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785277 tn?1244324809 m not going to be looking at any professional help anytime soon. Anyone have any tips on sticking to one routine? I know both anorexia and bulimia are bad independently, but having both of them together has got to be worse on the body, right?
Avatar n tn just cut your calorie intake and excecise more drink lots of water take hoodia pills this helps boost matablism i do this and it works when you do eat eat 4 very small meals throghout the day.
5061022 tn?1363018223 I have recently removed myself from my fitness pal and tumblr because it is an ED breading ground! It is where I would go to get tips and encouragement. I am trying to get away from doing it as I have had it under control for the past year and it was recently triggered again in January. I have been dealing with it since the 8th grade and I am now a college junior....its a constant battle and I hate it....I am trying so hard right now to fight losing weight the right way....
Avatar n tn Deep breathing excersises work really well for me. I have agoraphobia (fear of crowds, open places, fear of people- totaly not fun!) So staying calm is number 1 on my things to do every day. Also take time for yourself, have a warm bath, read a favorite book, tell yourself it is okay to put your feet up from time to time.
Avatar n tn i just found out yesterday at my first ultrasound (im 10 weeks) i am having fraternal triplets!!! Extremely terrified any tips tricks or experiences im all ears!
Avatar n tn Looking for any tips or tricks to help stop acid reflux. I've never had acid reflux until I became pregnant. I'm 33 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and dealing with acid reflux on a daily basis now. It comes out of nowhere, and I don't know how to stop it. Any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn So i'm ttc, does anyone have tips and tricks that they'd like to share? :) It would be much appreciated. Thanks!
1034549 tn?1255424613 I know each person is different but is there any tips or tricks I can do to prepare myself for heavier activity, and prevent days of pain and fatigue after the fact. Since my diagnosis I have lost 25 lbs, increased my water intake, switched to decaf coffee and limited myself to 2 cups per day, taken my meds religiously, eat healthier, and increased my low impact exercise..... but yet still suffer from bladder issues, chronic fatigue, and muscle pain and weakness.
Avatar f tn Many people saying being a virgin has nothing to do with it but in my case I think it does. Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys have any tips or tricks on how to insert a tampon. IM OPEN TO ANY ADVICE AT THIS POINT.
Avatar n tn anorexia is a hard thing to deal with. I've been anorexic since I was 17 and i'm 21 now...i've been in hospitals, etc. I'm wanting to get out of it. I now have heart problems due to it, in fact i lurk around in the heart rhythm forum most the time. Could you start seeing a counselor that specializes in eating disorders?
1748995 tn?1427334864 There are absolutely no tips or tricks aside from knowing your ovulation, having favorable cervical mucus (which pre-seed or mucinex can help if that's an issue) and knowing that your luteal phase is appropriately's all a matter of timing, and, well..luck. Even a couple who times it correctly, having intercourse right around and over the ovulation date, only has a 25% chance of conceiving, like smj said. There are SO many factors that go into conception...
6811971 tn?1385557755 This is not a question, just a few tips for those who are on the road to recovering from an eating disorder. Just a little background on me: I suffered from Anorexia for six years of my life and have been recovered for twelve years now. For me, I experienced some gas and bloating. This can be quite stressful as it makes one feel full and gaining weight. I found that mixing some natural ginger in a tea or water helped. Also, digestion was a little slow for me.
Avatar f tn Ginger ale or 7up, ginger snaps, prego pops or regular popsicles, lemon drops, soup
Avatar n tn You don't need to lose weight anywhere, you need to work on your self-confidence and how you feel about yourself; the problem isn't physical, it's mental. Trust me girl, I've been there! I never thought that being 20 pounds heavier would make me happier, but it has! I don't know what to tell you other than to see a counsellor, there can be some good ones that do "pro-bono" work - that is, free of charge, they are normally volunteer services.
Avatar n tn Any tips or tricks I can do to help me?
Avatar f tn I have been counting the days until I get to know the gender of my baby. My question is are there any tips or tricks to help assure the tech will be able to tell the gender? I am 17w1d. Im paying for the ultrasound at an elective clinic so I want to make the most of it. Anything is helpfulĀ thanks in advance ladies!
Avatar f tn Argh, this waiting is nerve-racking. Any tips, tricks or suggestions any one can offer to make sure that nothing goes wrong?
Avatar f tn Hey pixie0304. My son is 16 and has this issue. NOT anorexia. :>) I took my son to a nutritionist. Some tips: make it count when you do eat. So, go for a bang. If you are only going to take a few bites, try a protein bar. If you are going to drink, try almond milk. My son has been doing this in the morning. It upped his calories and he feels better. The other thing the nutritionist said is that drinking nutrition and calories can be easier for some.
Avatar f tn What i do almost every night is watch daily vlogs on youtube until i get tired. It helps me. Or if i get bored i pause it and check my Instagram, twitter, facebook & even check this app. Then i go back to the vlogs on youtube.