI treatments done right away. i need some help here. has anyone been in this situation before? any recomendations meds or RAI?
Avatar f tn But -- the above only applies if the patient is HYPER -- the low tsh and normal t4 is usually subclinical hyperthyroidism and the uptake would be helpful. Regarding antibodies - TPO and Tg can be positive in Graves AND Hashi. TSI is more specific for Graves. Nomenclature in thyroid disease is complicated -- usually Hashi refers to destructive lymphocytic thyroiditis (chronic) from immune system attack and causes HYPO.
Avatar f tn I feel trapped between the fear of having more of those SVTS and that disgusting Adenosine, or staying on the Propranolol which is clearly messing my body up and giving me other problems. The Endocrinologist says I will need to be on the beta blockers for at least 6 weeks while my Thyroid responds to the Carbimazole :-( Sorry for the essay, but if anyone out there can give me any advice, or share their experiences, I would be really very grateful.
Avatar f tn I've gained 10 pounds since the doc told me no more cardio after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I used to hit the gym 3x a week and now I can't even run on the treadmill. I'm still ALWAYS hungry and now I need to find a way to shed the fat. Has anyone else had this problem? I keep hearing people say that they don't gain weight but I seem to be putting on pounds. I notice that I do lose weight rather quickly when I do work out.
Avatar n tn 2 weeks ago i went back to my OBGYN and he noticed it again and my blood work showed a TSH level of 0.251L and Hematocrit 42.3 and Prolactin 8.6. Ultrasound performed showed - right lobe 5.8x2.5x2.2 cm. The left lobe 6.0x2.8x3.2cm. Both appeared heterogeneous. Posterior right lower lobe small 4mm cyst. Impression of ultrasound: Symmetric thyroid enlargement with heterogeneous echo texture, compatible with thyroiditis.
Avatar f tn In the previous city I lived in I went through a couple endocrinologists before I found one who took my symptoms seriously and would even give me propranolol. She also contemplated giving me methimazole if I had a reoccurrence, but I have since moved. In the new city I live in (Washington DC), the endocrinologist I saw at a local University dismissed me from his caseload. I do not have a lot of money to hunt around and try a bunch of endocrinologists.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism January and started the dry cough 1 month ago. I am on a beta blocker and because of the dry cough, my GP prescribed me with asthma medications (the Symbicort Turbuhaler). I hope you feel better soon, and please keep me posted on your findings. Thanks and Regards.
Avatar f tn 8 and the lowest is .3. I can recognize when I am hyperthyroid, and have managed with taking propranolol as needed. I feel fine when my TSH returns to a higher level. More recently, I have moved and started an intense school program. I started having hyperthyroid symptoms and have had severe anxiety and only slept a few hours a night and had diarrhea up to 10x a day, and lost 10 lbs in a few weeks. I felt so ill that I could not stay in school. I had my thyroid tested and the TSH was .
Avatar n tn To help with my immediate episodes of the heart palpitations and anxiety and such I was put on propranolol, this really helps, it really really does. May not cure your thyroid, only treatment will, but it will take away those awful symptoms. You are not alone, i've been there, please go see your dr. ASAP!!!!
Avatar f tn i was born without a thyroid gland been takeing synthroid 37 years im trying to see if anyone knows of anything thats safe me to take to lose weight i gain it and lose it i want to lose and keep it off do you know of anything i can take
Avatar n tn The reason why I did not check it out sooner was because I figured my ED issue was due to a complication while being on an ADD medicaiton (Strattera - Also, DX with Inattentive ADD ) and that it was going to go away by itself, Now with the recent dx of Hyperthyroidism I'm somewhat more content about the issue (as I've read that treatment of the thyroid would resolve any according sexual issues), but am still extremely concerned about the outcome and possibilities, My doc has put me on 10mg x2
Avatar m tn ' For now you will need to keep on using propranolol until methimazole lowers thyroid levels and your blood pressure and pulse begins to lower. Once it happens I think that you should be able to SLOWLY TAPER off most of the other drugs you mentioned Neurontin, Ambien, Lortab, Lorazepam and Soma and you will be able to sleep better by yourself Hope you get better I know how it feels. I also suffer from T3 toxicosis.
1494095 tn?1288788477 ) How can I stop the feeling of being strangled, and other symptoms caused from the hyperthyroidism, such as the shortness of breath when I get up and walk four steps across the floor? I climb our stairs and by the time I get to the top I sound like a severely obese or asthmatic person trying to breathe, and I am 5'10" and wigh 132 lbs (Ihave now lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks...
4155003 tn?1351617911 im taking propranolol and have been for 7weeks, ive been told to cut my 40mg tablets in half and have half a day to slowly come off them, but when is it fully out my system???
Avatar n tn The Endocrinologist has put me on 40mg Methimazole, which is crashing my WBC's and elevating liver enzymes. Apparently I have to be on this medication for quite some time. My lab values, after only 4 weeks, are insane, and T3, T4 still very high. I find this a highly toxic drug (for me). Even so, if I could handle taking it to the euthyroid state, I'm against RI or surgery. I have researched Stem Cell and allogenic bone marrow transplant, with minimal positive findings.