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Avatar m tn my doctor prescribed me "proair hfa albuterol sulfate", "atrovent hfa ipratropium bromide , and "qvar beclomethasone diproionate hfa" will this go away on its own eventually?
920032 tn?1550680156 I sympathize with your issues on finding meds that work. I also cannot take the dry powders. The technique for using them is different than other inhalers. If your doctor didn't train you well on how to use them, that could be part of the problem you had. Also, the fact that they are powder and the powder settles on the vocal cords and other parts of the respiratory tract causes irritation. That makes me cough constantly as well.
2105194 tn?1333812786 I have been on Dilantin for 41 years. I currently take 400mgs. daily. I have strange thoughts, some that really strange. I asked my doctor to change my meds. But after checking with the drug stores, I can't afford to change, I don't have any insurance. I just recently found a prescription card for Dilantin only. I was paying $75/mth. With the card I pay $24/mth. Anyone have any suggestions?
572651 tn?1530999357 The mfg of Lunesta will send you a discount card that will pay your copay on insurance, up to $50 per month ($600 per year) if you use their sleep medicine. I figure this is information worth sharing with you .....
1974758 tn?1330821166 You can ask the pharmacist what your savings discount is over the phone, by simply supplying the information on front of the card. The free discount prescription drug card we distribute saves up to 75% (on average 25% on brand-name drugs and 65% on generics). It can be the difference between someone in need filling a prescription or doing without. These savings are based on the fact that we have over 58,000 pharmacies processing millions of prescriptions annually.
Avatar n tn Lyrica is a VERY expensive prescription but it works well for nerve pain. When I was taking Lyrica my dr had given me a discount card. it allowed me to get the prescription for $25.00 instead of almost paying $300.00 a month. I would ask your dr if they had samples that they get from the drug reps too. Looking at Pfizers website like suggested by the above poster is a great idea too! Good luck to you!
201379 tn?1319991331 If you are on Xifaxan, what insurance do you have that covers it? Anyone have information on any patient help programs available from Salix? I got info on a program from my hepatologist that is a $100 discount, but this drug is over $1300/month, so not a big help if you are paying out of pocket.
562511 tn?1285904160 Medicare has quit covering many medications this year. My prescription insurance plan is lousy and quit paying for one of my medications all together. I wanted to share with you a prescription card I got in the mail the other day. It said it was free to use (uh huh, sure) Not that I'm cynical or anything. Yesterday I decided to use it and guess what? The prescription that usually costs $30.00 cost me $9.00. I can live with that. I don't know if the discount is always that good.
Avatar f tn Okay thanks so will you get a card or something to swipe to get your discount ?
Avatar m tn Hi all! I had a heart attack and was diagnosed with diabetes almost a year ago that turned my life upside down. Since the attack and quadruple bypass surgery I've lost my house, car, and can no longer do the work I've been doing for the last 30years b/c of the physical requirements. I've applied for and been denied Disability and don't know where to turn. My challenge now is being able to the afford my medicine needed every month of about $150.
798555 tn?1292787551 I went on NP Thyroid a few years ago to avoid any future hassles of Canadian ERFA shipments. NP was cheap to, Its pays to compare who you get it from as brick and mortar pharmas use different distributors sometimes. That diff alone for NP is $90 cash vs $250 cash for 90 days in my case. 1 Mile can save me that much $. Walgreen's has a discount club for cash payers.....then its $50 for 90 days. If that "club card" goes, I'll be paying more.
Avatar f tn She prescribed me my prenatal vitamins and a morning sickness pill however i dont have a card or anything to get them with from the pharmacy. How am i going to be able to get them withouth paying the 300 dollars? Any advice is appreciated. Idk what to do. I guess if all else fails ill just try to go back to the dss and ask them even though ive done called and left a vmail..
Avatar f tn If you have no insurance there might be a discount card that you can print out and take to your pharmacy. My card saves me over $50 a month for my pain meds. Just google, best prices on Phentenol 120 mgs. Make sure you put in your zip code.
Avatar f tn This is available as a generic, and isn't very expensive. Of course it's cheaper with insurance, but even without it shouldn't be too expensive.
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Avatar m tn Does anyone know how to interpret the patient id card you get after surgery? I am trying to figure out if the lens was specified correctly but the wrong lens was sent and implanted or if the lens was made correctly and the specs were wrong. I want to make sure I don't get the old run around when I go back to the surgeon. The specs on the card are: Model SN6AT5 Power 167.00D - 3.00 cyl Length 13.00mm Optic 6.0mm Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn could anyone give me ideas as to where or who i would contact to get some patient assistance for acute hep c treatment? I am not working, cannot wait on s.s. disability. I try to do some construction work when available, but it is really rough.
19752224 tn?1483745639 t have insurance so I checked out getting a drug discount card. Using it saves me a lot of money on my prescription. I'm not sure what the cost would be for the long acting meds but you can ask your pharmacist. It varies from store to store. Actually, you can research this on line to see what the costs are at different pharmacies. I think the website is called goodrx. Research discount drug cards for the long acting medication. You can save up to 80% off of your prescription.
Avatar f tn Advair is only a maintence drug which will only help you over time but it is not an emergency inhaler (like ventolin or proair). Advair if not taken as prescribed can make things worse and can make you very ill. Please never take more than the 4 puffs per day. Anxiety can do really bizarre things to people. It can make you feel like you are sufficating.
Avatar n tn Pediatrician prescribed proair with chamber for my 5 yr old. She a nagging cough since a bout of bronchitus this past Christmas. Gave her 2 puffs at 1pm. Now at4:35 pm she has been coughing nonstop.
4900949 tn?1361380560 I dont know if they have discount card in HP. But I just took my HbsAg quantification and it don't have IU/ml in there. A numerical figure w/ COV of 1 are the only indicators.
Avatar f tn When I had Tricare they did not provide breast pumps but that was 3 years ago.
Avatar n tn are you able to get combivent... my doc changed from combivent to Proair which has only one ingredient Albuterol Sulfate...I understand that in July 2013 Combivent will no longer be available...
667078 tn?1316000935 I went through being accepted to SS discount program never to have them come through. Then they suggested I apply for needs based through the Chronic Disease Fund in July they accepted me a day after I refilled even though I faxed in the paperwork asap. They would not honor it until my next three month refill in October. I sold my mother's gold necklace to pay the three hundred dollars. Months later they honored it and credited my credit card.