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920032 tn?1550680156 I sympathize with your issues on finding meds that work. I also cannot take the dry powders. The technique for using them is different than other inhalers. If your doctor didn't train you well on how to use them, that could be part of the problem you had. Also, the fact that they are powder and the powder settles on the vocal cords and other parts of the respiratory tract causes irritation. That makes me cough constantly as well.
Avatar m tn my doctor prescribed me "proair hfa albuterol sulfate", "atrovent hfa ipratropium bromide , and "qvar beclomethasone diproionate hfa" will this go away on its own eventually?
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Avatar f tn Advair is only a maintence drug which will only help you over time but it is not an emergency inhaler (like ventolin or proair). Advair if not taken as prescribed can make things worse and can make you very ill. Please never take more than the 4 puffs per day. Anxiety can do really bizarre things to people. It can make you feel like you are sufficating.
Avatar n tn Pediatrician prescribed proair with chamber for my 5 yr old. She a nagging cough since a bout of bronchitus this past Christmas. Gave her 2 puffs at 1pm. Now at4:35 pm she has been coughing nonstop.
Avatar n tn are you able to get combivent... my doc changed from combivent to Proair which has only one ingredient Albuterol Sulfate...I understand that in July 2013 Combivent will no longer be available...
Avatar n tn ve lived in the same town my whole life and no change in living conditions. My doctor prescribed me Pro Air HFA. Immediately I was using it more than the recommended amounts. It makes me very jittery and makes my hands shake. When I came in I was told to keep using it and then prescribed Qvar. The Qvar gave me debilitating headaches. I've since stopped taking both but the headaches and shaking still continue.
Avatar f tn P i was prescribed a proair. Just looking ahead for future reference I rarely use it.
Avatar f tn allergiest. lung doctor i am not sure. i take proair and it only works for 2 hours. i feel like i just need to sit in my condo and do nothing because it is embarassing when i can't walk to go to an event because i need to stop and calm my body down (throat tightens).
Avatar f tn In July I thought I was having allergy problems. Turned out to be pneumonia. I thought I was ok after meds. Then I had a really bad asthma attack. I did not know what was happening. Really bad coughing and hard to breathe. Went to ER and they gave me breathing meds. I saw an allergist yesterday and he put me on Adviair and Proair. I haven't had the Proair prescriptioin filled yet as I still have proventil. Sorry to ramble on.
Avatar n tn You are correct in wanting to wait until you have achieved optimum benefit from the AdvairĀ® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol, before any consideration of oxygen use. The AdvairĀ® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol may raise your saturation, to a degree that will make oxygen use unnecessary.
959034 tn?1253671476 I take Prednisone, Symbicort, and Theo-Dur all daily. I use my ProAir only as needed. Anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn What will happen if you don't rinse your mouth out after you use the Proventil HFA inhaler?
Avatar n tn I played sports heavily all my life, high school varsity football 3 year letterman in Ohio, 13 years of baseball, the works, and I never had breathing problems really, except walking pneumonia during my senior football season. Its been about 2 and a half years and about six months ago my breathing became very difficult, my lungs felt tight, I coughed up brown chunky phlegm, and felt low on energy, like i don't have enough oxygen or something. I smoked about half a pack a day.
Avatar n tn Beta-blockers can be contraindicated with asthma..but I have asthma too and have been on atenolol (a beta-blocker) for 7 years. I'm not familiar with either of the meds you are on, but I take an inhaled steroid daily for my asthma and albutero (now Proair) for breakthrough asthma. The Proair affects my PVC's and PAC's. I also believe my hormones make my heart palps a lot worse. Cycle time for me is an absolute nightmare. As Jerry said, you should see about getting a monitor.
Avatar f tn Hi, im new on here. About a week ago I woke up with a high fever that lasted for 24hrs. All of my kids had the same, I was the last to get it. I noticed that day that I was having trouble getting a deep breath. A few days later the inability of getting a deep breathe was still present so I quit smoking. After 2 full days of not smoking, or having the urge to due to not being able to breathe, I went to the doctor.
Avatar m tn He told me my results were consistent with asthma and prescribed me Advair while also using Proair for relief. Its been one week and the Advair hasnt made my symptoms any better. Im starting to wonder if I have something other than asthma. Any thoughts/advice/feedback? Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn Now my asthma doctor is saying second medicine (21 mg) could be causing high pulse. my concern is not high pulse as much as that it does NOT come down quickly.( by the way i am almost 64 yrs. 5ft 118 lbs) i loved training for half marathon and completing it last two yrs by run/jog pattern. i am collecting my question for viist to cardiologist tomorrow.
Avatar m tn I had taken tylenol twice on top of my normal Flovent HFA and Albuterol HFA inhalers as needed. My whole family was ill, with 3/5 of us in the hospital for dehydration from vomiting so much. Three weeks back I had a Z pack for bacterial laryngitis and took tylenol then too. Those are the only medications I have taken. I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. In 2009 I had my gallbladder removed due to gallbladder disease. Other than Asthma I have been healthy.
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