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Avatar n tn I think you should get your current symptoms properly checked out as they may well be the signs you are asking about. A TIA is a warning of a stroke wanting to happen & you don't want to go there. Also please pull back & rest when you have symptoms or fatigue, it's your body saying "enough". Brain injuries seem to create fatigue unlike any other fatigue we have know.
Avatar n tn And when you are told your arteries are 100% clear, so you believe them? We are all in awe at this but have tried to believe it. I am 67 years old, take very good care of myself, have had 2 TIA's within a month of each other plus other ones that showed on the CAT that I was not aware of. I am on 75 mg of Plavix a day, have controlled HBP, well controlled diabetes, hypothryroid. The hypothroid is questionable as have been on .112 of thyrold for approx 10 years.
Avatar f tn Offers some information towards the bottom of page. Sounds like it's due to long period of inactivity and elevation should help.
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Avatar n tn I did go back to work about 2 days later even with the bad headaches, dizzyness, visual disturbances...etc. About 2 months after my TIA I had a stroke. They said that the TIA can kind of be like a warning of whats to happen later. Yeay me! The stroke took my peripheal vision on my left side. They still dont know why i had a stroke. They did find a PFO (sounds like its popular!) and I had the cardio seal implant about 2 months after my full stroke.
Avatar n tn hi iam rastam from malaysia 29 too.and still had a stroke after had a brain surgery,i got a vasculitis.and my symptom is like a stroke after the surgery.its a rare desease. but im the lucky to got it!
Avatar f tn (My former GP always had to get my file from his inactive files, the once-every-five-years I'd see him.) I look to whole foods and a healthy lifestyle as a means of preventing disease. I'd been lucky, 'til now. Alas, my own doctor retired in 2005, just when I moved to a more rural area, where there are few (any?) doctors taking new patients. So,the first doctor I saw for this problem was also seeing me for the first time, at a walk-in clinic.
162948 tn?1205256292 side effects group expect now I'm finding tons of people like me. After insertion, I bled for the first THREE months straight, which after a month I called the doctor and he said it sometimes happens. From then on it's been an on going mess. I will have a period then not again for a month or two, then twice in one month! I have to carry supplies with me all the time. Now MY STRINGS are gone and I have to have the stupid thing SURGICALLY removed!
Avatar f tn HI Amy, I am not aware of ne except for one member had a TIA...which is a mini stroke, but it was determined to be a result of her HRT and not the was just that it was during her recovery that she experienced it. Everyone is different and we can not say it doesn't or won't happen.....the best thing u can do is know ur dr.....and if u trust ur dr u will enter the OR with the confidence and adittude to come thru will flying colors.....
Avatar m tn The current study comprises a cohort of 160 patients (100 of them men) with an average age of 45 (range 18 to 55) who had a stroke or TIA. Most patients (94%) had an ischemic stroke; only 6% had a TIA. For a control group, the ethics committee allowed the researchers to use a matched cohort of 160 patients who had not had a stroke and who had had urine tests for various reasons. The problem with the controls, Barber said, was that researchers knew only their age, sex, and ethnicity.
Avatar m tn I am reading a lot about the possibility of TIA and stroke with this problem. AHH! Can I get ANY good news lately? These have been the worst 6 weeks of my life.
Avatar m tn Finally, though least likely, the intermittent leg numbness could be caused by a brain problem, such as a TIA (what is often referred to as a "mini-stroke), transient decrease in blood flow to the area of the brain caled the frontal lobe, which could for example occur if your blood pressure drops when you stand up and if you have a narrowing in your artery. Just given the description of your symptoms, this is unlikely.
88793 tn?1290230777 Be happy that you are living in a place where help is available and that too high quality. (since you are having a pace maker :-) You have to be seen by an ENT. Before that you may have to get your blood pressure measured.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you are in a situation where you are between a rock and a hard place. I am not a Dr, but have worked with the elderly in a professional capacity in the past. My own grandmother is 93 nearly 94 and in a supported living care situation. She has maintained her independence to an extent but is monitored in her own apartment. Truthfully, she improved markedly when she elected (with some family encouragement) to sell her home and move into a supported living environment.
Avatar f tn My father has PAD, and has a blockage in his leg, and was told by his PHP to stop the asprin he took everyday after the first TIA, and go see a vascular Dr. That's when he had the stroke. I am worried that nobody at the hospital, or his Dr seem to have given up on treating my father, they are just so concerned about getting him stron. but not preventing another stroke.
Avatar m tn The study enrolled patients who had 70 to 90 % narrowing of the arteries in the brain and had already experienced a mild stroke or a stroke-like event called a TIA ...... The scientist expected the stent to decrease the risk of stroke in patients also receiving aggressive medical management by 35% over two years. Instead 14.7% of patients who received the Gateway-Wingspan stenting system had a second stroke or died compared with the 5.8% who only took medication and modified their lifestyle.
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Avatar f tn People with migraines can feel a bit disoriented, but those symptoms could be from a TIA, or a small stroke, which would be important to rule out. If you're only 23 years old, you can be on your parents insurance policy. Or if you're in college, there is probably very low cost health care available through your college. Many people on these websites do experience strokes at your age, so it's not just something that happens to older people. It would be best to see a doctor to check on it.
Avatar n tn I know this is an old thread but you have described a lot of what happens to me on occasion. About 3 wks ago I was recently in the hospital for what I thought was a TIA or mini-stroke. I had a hard time functioning, felt like I was high, out of body etc. They could not find anything wrong with me. I started to fell like this again tonight and I was thinking about how I am overloading my brain. I am trying to multi-task way too much and I am very fearful that I will forget to do things.
Avatar n tn when was havng my first one i went to the hospital and was told that i had a mini stroke or TIA. i had MRI, ct scans,ect! about every test you could think of. my 2nd episode was about 3 days ago. i was rushed to the ER and later was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. i am so thankful that i finally know what i have got. i was beginning to think it was all in my head, but i knew i wasnt going crazy!!! my symptoms are on my left side as well.
469720 tn?1388149949 My father was deceased due to a stroke he also had Heart Disease, He never smoked, got a bit heavy as he aged, but was a golden gloves boxer and had stay'd in shape most of his life. No diabetis, normal Cholesterol and blood pressure. I was 20lb over weight and suffered a MI at 47 with normal cholesterol B/P and former smoker...
Avatar n tn Hi All I too had a CAD a month ago which unfortunately resulted in a stroke after a few days of severe headaches. Fortunately no serious damage compared to what it could have been. I have my first scan since the episode tomorrow which hopefully will reveal some healing. I still have the headaches although only mild. One of the biggest issues I am facing are the after effects of the stroke. Numbness, speech and cognitivr stuff. I was on lov enox and now stable on warfarin.
Avatar m tn I feel its a lost cause. I started the toprol after my first a-fib episode which was due to a night of heavy drinking. I learned from that and had a few more hospitalizations due to the a-fib but for no apparent reason...once I choked on food and once I didnt take my meds for 3 days. I have been a-fib free for a year and was also monitored for 2 weeks with a cardio net. The EP said it was normal an no need to ablade.My BP was still a bit high 148/90 so they started the cardizem a year ago.
Avatar n tn I had a bad cold the week before with a weird pressure between my ears. PCP suspected a reaction to the virus. He orders blood work(CBC THS lupus RA Lyme-(neg)). Strep test(pos). Next day, entire body numb & decrease sensation, but no weakness/clumsiness. Also extreme body fatigue, heart palipations & shortness of breath. PCP sends me to neurologist who orders brain & cerv MRI w/contrast(neg). Also, visual & audio invoke potential(neg). By this time, numbness is abating.
Avatar n tn SOrry to hear about your symptoms. There is a condition of post stroke burning pain associated with a stroke in the part of the brain called the thalamus. The stroke itself consists of one side of the body becoming numb. Later on, symptoms of burning pain occur in th region of numbness. However, migrating burning sensations are less easily localizable to any one part of the nervous system and do not fit with any particular stroke syndrome.
572651 tn?1531002957 The Oregonian (the daily newspaper of Portland, Oregon) published the OHSU/VA survey on Thursday, 5/10/12 - a day after the online Neurology publication date. Night now.
Avatar n tn how exactly are those antianxiety meds or beta blockers going to help you with a Mg imbalance that could have you end up with a stroke or seizure? Yes, they are right, those palps may have no long term effect on your HEART. I put my hand on my heart and thanked and blessed it for the early warning signs. It knows what it is saying and it's time for me to trust it. Something needs to be addressed. I guess each of you will need to decide if you think your heart is telling you the same.
Avatar n tn Sincerely, Barb H. =========================================================================== Regardless of whether this was a stroke or a migraine you are definitely at risk for a recurrance of either one. This should definitely be a warning to stop smoking, I would suggest that you try some of the more traditional methods including the nicotine patch before complicating thing with another drug, ( you are getting the nicotine already !!).
Avatar m tn come to find out, I had my first pannick attack, which lasted a couple of days... he gave me a inhaler, and then after that he put me on lexapro 10mg... but before that.. I was having burning and pierced sharp pains in my arms, legs, feet, ect.. but after I took lexapro, it seemed to help for a little... my pains were so bad at times..that I dont know if this is part of it, but one morning I woke up with my knee hurting and then by that night, I was on crutches because I couldnt walk..
Avatar n tn It took me 2 years to find out I'd had a stroke/vertebral artery dissection, and several more years to discover nystagmus, then a couple more to find the BPPV as well as the Oscillopsia. I got on this forum with hope that I can spare someone else the frustrating journey that I endured. Good luck.