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Proair hfa rescue inhaler

Common Questions and Answers about Proair hfa rescue inhaler


212161 tn?1599427282 I don't know what inhaler was prescribed for you, but "rescue' (acts quickly) inhalers such albuterol can cause palpitations and arrhythmias. But this reaction is rare as long as you use the recommended dosage. Steroid inhalers are maintenance inhalers meant to prevent asthma attacks. They do not have cause palpitations and arrhythmias.
Avatar f tn Oh yes I have very bad asthma. I have rescue inhaler and a controlled inhaler, proair and dulera. I had to really use my inhaler around 16-25 weeks... I would feel short's fine. My doctor me it's safe as long as I'm getting oxygen and my baby is getting oxygen there's actual limit.
Avatar f tn Advair is only a maintence drug which will only help you over time but it is not an emergency inhaler (like ventolin or proair). Advair if not taken as prescribed can make things worse and can make you very ill. Please never take more than the 4 puffs per day. Anxiety can do really bizarre things to people. It can make you feel like you are sufficating.
746512 tn?1388807580 Symbicort has a counter, too. When it gets to the yellow area time to refill prescription...haha. I've also had problems because my Proair was low. I agree that rescue inhalers should have counters...people don't have running tallies in their head as to how much they've used. If Symbicort and Advair have them, I don't see why Proair, Proventil, etc can't. It doesn't make sense to me, either.
Avatar f tn ll get used to the inhaled medicine better or later he will reduce the number of times you need to take the inhaler---or give you an inhaler that delivers less medicine and doesn't have this effect. I hope it's better by now.
Avatar f tn I liked your quote without any exertion I can breathe normally...whatever the hell that is. What is normal when you have been short of breath so long. I totally agree. I myself I have COPD as well. My guess would be if it is day 5 without the inhalers, then they should be out of your system. I too had problems with Advair and Spiriva. I was diagnosed in Oct. 07 with moderate COPD. Was put on Advair, Spiriva and ProAir as my rescue inhaler.
920032 tn?1550680156 I sympathize with your issues on finding meds that work. I also cannot take the dry powders. The technique for using them is different than other inhalers. If your doctor didn't train you well on how to use them, that could be part of the problem you had. Also, the fact that they are powder and the powder settles on the vocal cords and other parts of the respiratory tract causes irritation. That makes me cough constantly as well.
Avatar f tn I caught a cold about 2 weeks ago and I developed a sinus infection. I have a history of Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea and Sero-Negative Rheumatoid Arthritis. My best peak flow is 500. I am a 56 year old woman and was not on any preventative asthma meds at the time of catching the cold and development of the sinus infection.
Avatar n tn Is there a significant difference between using an albuterol inhaler as opposed to a Combivent inhaler? I have a family member that receives an extra monthly Combivent inhaler but am not sure if it is safe to use long term instead of the albuterol I was prescribed.
Avatar f tn Then, financially l could not afford the Spiriva. So, I eventually stopped taking that. I did still take the ProAir, which is a rescue inhaler. That started causing me problems. Now, I am on Proventil. I have read many reports on Advair and ProAir. Many people have problems with these 2 meds. There are programs through pharmacy companies that do supply people like us meds. One such program is Needy Meds. I though attempted to get the Spiriva through such a program.
7748835 tn?1393868668 Hello. I'm 16, 5'6 and 118lbs. I've had asthma since I was little and I just got a diagnosis that it was moderate persistent asthma but has worsened since I've had that diagnosis so I'm sure it's severe now. I'm on Advair 250/20 as a preventor and I have Ventolin HFA as a rescue inhaler. I take Advair twice a day, but sometimes forget to take it. I don't believe it helps prevent any symptoms or attacks whatsoever.
Avatar f tn I do have asthma but the problem is Proair (my rescue inhaler) only makes me cough more! The problem seems worse around the beginning of spring and goes throughout most of the year. If I can control the temperature around me (basically freeze everyone lol) then it does not happen as often but still will occur. There is no wheezing before but sometimes after for a few hours I will have a wheeze. My family describes it as a whooping cough and is very loud.
Avatar f tn Since you have had asthma all your life, I assume you always have a rescue inhaler on hand at all times. Mine is ProAir, albuterol sulfate if you will. That said, I have been on Advair for the last 10 years, and my asthma is now very controlled. Only time I need my inhaler is if I am doing extreme cardio exercise. Advair is a god send for me.
Avatar n tn m now on advair (one week= 115 ) and doing okay - except the only rescue inhaler i can tolerate is primotene mist. just took an oximeter test - came out 86-87. i think it's too soon to go on oxygen, until we see if advair works. but i worry about the advair too. will i ever get better and be able to switch to lower advair dose? my MD says i have "moderate" COPD....does it get better, or what?
Avatar m tn My son has asthma and Gerd and he is on a nebulizer, a steroid inhaler, and rescue inhaler sometimes prednisone too. If the breathing treatments are stopping the attacks maybe he can get a nebulizer that is travel size ours is and we take it everywhere we go he also might be allergic to something thats causing this you would be suprised my kids have food and outdoor/animal allergies! not fun!! Good luck I hope you figure it out! not knowing is the hardest part!
Avatar f tn the Orange one could be Flovent is an inhaled steroid that takes down inflammation, it is NOT a rescue inhaler. This is usually given one in the morning and one at night, every 12 hours, it works for 12 full hours. BLUE inhalers are the ones that open your airway within 5minutes, they are the rescue inhalers.
Avatar m tn my doctor prescribed me "proair hfa albuterol sulfate", "atrovent hfa ipratropium bromide , and "qvar beclomethasone diproionate hfa" will this go away on its own eventually?
Avatar n tn My stomach improved after stopping. It was by accident that I used the proair inhaler and found that if I use that inhaler 1-2 times a day my breathing discomfort disappeared and no bronchospasm with exercise. My question is why the ProAir is helping me? Would anxiety be responding to albuterol? Does anyone have any advice for me…I am about at my wits end.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with Bronchiolar asthma all my life (22 years), My inhalers have not been a bother with me worked perfect helped me so much expect the Blue one which made my Asthma worse.
161647 tn?1280608163 After diagnosis, I was put on 3 inhalers. ProAir was my rescue inhaler. Spiriva is an inhaler that specifically treats COPD. And I was also put on Advair. I spent the sickest winter of my life while taking those inhalers. Bronchitis, pneumonia and pleurisy. About 6 months after being placed on these inhalers, I took myself off of the inhalers. And honestly, I have been doing just fine without them. No more bronchitis, pneumonia or pleurisy. I still keep my rescue inhaler though just in case.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed an inhaler about a week ago, and it doesn't seem to be helping with my breathing problems. It feels good and works for about a few seconds after using it then it doesn't make a difference at all. And the other day it actually made my symptoms A LOT worse (I could barley breath for the whole evening and felt pressure). Is there a reason for all of this or should I just switch brands?
Avatar m tn i have used proair and the little red abuteral inhaler and now im on flovent none of these has worked for me. abuteral makes me really shaky and nervous and flovent is useless and really expensive. do you know of any other good inhalers or medications to try and also is there any meds to stop the irratation and itchy feeling in throat and chest due to asthma.
Avatar n tn i'm using aerocort inhaler(each actuation deliversBelcomethasone Dipropionate-50mcg;Levosalbutamol Tartrate-50mcg;Absolute alcohol-7.4% v/v suspended in propellant HFA)....i feel problem in breathing 2-3 times a day and i take a dose and taking it for 7-8 years and also have much mucus developed....but "i feel drowsy and headache after taking each dose"..i have to take a light sleep to gain the freshness...what should i do, should i change my inhaler or consult doc.????