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1916673 tn?1420236870 I have recently spent some time looking into the functioning of different antacids. After some considerable amount of reading, I have come to the conclusion that one of the best of this group of medications is Prilosec (omeprazole). I did once give this drug a poor rating, but recent evidence suggests it's actually proving to be one of the safest and most effective.
Avatar n tn I guess my stomach is a little less acidy with Prilosec but my stomach still is quite bothersome and can be quite painful, gassy, bloaty, const./d-ish, etc. I also have to watch it with how much I eat or I can get nauseated too. Another strange symptom is that my voice box seems to be sore or something and I have had a sore throat for almost a year. I remember taking Prilosec before my surgery and I don't remember it causing pain then, but had other strange symptoms.
155701 tn?1230050701 I was put on Atenolol for tachycardia and high blood pressure after undergoing thyroid surgery for toxic nodules. I keep reading about how certain antacids can cause your blood pressure to go up. I have GERD and am experiencing esophagitis again, and I would like to be able to take something for it. Is Zantac75 okay to take with a beta-blocker? And will it increase my blood pressure? I can't seem to find good information anywhere on the internet or even from my endocrinologist. Please help!
Avatar f tn In the morning, same thing -- diarrhea signs on my underwear!! Does anybody know if antacids interact with red wine to cause diarrhea?
Avatar m tn ) for LPR reflux. Sometimes also take antacids like Tums, Mylanta and Gaviscon. My concern with the antacids is that they might intefere with ribavirin absorption. Very little in the literature conclusive one way or the other. Wondering if any of you also take antacids and if you take them right after meals with your riba, or if you try to time the antacids a few hours before or after the riba.
221122 tn?1323014865 I took Prilosec for six months with no changes in my pvc's. Prilosec didn't work so they switched me to Protonix and I have been taking it since June. I haven't noticed anything until recently so I'm not sure it is related. I went 4 months with no problems. Of course my doctor assured me that Protonix wouldn't bother my heart. I'm going to try taking it every other day now because the reflux is so much better.
Avatar n tn You are too young to have your quality of life impaired as it has been, and you are too young to be saddled with the fight with EC. I am 47, was diagnosed with EC at 46, and am currently fighting that fight. I hope you can avoid that path. The first step is the endoscopy. Also, don't let any doctor pooh-pooh your symptoms. Force the issue with tests and more tests until you get relief from the symptoms permanently. I wish you all the best. Let me know if you have further questions.
698496 tn?1228116108 you definitely don't want to take regular over the counter antacids. Such as Mallox or tums, but even the ones that coat all day can cause issues. It would be best to not take your Riba at the same exact time as your stomach meds, What coats the stomach, can also coat the riba and stop it's absorption. It would be best to talk over with your doctor when and how to take these two meds.
Avatar n tn In viewing an episode of Dr Oz he said drinking Apple cider vinegar is adding acid to ur system, u need to know which u have and since u r taking a PPI like prilosec u r voiding it out with the talk with ur Dr and have testing so u know which way to proceed.
Avatar n tn Can you take prilosec over the counter when you are pregnant? I am 13 weeks and am DYING with heartburn. I don't know where to look to see if it's ok.
822804 tn?1298229902 I was diagnosed with acid reflux and was prescribed prilosec and the doctor told me i was able to take it with my thyroid meds but he didnt seem to be 100% sure.How far apart should I take these and which one should be taken first?Thanks for any help you can provide!
Avatar m tn Then, like clockwork, about 5pm a flareup begins with bad gas and abdominal cramps and lasts 3-4 hrs. Since I take the prilosec at 6 am I wondered if at that time it is wearing off.
Avatar n tn Up until I began the Prilosec regimen, I'd been managing the GERD with antacids, elevating the head of the bed, and ensuring that I didn't eat within 2 (now 3) hours before bedtime. This has been reasonably-successful for the past 3 years, but because I'd had some ongoing pain, my doctor (a GP) thought it might make sense to try Prilosec.
Avatar n tn About 6 weeks ago I was put on a regimen of Prilosec, 20mg/day taken at bedtime, for GERD. Up until I began the Prilosec regimen, I'd been managing the GERD with antacids, elevating the head of the bed, and ensuring that I didn't eat within 2 (now 3) hours before bedtime. This has been reasonably-successful for the past 3 years, but because I'd had some ongoing pain, my doctor (a GP) thought it might make sense to try Prilosec.
Avatar f tn To help control the stomach acid, one should not drink alcohol or drinks with caffeine in them, or eat chocolate or spicy or greasy foods .You can give antacids and Prilosec for gastritis to your mother. Sometimes the cause of chronic cough can be asthma and medications like antihypertensives (ACE inhibitors).Pls check them out. I hope I have provided you with sufficient information. In case you need any more then pls post us. Take care and regards.
337111 tn?1266950223 and now weigh about 111-112). I've been treating with Tums 1x a day and Zantac 2x a day (this is what the doc prescribed back in August) and following all the GERD rules (don't eat late at night, etc.). No change. I feel kind of trapped, because I don't want to give up trying for a baby if on Protonix. However, I'm also wondering if being underweight could hurt my chances of getting preggo- I have a short luteal phase right now and have read that this could be connected to being underweight.
Avatar n tn I have mostly relied on Rolaids all these years, but the heartburn occurs frequently enough that I generally take 10 to 12 regular strength tablets in any 24-hour period. My internist recently suggested Prilosec OTC, which helps with the heartburn but causes side effects of terrible gas (and I have read that it can lead to osteoporosis when used long-term). So I am back to Rolaids.
544341 tn?1234992477 Cally, my four month old was two months premature due to double placental abruption caused by complete placenta previa. She was diagnosed with sleep apnea in the NICU. After a month long NICU stay we took her home, then took her back three days later when she stopped breathing while I was feeding her. After a week long stay and numerous tests, she was diagnosed with severe GERD and put on Axid, and her feedings were thickened.
Avatar n tn I have read several messages from people with similar symptoms such as mine - cough mainly in AM with mucus, again in the evening. I plan to try some of the suggestions such as taking an antihistamine/decongestant and a remedy for GERD (although I do not have symptoms of that particular problem). I have been hacking for about 3 months, have been to the doctor who has given me antibiotics along with cough medicines. Seems to help a bit but then I'm hacking again.
Avatar n tn It will last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and has no correlation to eating,exercising,or anxiety. Antacids don't help. It doesn't interfere with my daily life. Often times I feel like it's in my head cuz I can't find an explanation, but it's definitely there, and it's definitely pain. Please Help!
200956 tn?1425595139 I have terrible acid reflux and really depend on the Prilosec. I was 1st told no antacids including Prilosec, and then I was told it would probably be ok if not taken at the same time as the Harvoni. I think the Riba also causes acid reflex.
Avatar n tn I've done all the cardio tests, thyroid test, barrium swallow test, took prilosec for 3 months and just had an endoscopy. Everything is normal. Now the docs want me to see an ear, nose throat doctor. I also feel like there is something in my stomach or pressure in my stomach along with pressure in my throat. I've read that one of the signs for Ovarian Cancer is a sense of feeling full. After reading that, I'm a little nervous. I do feel some abdominal cramping when my bladder is full.
Avatar n tn Last couple of nights have been worse with little sleep, pain more constant and not relieved with antacids. I also have had extreme flatuance with this latest episode. Do you think that change in diet alone (I am a moderate beer drinker, about 4 per week, maybe once a week binge with 5 or 6 beers, and I still eat food that is fried and fatty to much) may be all that is needed to remedy this problem?
Avatar m tn I'm prone to an irregular heartbeat and heart palpitations...something having to do with a Mitrovalve Prolapse. Knowing this, I stop taking the Prilosec and begin to get back on my mild diet, playing it safe. Unfortunately, as of today (it's been about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks since I saw the doctor) some of my symptoms are still lingering...the gurgling noise in my throat and excessive burping. I just want to go back to normal.
709686 tn?1277435759 My doc put me on 40 mg of Nexium daily, and other than the occasional flare up, my digestive system and I get along very well now. I have to agree with Montana with the constipation thing. Even with 20 mg of Norco, be sure your bowels are moving enough. I take a capful of Miralax every day as well, in addition to Amitiza and Colace. In your situation, it may not be a bad idea to add 100-200 mg of Colace to your daily intake to help keep things moving a bit.
Avatar f tn I can safely take Prilosec, but not every day. I just take it when I feel the heartburn coming on. The Prilosec relieves it in about 45 minutes.
1147530 tn?1314825196 It must be driven by adrenaline/cortisol. I've had these since I was a teenager (feeling them right after I fall asleep), however whenever I am an SSRI's (anti-anxiety) for longer periods of time, they disappear. I think those of us who have heart arrhythmias taught ourselves to be super vigilant and pay attention to every little thing that happens with our bodies, although the vibrations I feel are intense and disrupt my sleep often.
Avatar m tn The difficulty in breathing and getting a full breath is the most frustrating part to deal with, it affects my whole life because I cant have a full conversation with someone, i ruch my words and conversations now and its really worrying because people think I am being obstinate, but the thing is they dont know that I have this problem where i kind of choke and cant breathe in properly. I am going back to the specialist next week to tell him the meds didnt work, Nexium.
537974 tn?1213748515 I has nothing to do with stress or post nasal drip or sinuses. It may have something to do with food allergies and intolerances. Just a guess but that is all I have right now to work with.
Avatar n tn i was taking prilosec, which did not help but i refuse to have another surgery so i suffer with it and take lots of rolaids and tums. I have spoken to support groups in my area to let them know the dangers of bulimia (especially the younger ones, hoping they will seek help as soon as possible). In the past 2 years i have gained about 30 pounds and even vomiting does not help anymore to lose it, i think it really messes up your metabolism or something.