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168348 tn?1379360675 Not happy. Bad heartburn needing Prevacid .. Pepcid not working .. and what do I get .. ANXIETY from the Prevacid alongside my Synthroid. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is all I can say. Pretty annoyed at this stuff. Actually very annoyed LOL.
Avatar f tn My daughter age 15 was diagnosed with GERD after several months of pain and testing. She has been on Prevacid and Zantac for a month now. She has been pain free since starting her meds. Although in the past month she has gained 10 lbs. Has anyone else suffered from this? We eat a mostly vegetarian diet. She swims a hour 4x a week. Thanks for any info you can give me.
Avatar n tn I started taking Prevacid after being diagnosed with Acid Reflux, but it's not working for me. It's stopping the reflux, but is causing way too many side effects to be worthwhile. My question is, can one take another Proton Pump Inhibitor like Nexium, or would that cause the same side effects? Is it the drug itself that's causing problems, or the class of drug? Would I be better off asking for a prescription-strength acid reducer?
Avatar n tn I would not do both at all and 7 weeks old is really to young for meds. It seems like more and mroe dr's are perscribing meds for babies that don't need it. He might not agree with the formula he is given or is eating to much. The dr never todl you to use cereal did he??? A baby under 9 months digestive tract is not ready for cereals and lots of foods. It will casue lots of digeestive problems.
Avatar m tn I have been prescribed Nexium by my doctor for the past 9 months and it is wonderful in preventing heartburn but after a while I started noticing that my stomach was slower as it would take up to 12 hours to empty my stomach. I recently changed to Prevacid as it recently came out as an OTC and it is my 10th day on it and already feeling the difference.
Avatar n tn He started taking zantac before prevacid and it worked for a few days. He did not have a lot of spit up with the zantac but the medicine just stop working. We keep him in a upright position most of the time. We have also thickened his milk to reduce the spit up. Nothing seems to work. I may take him off the prevacid and go see a specialist. Let me know if you find out anything new that could help me. Good luck!
Avatar m tn This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin, M.D.
Avatar f tn The problem is something is causing a bad taste to come back in to my mouth sometime after all this and I am thinking it is because the Prevacid really is not being taken prior to eating. Has anyone ever tried taking the Prevacid at night or in the middle of the night( 4 hrs prior to Synthroid) so that it is working when I do put food into my stomach? I just am fearful of interfering with the Synthroid.
Avatar f tn Today is the 6th day and also the 1st day I felt my 1st painful urination. Is there a possible chance those antibiotics are not working? Cuz it seems to be getting worse. I never felt this irratable b4. And if these antibiotics are working, how long does it take to cure clamydia completely? How long does it take to rid the irratations like itchiness and redness and painful urination. Are there any tips to cure it faster, to speed it up a little bit? Anything I should avoid other than sex?
Avatar n tn Hi, If PPI is not working - 1. You should take it before food 2. if once daily dose is not effective then twice daily should be taken 3. You can switch to another PPI 4. Lifestyle modifications are equally important 5. If it still does not work, it could be due to even bile reflux the treatment of which is different. If medical treatment fails then 24 hours pH monitoring test should be done for reevaluation.
Avatar n tn I understand your fear of the test. I too was so scared that I would not even agree to the test until almost a year later! In my humble opinion, the endoscopy was the easiest test that I have had. The staff was so nice and I was out enough that I did not feel the tube go in or anything. They spray your throat with this numbing stuff and I guess that would make it so you would not feel anything anyway. I remember them spraying the stuff and then I was looking at the window and then I was out.
Avatar n tn pylori is usually treated due to ulcers or other severe stomach distress. But that is not my case. I do not have an ulcer or severe stomach related symptoms (but I have had mild, chronic dyspepsia for years). I have been tested and show evidence of H. pylori infection. I am working with a cardiologist who is looking at a recent study from Milan that found a link between H. pylori and atrial fibrilation.
162948 tn?1205256292 We actually have to do it twice daily along with reglan, so my little one is a pro at taking it now too. I squirt it at an angle in his cheek too, he likes the prevacid, it's friuty and not too bad. Just don'/t shoot it straight down, it can cause them to gag a little. It will take awhile, but hte medicine will kick in and your little one will get used to taking it.
Avatar n tn Please, anyone else on Prevacid for GERD or suspected GERD? How long before I get any relief? I've been taking it for a little over a week now (second try). Doctor only gave me 15 mg.which I take once a day. But, so far, every night I am in horrible pain up into my chest and throat, even after taking a couple of spoonfuls of Mylanta. I am going to try elevating the head of my bed now... I don't know what to eat anymore! Give me some ideas. I only weigh 110lbs now and can't afford to lose.
Avatar n tn Its still not working. I get terrible attacks at night where I think I am having a heart attack. What is the next step? I have also been on aciphex and nexium-nothing!
Avatar m tn I have read a number of post and articles so I can determine if the Prevacid is working but still haven't found an answer. For those of you who are giving Prevacid to your children - how did you know it was working? What symptoms disappeared? He has been on it for over a week but still arches, gags, coughs, grunts, and spits up. He has yet to have a problem with feeding and doesn't cry during or after a feeding.
Avatar f tn Could the Nexium have stopped working? I am now experiencing pain when I swallow, pain just below my sternum and lots and lots of reflux (but not a lot of acid but I do get a burning throat on occasion). I'm also getting many more PVC's from the reflux.
Avatar n tn Hi, have you had an EGD to rule out complications of acid-reflux? If not, I would ask for one....Who knows why these PPIs stop working but they seem to lose effectiveness for some of us after a while...I started with 60mg of Nexium a day now I am at 100mg a day and my symptoms are far from under control....My Gi wont change my PPI saying that Nexium is the best for erosions and ulcers.....
171768 tn?1324233699 So far I think it is taking the edge off his reflux but not completely working. He is taking the bottle but still arching into a back bend and not taking the whole bottle. I see his dr tomorrow and I'm gonna ask her to up the dose. What dose did your dr prescribe?
168348 tn?1379360675 I've heard the medicine name but not sure what it does and if any better/worse than others out there that are prescription drugs? And, anybody know if FDA approved for what age?
Avatar n tn My 3 month old boy has been through EVERY formula all the way down to soy.He also has zantac medicine,he also sits up for 20 minutes after he eats. He eats 4oz every 2 hours except in the night and he waits till about 3 hrs inbetween before he wakes up.He seriously pukes allllllll day long no matter what we do and everyone seems to say "switch his formula" well that's not working either!
Avatar f tn how lon to prevacid to start working? He still is very congested, but not a runny nose. Don't know if it is a cold or just the reflux. last time he was in the hospital(3 weeks ago) they checked and he tested negative for RSV and influenza. please help....just want him to get better!
Avatar n tn Hi - Does anyone know whether it is ok to use prevacid (or that type of drug - (proton pump blocker) just for symptom relief of erosive gastritis, rather than as a drug that you take religiously every day. Does not seem to be anything about it in the literature.
Avatar n tn I am a 48 year old female diagnosed with Reflux desease and also my esophagus is not working properly 2/3rds of the way down and my stomach is not emptying properly ,takes to long . I also have gallstones which they will not remove . They wanted to do a esophgheal wrap but decided against it when discovering the esophagus was not working properly. I currently take two prevacid a day,I now have lost weight and am exercising .My colestral was way to high 380.
Avatar n tn no i do not have diareah.and no bloodwork has been tooken.what will the bloodwork rule out?thank you for helping me.
Avatar m tn Looking back, my diet was horrible leading up to this last episode. But my fear is why did the Prilosec stop working I've been taking Prevacid(doctors orders) for 2 days now, not making a lot of difference yet. Should it take this long for Prevacid to work, even though I was taking Prilosec before this last episode. And Yes, I am exercising, eating better, trying to get rest, nothing like a swift Gerd kick in the butt to get you back on track. Any advise wecomed, just very tired of suffering..
Avatar f tn Our 7 month old wakes up every 90 minutes due to his silent reflux. The Axid and Prevacid both made his stomach upset worse. So now he's only on Nutramagin formula, rice cereal and fruit. The pediatrician says to make his formula extra thick. His little voice is hoarse all the time. He doesn't have colic. Our lil one is sooo happy until he goes down for a nap or night time sleep. Is there anything else out there? His upper GI was normal.
Avatar n tn She prescribed me to take Prevacid once daily. It has only made the problem worse. I've also tried Zeghrid, Nexium, Prilosec, and non of them work for me. My quality of life is rather miserable because in my mind, everytime I have the burning I keep thinking that I'm one step closer to esophageal cancer. I have changed my diet and have done all the things necessary to prevent reflux. I'm in good shape and exercise on a regular basis.