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Avatar f tn prometrium most likely didn't cause the problem doctors put ppl on it for numerous reasons i am taking it now and was told to help keep the pregnancy but it can only help with a healthy pregnancy if it's in danger of a mc or a mc has already started the prometrium is isn't going to work.
Avatar n tn I was put on Prometrium 200mg. because I had 2 miscarriages in 2 yrs. I have been told that its not good to take this medication, but so far it has been effective on me keeping my pregnancy. Is there any actual proff that this medication causes birth defects or anything along that line?
Avatar m tn My wife's doctor prescribed Prometrium today. My wife is currently pregnant. The label states not to take the medicine while pregnant. Why in the world would a doctor prescribe this?
Avatar n tn Ive been having bleeding during intercourse the last few months,thank god that stopped since last month this month I started prometrium 200mg right after ovulation. Have any of you had any luck getting pregnant being on this medication. Please help! Thanks for your support! Im glad to know im not alone in TTC.
Avatar f tn Because I had a miscarriage last year. They put me on prometrium. As soon as I found out I was pregnant. I went to get my HCG and progesteron checked. it was HCG 130 and progesterone 45.8 which is good. But they put me on it just in case. I started seeing a new doctor now and she she is sending me to a specialist for the medicine to see if I really need to keep taking the medication, because it could be harmful to a developing fetus. My appointment is Friday.
Avatar n tn I am excited about being pregnant, but found out that my progestrone levels are low. My doctor has placed me on Prometrium - 200mg a day. I want to know if there are any effects that it will have on my unborn baby?
Avatar n tn hi i was wondering my dr put me on prometrium during this pregnancy has anyone else takin it while pregnate and had a succussful pregnacy the bottle says not to take during pregnancy im confussed please help
Avatar f tn We will give you a prescription for progesterone (Crinone vaginal gel, intramuscular progesterone, or Prometrium capsules) when you start your IVF cycle. If you are using Crinone or Prometrium, begin the medication when you wake up in the morning starting the day after your egg retrieval. If you are using intramuscular progesterone, begin it either in the morning or the evening of your egg retrieval. Is there anything else I need to know if I am taking Crinone?
173820 tn?1224939758 Can prometrium help to concieve?? also what are the risks to the fetus from prometrium i thought i read online the risks were bad.
1361945 tn?1300806899 I had mine drawn at 17dpo (found out I was pregnant on 14dpo) and it was 19.9 and my nurse said that its up to me if I take the prometrium or not. Does that number sound good? So I don't know what to do for sure, maybe just take it once a day unstead of twice a day. Any advice would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn But I'm trying to figure this out. I just started taking prometrium yesterday vaginally 3 times a day, 200mg each time. When I had an appointment after my miscarriage, my doc asked me about my luteal phase and though maybe I had low progesterone. Well, I've monitored myself and looked over old charts, and I don't think I've had a L phase less than 12 days, it's usually 13. My temperatures are clearly elevated above the coverline until I get af every month.
Avatar n tn What your Doc told you is correct. My Doc has me to continue to take Prometrium until AF comes. I also take my 200 mg of prometrium after ovulation until AF and I take it right before I go to bed. I haven't had any bad side effects except for sore breast and feeling like I am pregnant before AF comes. That could also still be some side effects left over from my M/C I had Sept. 21. Blessings!
Avatar f tn What are the risks of not going back to the doctor until atleast until 12-14weeks since the last and only time I went was when I was 2-4weeks and had low progesterone levels of 18 which lowest is 10. My Doc wanted to see them in the 30's at that time so i've been on prometrium and progesterone since and have 2 refills for the next 60days after that. What if I just kept taking this until bout then and then I will have insurance?
Avatar n tn my progesterone was low in the first trimester and i was placed on prometrium. at week 13, i was taken off the prometrium. the progesterone level less than 24 hours after my last dose was 34.2. i've read that the placenta takes over at around week 10. my question is, why is it still not beneficial to continue the supplemental progesterone? i want to have my blood tested at least once a week and if it starts slipping, go back on the prometrium. seems reasonable to me... any thoughts?
Avatar f tn 06% 1 pump daily and prometrium 200 mg. every second day, since my pharmacy only supplies the prometrium in 200 mg gel capsules which I cannot cut in half. I have remained symptom free. My question is: Is it okay to take the prometrium only every second day with regards to the risk of uterine cancer?
290867 tn?1333572878 I had a m/c about 5 months before that, so I believe the Prometrium helped me sustain the pregnancy. Prometrium is a progesteron supplement, the lack of progesterone can lead to m/c, so it is supposed to help with keeping the pregnancy. Like the others said, around the end of the first trimester the placenta takes over and you no longer need the supplments.
Avatar n tn Where did you read that prometrium causes Birth defects? I will be taking it and have never read that anywhere.... I am worried now and I would really like to see your source. Thanks!!!
Avatar f tn 06% 1 pump daily and prometrium 200 mg. every second day, since my pharmacy only supplies the prometrium in 200 mg capsules which I cannot cut in half. I have remained symptom free. My question is: Is it okay to take the prometrium only every second day with regards to the risk of uterine cancer?
566175 tn?1278434072 Dr suggested that I cancel this months attempt to conceive, and start taking prometrium, today, to stop these follies from growing any further. It's my choice, and i hate to waste this cycle. The dr. says i should understand the risks: A. They are concerned that i might get OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and they tell me this could be deadly if i proceed. B. Multiples are a big possibility We have borderline swimmer issues anyway so it probably wouldn't even matter.
Avatar n tn first two times for me estrace until right before FET then prometrium vaginally till 12 weeks next three - lupron - hated it - and then estrace doxycycline right before transfer estrace and progesterone vaginally till 13 weeks next one lupron estrace medrol PIO (progesterone in oil or shots) till 10 ish weeks next one - estrace two weeks before and into the 12 th week progesterone varied with risks best of luck
Avatar n tn ) but my doctor insists that I should take progesterone supplement anyway (more specifically, Prometrium, 2 vaginal tablets a day). I am rather distressed because I have read that the use of progesterone during pregnancy is controversial. I want a second baby so much and I would do anything to keep this pregnancy, but, on the other hand, wouldn't be safer to wait at least after the second blood test, which will be in two days from now, before taking progesterone supplements?
464762 tn?1207331986 I contacted my physician to ask him for his reference range and he then stated he wasnt as concerned with the heart rate since it so early in pregnancy but is concerned with my progersterone level (Which was 18). He started me on Prometrium Suppositories 200mg twice a day. I am taking it now but I am really worried about miscarrying. I miscarried once before and it really took a toll onme both emotionally and physically.
Avatar f tn i can only tell u i have low progesterone and I have a healthy 2 year old from a follistim/1000 prometrium ccle..i was on it for 14 weeks ...i think the benefits outweigh the very tiny chance of something happening..i have had 2 chemicals since and next cycle will be doing oil shots and suppositories..Good luck!
760797 tn?1303268140 What is the benefit or reason behind taking the progesterone/prometrium before one is even pregnant? I'm just not a fan of taking it as I've heard it may delay af if I'm not pg. Any ideas as to why my RE wants me to take it b/4 a BFP?
Avatar f tn My doctor told me he would rather see it in the 30's so he put me on a prescription of prometrium which is a form of progesterone in a pill I take at night and also a vaginal insert of progesterone every morning and night. I started to get hives on my face a little bit before I started taking this but now they to have worsen and then they seem to minimize a little when I cut back on taking it a little.
Avatar n tn I have not had my period since the procedure but am wondering if Prometrium or something like that would help rebuild my lining in order to do IVF. I have read all of the risks associated with pregnancy after ablation so please do no lecture me on this subject. If anyone has any ideas or have heard of anything or if you are in the same situation, please post!!!
181145 tn?1240003538 I am 11 weeks today and have had a prior 8 week miss in Feb. I have been on prometrium since teh very beginning of this pregnancy. I have gone for three sonos, each showing exactly where the baby should be. The last one showed the baby starting to get arm and leg buds, I think that was at 9 weeks.
Avatar n tn I don't want to have a procedure I don't need, but neither do I want to take risks by NOT doing it....Also, could you tell me how delicate and fine-tuned a procedure hysteroscopy with "resection"(?) of polyp is? What I mean is does it require a lot of surgical finesse? I am asking this because my gyn. surgeon is old, moves slowly, and seems somewhat shaky of hand....
Avatar f tn Even prometrium, a very common medication taken by women in first trimester (it is progesterone) said not to be taken while pregnant when I looked it up on line, yet a very high amount of women on this forum (myself included) have taken it during pregnancy. The most important thing in this process (well, besides is to be your own advocate. Call the Dr. and ask about it, talk to him/her about your concerns.