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168348 tn?1379360675 Yes, the discontinued making the powder packets. I called the company to find out why, and they actually couldn't (or wouldn't) give me a reason! The Solutabs are easy to use, but they contain dairy lactose which a lot of children with reflux react to because of a dairy allergy or intolerance.
Avatar n tn The pediatrician gave her Prevacid SoluTab 15mg. and changed her formula from dairy/whey based to SOY. Any assistance anyone can give us will be deeply appreciated. I am very concerned for the baby. She has lost a few pounds. I am afraid there is something else going on? thank you.
Avatar n tn My daughter is 5 and a halfyears old and her doctor has been treating her for the past year with prevacid solutab 15mg daily, which at first relieved her symptoms after a couple of weeks until recently. She is a very active child, she enjoys tumbling and running and cheerleading. Lately she complains that her stomach hurts, she can't breathe and when she states that she tries to take a deep breath and she says "I can't Breathe".
Avatar f tn What was the dosage and frequency of the Prevacid for GERD? 3. Was she naturally breast fed or was a bottle used? And for how long? 4. REM sleep is when muscles relax the most. 5. Did you have an ENT look at the upper airway with a tiny fiberoptic camera? Was there any mention of a floppy or redundant top portion of the voice box? (laryngomalacia?) 6. Try not to feed just before bedtime as this can aggravate laryngeal reflux. 7.
Avatar f tn My four year old daughter has been complaining of daily abdominal pain since she was less than two years old. Back then, she would complain her "uhuh" hurts, because she couldn't even say tummy yet. The pain has always been at her belly button, where I've been told means it isn't anything serious, most likely constipation. I changed her diet to a high fiber one to eliminate constipation as a cause, but the pain continued.