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Avatar n tn I was tested for everything under the sun and finally was diagnosed with h pylori. I have been on prevpac for a week. The tenderness around my navel is gone but I still have severe pain under my right rib, nausea,& weakness with trembling. I may have the pylori but I feel there is something else wrong too. I do think the prevpac is working but the pain in my upper abdomen is only getting worse. I have pain in my upper back and sometimes shooting pain up my right breast to my neck.
Avatar n tn I stumbled upon this conversation after Googling "cocaine + sinus infection" because I shared a similar bad experience with Nick. After doing a few lines the night before, I woke up the next morning with my head spinning from sinus congestion & my ears were ringing & my throat was sore. I took a hot shower, & the steam must have made me clear out a large scab looking thing from my sinus & another from the back of my throat.
255722 tn?1452550141 I know I had--and this is NOT an exaggeration, this is exact count--18 vials of blood taken on my first visit to the LLMD and 7 taken on the second visit. I was also sent to LabCorp for more generic screening for thyroid, CBC, EBV, Strep , ANA titer, antibody Lyme test and the like. I've had two MRI's one without and one with contrast--they were normal (THANK GOD) and a complete cardiac workup including nuclear stress test--also normal.
Avatar n tn If I take a pill as soon as I sense the acid then it subsides with in an hour or two. I just found out today that generic omeprazole is available so I am happy.
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that I went to the dr. today to get another script for lamisil (I got the generic form) it is the pill form take for about 7 days. I am going to see if taking this in conjunction to violet tinicure painting sessions and maybe again when spores would again begin to grow to see if I can kill off all the yeast spores in continuation with my no carb diet and low sugar diet if it works! Everyone keep your fingers crossed and pray that it works. Why wouldn't it.
Avatar n tn Started taking Chantix (smoking cessation drug), quit smoking, changed toothpaste (from Colgate maxfresh to Crest pro health) and toothbrush (generic to generic), added biotene to my h2o2 regimen, took vitamins for a few days, took generic unisom for a few nights, and i think that's it.