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Avatar f tn Prograf is a medicine that slows down the bodys immune system. For this reason, it works as an anti-rejection medicine. Prograf helps patients who have had a liver/kidney transplant protect their new organ and prevent it from being rejected by the body. This medicine can cause the amount of potassium in your blood-stream to increase.
Avatar f tn Does hepatitis cause elevated B12 levels? Is there a correlation between elevated b12 levels and Hepatitis C? I noticed that my b12 levels have increased over the years.
Avatar f tn Although the team acknowledges that the Prograf may be the root of the kidney failure and tremors, they are resistant to changing her medicines because her Prograf levels are low and the heart trumps the kidney, and the kidney function--while bad--hasn't deteriorated in four years. This may need to be the final answer, but I'm not giving up yet. I'd love to hear from the community about what alternatives to Prograf they may know of, or similar situations they've navigated.
468265 tn?1207544118 No, low creatinine levels don't usually indicate a kidney problem. Low creatinine clearance which results in a "high serum creatinine level" does suggest a renal problem. Usually a low creatinine level is a sign of healthy kidney function but there are exceptions. A greater muscle mass means a higher creatinine level and thus women generally have lower creatinine level than do men.
Avatar n tn Hi My father is 55years old he had his kidney transplant 2 years ago , but from last few months he is having a problem with his creatinine levels which increase up to 3.2 mg. which is very high ,he is a diabetes also ,i want you to tell me the treatment and proper diet for him so he can control his creatnne level. thanks for help.
Avatar m tn What normal course of action in a situation where the patient is on a low dose of Rapamune 1 mg every other day and low dose Prograf 0.5 mg/day and WBC/Platelets keep going lower and lower? WBC 1.4 and Platelets 41. Prograf and Rapamune at trough levels just under 10.
Avatar m tn Since both Prograf and Rapamune both have tests to determine blood levels, is there any reason not to bring these levels to within the therapeutic dosage? Is there a fear that even if getting them within therapeutic levels by adjusting dosages, that by lowering them too quickly, a rejection could be sparked? If a low dosage such as 1 mg/day Prograf results in 2x the therapeutic level, is it considered risky to go down to 0.5 mg/day?
1135761 tn?1260560694 magnesium levels can definitely be low post-transplantation, related to prograf use. as long as there is no renal dysfunction i see no downside. watch for diarrhea. diuretic use can also cause this.
338734 tn?1377163768 Good news today .... 27 week (should have been 24 week) PCR shows UND! Blood levels still low on blood counts, liver functions trending back toward the normal range. I guess the increase in Prograf helped. Biopsy showed no indication of rejection. So, all together, now! 72 syringes of PEG on the wall 72 syringes of PEG. 28 are slain, along with my brain, 44 more syringes of PEG on the wall!
29837 tn?1414538248 I was told by my former transplant doctor that long term use of Prograf can leaf to kidney failure. My current transplant doctor just reduced my dosage from 4 to 3 milligrams daily. However, a couple of days ago I had to give blood after two weeks of the dosage reduction, to see if it is stable or if I have to go back to 4 milligrams a day. My former transplant doctor said he has one patient on .05 milligram a days and one patient with needing no Prograf. Anyone?
1691407 tn?1332716147 ) His kidney functions GFR were at 27! So they cut back his prograf to 1 mg every other week, and his Riba from 1200 mg to 600 mg a day on July 20 and then after the transfusion on Wednesday at doctor appointment, cut it back more to 200 mg a day. The prograf level was bit high 7.9 and that can cause problems with the Kidneys, since the riba is eliminated through the kidneys, that dose was cut as he was so anemic (hemoglobin was 7.0 and crit was 25, wbc was 1.4).
Avatar n tn Marijuana causes your levels for your anti-rejection medications, i.e. Neoral and Prograf to be very low, which could lead to rejection. Marijuana also grows a fungus, known as Aspergillus, which can cause death in the transplanted patient!!!!!
Avatar m tn Marijuana causes your levels for your anti-rejection medications, i.e. Neoral and Prograf to be very low, which could lead to rejection. Marijuana also grows a fungus, known as Aspergillus, which has caused death in a transplanted patient!!!!! Please take care of this gift!
686869 tn?1227203535 I agree with Mike, you seem to be on too much of anti-rejection meds. One way to know is to test prograf levels in your blood which you probably do. But you mentioned that your doctor is new, is he experienced enough? Can you get a second opinion from an reputable hepatologist? Cellcept is a strong drug and as far as I know it has more side effects than prograf. I am taking now (6 years after TP) 1.5 mg of prograf and 1 mg of rapamune per day.
Avatar m tn Hi, Thank you for your concern and compassion. It is greatly appreciated. I took her to the ER on Sunday after posting this. They did a CT. She has Pleural Effusion of her right lung and reduced lung capacity by 20% along with some third spaced fluid in her abdomen. There is no abscess present. Her vomiting has stopped. She hasn't thrown up for nine days now. Her vitals remain good, and she has put on three pounds with the feeding tube. She is having a very hard time to sleep...
Avatar n tn My calcium and pottasium keep dropping and I had to go the hospital 2 times for low calcium. I have seen several specialist but, it seems I am getting passed off from one to the other. They still have not done a colonoscopy t. I now weigh 89 pounds and am concerned about myself. All tests have come back normal except I have lesions on my thyroid. The doctors say they do not believe my weightloss is due to my thyroid though. I take Prograf, Cellcept, Norvasc and Prednisone.
1913232 tn?1361457689 I pushed to get off cellcept and prednisone as quickly as possible. I still take prograf but I know some people have allergic reactions and have to be taken off and put on cyclosporin.
Avatar m tn When anti fungals were d/c and I was feeling better, vl's began to show positive and increase with each test although the prograf levels were good (6-9) I was also given a ton of predisone while treating the pneumonia. My doctor originally told me that if I were overly suppressed it would allow the virus to attack more aggressivly. I really thought that was what was going on and expected a reduction in antirejection meds and to restart the Peg/riba.
Avatar n tn I took Imuran for about 6 years along with prednisone and had to stop the imuran due to it lowering my white blood cell count to dangerously low levels so i was put on Prograf... In 2006 we concieved our first child and i was taken off the Prograf and put on Prednisone for the first half of my pregnancy and my liver enzymes were stable...i think i was on about 10 mg? Not sure cant really remember...In my 2nd half of pregnancy i stopped all meds and my enzymes stayed normal!
1691407 tn?1332716147 They cut back on his dose of 1 mg twice a day to 1 mg twice a week, then after second dose in a week, cut it back to just 1 mg once a week. So far, his levels have been ok. He has had toxic levels of Prograf in the past, and it is VERY scary!! So for me, this was one of the scariest parts of this treatment. Thanks for all the notes and remembering us from our friends here on MH. Rog1958, momofjewels, and Dee1956, geebee270, Advocate1955, April63 . . .
Avatar m tn The opriginal game plan was 6 months low dose Pegasys/200mg Riba and the present Prograf dose. I am working on running an idea past my surgeon whereby I'd up TX doses and begin reducing Prograf and try to train my more stimulated immune system to tolerate a new truce with the tiny bit of HCV that remains - or maybe eliminate that, though I kind of doubt that's possible with just Peg/Riba.
Avatar m tn Therefore, tacrolimus levels need to be managed carefully and transplant patients typically are obliged to make frequent visits to the hospital for monitoring and dose adjustments for months after receiving a new organ. Management of tacrolimus levels is complicated by the low bioavailability of Prograf, its variable absorption and interaction with food and other drugs.
Avatar n tn Was on Prograff until 3 weeks ago, I was then put on Celcept, because prograff levels were too low, and liver functions test increased. Not sure what genotype I am , but I will find out today.
Avatar n tn hep c over 6 million. on celcept, was on prograff for 7 years, changed to celcept last month, levels are still low. very depressed.
Avatar m tn I quite often run a low grade temperature, and have a general feeling of fatigue. I have hep C and have always contributed the fevers and fatigue to it. My viral count is now 6,000,000+ but the drs. don't want to treat because of the damage it would do to my liver. I have monthly labs done and there are some points of concern with them. GGT=449, Alkaline Phosphatase=689, Eo% = 12.7, BA =2.1, RBC=3.62, HCT-34.7, LY-30.9. Post transplant, my bilirubin dropped to .
Avatar m tn I was in a similar situation. My low viral level showed up after 10 months of daily Infergen (and being negative from week 12). Two-three weeks after that viral levels were again UND (<10U). It was presumed that I still had low virus levels after 10 months of treatment. I asked to extend my treatment for 1 year after the latest UND.
Avatar m tn Yes, I had not heard of anyone being on prograf yet. It goes way up with the PIs. I was on prograf a while back but tolerated CsA better. I'm down to a pretty low dosage of even CsA. Would have to start skipping days to go lower. Was getting labs twice a week but going to go to once a week. Will get another PCR quaint at 8 weeks. Thanks for comments and information.
Avatar f tn I think it was a year but lately I have wondered if it wasn't a little shorter. I was on low dose of ribavirin and maybe low on interferon also and I never became undetectable that treatment. Then 6 months after stopping I started again and my ribavirin dose was still low and I became undetectable late - maybe week 40 - and I stopped at week 52 and relapsed immediately.
Avatar f tn I know you've seen the articles on ribavirin plasma levels in renal compromised patients and this can be a post transplant issue and especially with Prograf, which is nephrotoxic. So there might be a higher ribavirin level than we would expect by looking at dosage alone. I too suspect that his dose is not adequate but, I am never absolutely sure about that in a patient where renal insufficiency might be an issue.