Prilosec and heart palpitations

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Avatar m tn It is possible the heavy drinking irritated your stomach and when your stomach gets irritated the vagus nerve gets stimulated which sends signals to the heart causing it to act up. Clear up the stomach issues and the heart issues clear up as well. Also, from what I understand, taking antacids can deplete a person of magnesium. Again, it is best you get your levels checked by a doctor but you are free to try taking magnesium supplements to see if it helps.
Avatar f tn One year ago I had an episode of heart palpitations it felt like my heart was beating extremely fast and then would pause and start beating fast again. I felt like I was going to pass out and die. I call 911 thinking I was having a heart attack. By the time I got to the ER it was over. Labs, EKG, CXR were normal. NSR on tele. I was told I Had Type 2 DM, anxiety and GERD. I've had 2D Echo showed EF 50%, nuclear stress test normal Multiple negative EKG's and negative cardiac enzymes.
Avatar n tn Went to ER, EKG was normal and was sent home. My doctor ordered a 24hr heart holter and blood tests to check electrolytes/thyroid. All came back normal other than showing PVCs and premature atrial contractions. Doctor wants to follow up this coming week with echo and stress test to make sure there are no other issues to address. Started having what I believe to be panic attacks: strong heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, urgent need to have a bowel movement.
Avatar n tn i am on 25 mg atenolol, it does pretty good, make me tired and slow rate and Bp. I am always aware of every heart beat, never used to be until that day three years ago when went to ER for tachycardia. since then HELL..try to live with it now, i am like well it hasnt killed me and beedn trough alot of syomptoms so must have a strong heart that is just sensitive. i think you are in the same boat, ANXIETY.
Avatar m tn I had a holter which showed nothing and I had stress test which showed 2mm depression so they did a nuclear stress test with the dye injected which checked out a-okay and was told that lots of people have these irregular beats and not to worry as I have a normal heart and said there are a lot of females that have positive false results. Should I pursue this further or just forget about all these irregular beats?
Avatar f tn I started reading all the material I could find about heart palpitations, arrhythmia and so forth. There is a lot of conflicting material. I read it all. The following Monday, I got up from lying down on my left side propped up on my elbow and had another looooong heart palpitation. I also noticed that my heart was now feeling "jumpy" and sometimes would "flip flop" if I was speaking forcefully, or bending forward, or sitting in my car's bucket driver's seat.
Avatar n tn I was instructed to take Protonix in the morning and Priolsec in the evening. I stopped the Protonix yesterday and will not take the Prilosec tonight. I have silent GERD, with no burning sensations in my throat to warn me of the acid coming up my throat. However, I do get a feeling of "fullnes" in my throat that must be the GERD. Since the sensation of fullness never really went away in my throat anyway, I doubt the medications were working.
Avatar f tn All that being said, I never put the two together until I did a search for heart palpitations and started finding several sites where people on Prilosec were complaining of the same symptoms. Has anyone here ever experienced these types of symptoms on Prilosec or any other PPI's? I just read all of this today so I plan on stopping Prilosec tomorrow but I hear it could take up to 72 hours for it to work out of the system.
Avatar m tn Most commonly premature ventricular contractions (PVC) and premature atrial contractions (PAC) both of which are perfectly normal and benign and a structurally normal heart. Everyone gets these palpitations are one point or another or on a regular basis. They are just your heart contracting prematurely either originating in the atrium or ventricle. So what you are feeling is one "extra" beat fallowed by a slightly longer pause, and than another stronger beat.
Avatar n tn Couldn't the hernia cause pressure in the chest cavity and cause the heart to skip a beat? By the way I have NOT USED THE INHALER ONCE!!!! and the continued pressure that I had felt in my chest is gone. I do still have the PVC's. thank you so much for your time.............suffered long enough!
Avatar n tn I have had fequent heart palpitations for about a year and a half mostly while sleeping. I have had a picture taken of my heart, running test and a take home monitor that all checked out clear about a year ago. A concern of mine that I have is about once every month and a half I will fall asleep and I will awake by one sudden intense palpitation that I would compare to being zapped by a defibulator. It shakes my whole body and jolts me awake seemingly the second I fall asleep.
Avatar n tn I am taking prilosec and herbs and I am feeling better. Avoid any drug, drink lots of water, and low diet will help your symptom. Email me if you to chat..
Avatar n tn I have other symptoms that have lead me to consider and try a true gluten free diet. I am 4 days off Prilosec and day 4 of no grains and I'm feeling quite a bit better. Good luck to you as you continue to pursue your health.
Avatar n tn I've read its all connected to the vagus nerve which affects the heart. How long can I stay on Prilosec and is there anything I can do to prevent the raise in heartrate and palpitations after eating.
Avatar f tn could the medications be a contributing factor. I'm decidedly concerned and anxiously await a meaningful and constructive comment, suggestions, advice . I am most grateful.
Avatar f tn Hello, just wanted to say that I too have been suffering with esophagul spasms which bring on heart palpitations, breathlessness and even twitching.. plus constant discomfort in my chest on my left side about where my ribs are... Ive been trying to figure out for some time what's causing this and I think i got it down to parasites causing my stomach to spit food back up. So i started on a parasite cleanse, and it seemed to really help.
Avatar n tn The fatigue, of course, is not being helped by the fact that at night I am not sleeping well and will sometimes wake up with these intense palpitations and a slightly tachycardic heart beat. It has finally stopped getting worse, but it does not seem to be improving. I finally called my cardiologist after 3 days of this, and all he told me to do was to increase the dosage on the beta blocker I was taking.
Avatar n tn Am on Prilosec for GERD, and it does seem to help that, but have noticed that I am experiencing heart palpitations. Have read in other forums that there are others who are experiencing the same. Was wondering if anyone here has noticed a relationship between the two?
Avatar n tn I finally realized that when i bent over or layed in bed a certain way they would be less palpitations. I informed my Doc. about this and he put me on prilosec 40mg twice aday befour meals. Since that time i have had very few palpitations. My heart has been checked from a to z and they told me to ignore the palpitations. That is impossible to do when you are having thousands a day. I thikk it has somethong to do with the intestines or stomach touching whatever and causing the palpitations.
Avatar n tn We are the ongoing experiment and many of the conclusions we reached, the scientific community is just recognizing. And as to Prilosec OT-it says on the commercials not to take w/liver damage and hep c is certainly liver damage. Many of the drugs-antihistimines, etcc will raise the blood pressue.
Avatar f tn I am so glad I found this site- just nervous about driving- although it happens infrequently I worry for my kids and others driving- I am starting on Prilosec again and have a Dr. appt tomorrow. But I agree - so close to the heart it is scarey and can easily trigger a panic attack- also no fun!
Avatar m tn i am 32 years old just had my birthday and was out drinking a couple days before that my chest had a weird sensation,,then after a couple hard night of partying I haave anxiety, constant heart palpitations, Ive been listening to it and feeling my heart but it doesnt sound like its skipping beats but im really aware of it, dizzy and kinda short of breath..I also have gerd and have been on prilosec for 4 years.. should i be concerned or is this an anxiety disorder or side effect of prilosec??
Avatar n tn I have had diagnostic heart work ups and everything is always normal - even the horrendous chest pain that radiates down my left arm while doing a stress test on the treadmill.
Avatar n tn Every two weeks or so I will be justing sitting quietly reading or watching TV and my heart will seem to do a skip and then continue skipping for the next minute or so. It is very unnerving. It seems to do this every second or third beat and then it just stops after a minute and goes back into its normal rhythum. I can feel it in my wrist when I put my finger on it that it is not beating normally. I feel a distinct pause and then thump and a rush down my arms.
Avatar f tn About that time I also decided to eat healthier and began replacing chips and cookies with apples. About a week after this I began getting heart skips after eating. Stopped the apples asap, continued prilosec, went to cardiologist where everything checked out fine. Now six weeks later I still can't eat without palpitations! A couple of tums will quiet it down, but I'm freaking! An MRI last year (done for something else) said may be a small hiatal hernia present.
516040 tn?1213840618 I am on 20mg prilosec and .25mg xanax could those have any effect on my pounding heart? And when my mind is not on my heart its not pounding.