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551789 tn?1237184529 The panic is really starting to hit me now! On a brighter note, since my insurance didn't cover the cost of the Prevpac for my H. Pylori the kick-*** pharmacy I go to faxed my 'scrip to my doctor and they found a suitable alternative that ought to do the trick for my ailing stomach. Also they didn't fill my Vicodin 'scrip because the doctor didn't fill in the strength and would not take my word on which strength he said he was giving me for after my ear surgery....
1806721 tn?1510192923 foods made with white flour [breads, crackers], white rice, potatoes, and of course sugary foods and drinks. Avoid them at all cost. This will help control and manage your blood sugars. Bottom line, continue to get tested until your doctor verifies the cause. If he/she doesn't feel concerned go find a doctor that does. It took six doctors until I found one that cared about my health.
203342 tn?1328740807 The first time I only took prevacid and one antibiotic. This time I was given the Prevpac which has bactrim, amoxicillin and prevacid included. If anyone is prescribed this, ask the doctor to prescribe each medication separately because it cost me over $200 with my insurance.
Avatar n tn My pain was tolerable then, but as soon as I took that prevpac for two weeks, ALL my nightmares began. Chronic gastritis, esophagitis, duodenitis and the loss of 15lbs because I no longer can eat like I use to. I'm in CONSTANT pain and if anything, things are just getting worse, not better. I also NEVER, EVER, EVER experienced burning or gas reflux (burping)prior to this treatment. Now I burp literally "24-7" and the burning is HORRIFIC!
Avatar f tn I have indeed experienced similar pain. It is part of the pain that put me in the hospital. MRI and CTs scan didn't show any blockages in the biliary tree or stones in my gallbladder, so they concluded that wasn't the cause of my pain. In hindsight, I was surprised the GI doc didn't recommend a HIDA scan to check the gallbladder further.
Avatar f tn As far as the HPylori. My problem is my doc prescribed the Prevpac after I told him my symptoms over the phone. After I completed the 2 weeks of meds I did feel better, but different ab problems like I describe above began. So I went to see my doc who told me that the Prevpac should have wiped out the HP and that's when he decided to run me through the tests: blood, ultrasound, endo/colon and possibly the radioactive ultrasound if nothing is found in the previous tests.
Avatar n tn If this stuff (resveratrol) helps from everything I have read about it, I am going to go to a high grade type that does cost a bit more. Everyone should read up on it. I also will say is to let the do's know what you are taking, maybe they will get hip to this. Oh, and lastly I have been taking a powdered supplement called PHorever and I have been losing the weight as well as feeling better and have more energy to play sports. So here are my bullet points.