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1232907 tn?1367475337 My doctor put me on Propranolol 20mg 3 x a day due to high HR however my blood pressure is usually low. What should I do? Should tis concern me?
Avatar f tn I've been taking Propranolol for high blood pressure and tachycardia(10mg at 8am, 2pm, and 8pm) for about 18 days now, and four days ago I woke up feeling quite dizzy. Since then it seemed to get better, but now I feel lethargic, dizzy, and generally unwell. Is it my drug? Note: I'm a 15-year-old male.
Avatar f tn Being that this medication is used for blood pressure, my heartrate has slowed to a point that the neurologist isn't comfortable chancing a further increase in dose (and a further lowering of heart rate). I have not but one time experienced the somewhat common side effect of muscle weakness. The one time that I did, I was sitting idle for a long time one evening and got up very abruptly, finding that my legs were completely nonfunctional for just long enough for me to collapse.
Avatar n tn Typically this med is prescribed for high blood pressure, but often doctors will use meds for other purposes as well. I don't believe your daughter is in any trouble after taking 40mg. However it may make her sleepy. If you need more peace of mind then don't hesitant to call your local hospital ER and speak with them. Personally, I am not worried about her taking the medication ... I am more curious as to WHY she took them in the first place. Was the medication prescribed to her?
769503 tn?1238499921 You need to be relaxed and not talk when your blood pressure is being taken. Any stress and anxiety will also increase your blood pressure, so try and avoid stressful situations. Cut down on your intake of salt which is know to raise blood pressure. Do relaxation to low stress levels. Make an appointment to see your doctor.
Avatar f tn s didnt show on the ekg so the ER doc had me stand up and pace and I was having 4 or 5 of them every 10 - 15 seconds. Of course all blood work came back ok and I didnt have a heart attack but they said that when I just casually walk my heart rate is to high so they put me on Propranolol. I had a bad bout with Amytriptaline 3 years ago and Ive never taken any meds but 1 since out of fear of dying.
Avatar f tn Smoking can lead to increased blood pressure and propranolol can lower blood pressure. If you stop doing something that can raise your blood pressure, it stands to reason that propranolol minus smoking can lead to an even lower blood pressure. That in itself could be a reason to use caution while taking propranolol during smoking cessation.
Avatar m tn To add to that, propanolol is a beta blocker, it will lower both your pulse and your blood pressure, which means you have to be cautious about intense exercise. People who are avid athletes (like runners, etc) have a much lower resting heart rate to begin with, so adding a beta blocker in there can cause some problems. I would have a discussion with your doc about your concerns, they're valid. How do you take the Inderal, and at what dose?
Avatar n tn she recently had a TIA/stroke and was rushed to the ER. Her Neurologist prescriped 10mg of Propranolol twcie a day - he stated it is related to her migraines. She takes her meds. separate from each other to prevent interaction. I know that Propranolol is used to treat hypEerthyroidism as well as her migraines. Will the Propranolol raise TSH??????????? I can't tell if it is used to treat some of the SYMPTOMS of hypErthyroidism such as high blood pressure or if this drug actually raises the TSH.
Avatar m tn I tried to replace propranolol with nebivolol but it caused me extreme palpitations and even panic attacks in stressful social situations. As for atenolol, although it didn't cause me severe side effects, it did not work in the same extent as propranolol.In addition it raised my blood pressure. I've tried herbs like ashwagandha,rhodiola, gotu kola to help me cope with social anxiety and had positive results.I behaved with confidence and started to become a talkative person.
Avatar f tn it is a fairly safe drug to take and perfect if u have high blood pressure. maybe you should give it a chance and see how you feel.... although it can take up to a couple of months for the full effects of Propranalol to become apparant.
769503 tn?1238499921 You need to be relaxed and not talk when your blood pressure is being taken. Any stress and anxiety will also increase your blood pressure, so try and avoid stressful situations. Cut down on your intake of salt which is know to raise blood pressure. Do relaxation to low stress levels. Make an appointment to see your doctor.
Avatar n tn I was on it and of course it lowers your blood pressure and knocks you out and makes you feel weak. It takes a while to get used to and if you took it one day you'd have trouble concentrating and focusing at the presentation because of the side effects. That's not to say its unsafe or not worth using but it takes to accustom yourself to it. And speak to your psychiatrist not your doctor.
Avatar n tn Your doctor may have timed the dosage across the day to keep a round the clock control on blood pressure. Sometimes in essential hypertension, where no cause of high blood pressure is diagnosed, a combination of medications needs to be given to control the blood pressure. If you suffer from dizziness, headache, extreme tiredness, then please inform your doctor. You may be put off some medication or dosage may be reduced. Do discuss this with your doctor. Take care!
769503 tn?1238499921 If you are taking your own blood pressure, do bear in mind that if you are rushing about, had a cup of coffee just before, talking, all these things will not give you a correct reading and the blood pressure will be higher than normal. You need to be relaxed and not talk when your blood pressure is being taken. Any stress and anxiety will also increase your blood pressure, so try and avoid stressful situations. Cut down on your intake of salt which is know to raise blood pressure.
Avatar m tn and i already started to take take high blood pressure medicine everyday as my doctor advised me. I'm taking Propranolol Hydrochloride bp 10 mg 2 times everyday. my ques is, do i have to continue this medicine for lifetime? i am asking this because i'm having some side-effect most sleeplessness , lack of energy , lack of interest in please answer my ques... im seriously depressed with my life. Thanks in advance. Regards...
Avatar f tn Before Taking the drug, my BPs were always around 140-150 systolic and 85-90 diastolic and my pulse hung around 100. After 3 weeks of taking Propranolol, my blood pressure remained about the same but my pulse had gone down to around 70. MY question is: Can a non-selective beta-blocker reduce pulse but not blood pressure. I ask this because I'm worried that my BP has risen and IS being affected by the drug and it just SEEMS the same. Help...
Avatar n tn You should ask your pharmacist. They are more knowledgable than the drs on drug interactions.
Avatar m tn It will not affect blood pressure as much as selective beta blockers do. Also, propranolol have some inhibitory effect on nerve transmission, so it has anti-anxiety properties too. Stay on propranolol as long as your doctor tells you to do. It's not a dangerous drug.
Avatar f tn Hi thank u for ur reply My actual concern is that I want to stop having beta blocker at a stage sooner or later cause I want to conceive a baby but while taking beta blocker I can't conceive this is what my GP told me So when I will stop taking this medicine will I b in risk of heart attack or will i put my life into risk?
Avatar n tn Stopping cocaine will save your life. The cocaine alone will raise your blood pressure and significantly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke.
5252520 tn?1366047834 I am slightly overweight which concerns me as I am classed as a high risk pregnancy so I'm at risk of high blood pressure. Now I'm off my propranolol, I'm scared my hearts going to go through the roof or my blood pressure is going to go sky high and I'm going to end up seriously ill. I just want to know if anyone has had any experiences of coming off propranolol what was it like? Or just some reassurance would be lovely.
Avatar n tn My cardiologist did not really answer my question as to how long each dose was effective. I would like to get an idea, because if I take more than 20 mg's, it affects my blood pressure. For example, should I take 20 mg's every six hours? Every eight hours? I want to make sure I still don't have a lot in my system before I take more. Also, I suffer from migraines and some anxiety (mostly due to pvc's) and have thought about taking Propranolol on a daily basis.
Avatar m tn Hi & Welcome, Propranolol is a high blood pressure medication. It may ease the symptoms a bit but it surely will not take the withdrawal away. There is no way to escape that especially since you have been abusing the pills. It is just a suggestion but I think you should get honest with your doctor and ask him to help you with a good taper plan. If you taper it will help lessen the withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn Inderal does cause drowsiness as a side effect...especially with the marked drop in blood pressure and pulse.... What I was going for really was the sedation effect....which isn't entirely impossible with a beta blocker....but with a hour or two later for a lot of people....that sedation hangover really can kick in. That's also why I said that I prefer when someone is prescribed a beta blocker as a daily dose with an extra one before a presentation...
Avatar n tn My doctor gave me propranolol for the meantime until my test results come back. I checked my blood pressure since then and it has dropped to 107/56. Is this a dangerous range? my pulse rate is still high. (resting rate is 80) Should I discontinue the prop?
Avatar m tn Is long distance running ok while taking this medicine?(10-30min runs) i know its also used for blood pressure and things so i want to be 100% i am not risking any damage to my heart or anything like that.
Avatar f tn People with normal blood pressure and normal heart rate will often poorly tolerate beta blockers. It would be interesting to know how your blood pressure is at heart rate 58. It may be either too high or too low. Please keep in touch with your doctor regarding this. What you experience is unacceptable and I would refuse to leave the doctor's office until he provides an explaination and treatment.
Avatar f tn ok so the past few weeks ive been having extreme anxiety, tingling in fingers, arm pain, back and chest pain on and off (pressure, sharp pains, anything you can think of i've felt it), panic attacks. saw a cardiologist on tuesday, said i had a normal echo. last year and nothing would drastically change within a year, and normal ekgs and holter monitor recently. he also prescribed me propranolol , which i'm terrified to take because it drops BP and your heart rate.
1260320 tn?1270398506 Benicar keeps blood vessels from narrowing, which lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow. Benicar HCT has a diuretic included as well. I have been fortunate, Benicar has worked from the first day I took it and works well still today. My 90 day average BP is 108/67 down from 135/85 when I started. I have had no side effects as well, the best of both worlds!