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Avatar f tn But I have severe anxiety of taking pills. Since its a capsule with gel inside I cant even crush it and there is no tablet form of this medicine. Is there another way to overcome this vitamin deficiency without having to take pills? If I leave it untreated, are the health risks minimal?
Avatar f tn Only your doctor can tell you if it is safe for you to take diet pills. Most of the brands of diet pills say on the container to consult with a physician before you take it. Diet pills have side effects themselves, you shouldn't take them without being checked out by a doctor, and the doctor may be able to recommend a diet pill that would better suit you.
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Avatar m tn I think you are ok, if they knew it was a forged prescription, first of all they wouldnt have given you the meds and the police would have been at the pharmacy waiting on you to pick it up. I just wouldnt do it again, I think you may have learned your lesson. go to you doctor again and discuss something else for energy if exercise doesnt seem to help.
Avatar n tn You can go to a Bariatrics doctor and they can prescribe for you and you get it from your actual pharmacy. Scary, my insurance covers diet pills. Doesn't cover birth control, but covers diet pills. You don't need to use them for very long, though. It will make your heart race and feel funny...thus, the reason they are abused. Definitely an upper, and yes, Andi, my house was SPOTLESS while on them. Oceans, you're so not fat. 138 is the perfect, curvy weight. Men don't like bones....
Avatar n tn I know we have had many many discussions about OTC meds, which are better, etc. What I would like opinions on is the balance between OTC and the "right" prescription interventions.. I am going to talk to Dr. about ADs or pain meds, but not sure what to tell him I want. After 7 months of tx (shot 34 down, 26 to go) he pretty much just does what I want him too, (OK, maybe being a pushy broad has it advantages..
1192171 tn?1264740415 You've told us about the problem and that is a great first step. Call a counselor and stop the diet pills. Talk to the counselor about a taper plan for the benzos. This is no way to live!! Great job on taking the first step to getting your life back. Things pretty much suck right now, correct? So why be afraid of living without the pills-things will only be better. Stay strong. Keep posting. Talk to a counselor. You CAN do this. Don't be afraid.
208164 tn?1189759432 I've heard others say that you gain the weight back once you get off the pills, but what if you're already on a balanced diet? Have any of you stopped taking diet pills or supplements without gaining the weight back? If so, which ones have you taken?
Avatar n tn I would only use as prescribed and start with a low dose and taper up. I took DLPA for a few days at too high a dose, it sent me into mania, I am Bipolar1. These drugs effect more than pain relief, weight loss, or why ever we take them, so just be dry aware of any changes in mood or physical side effects.
Avatar n tn I dont like the sound of diet pills, there not safe.. alot of ppl re act to them differnetly. I would suggest eating a low fat meal or something. I've lost 10 pounds by boiling chicken, adding season salt, whatever seasonings you have... its great!
Avatar n tn This thermogenic fat burning formula is the first thing I have found that seems to help with the weight and gives my mood a boost. Even without sleeping much I am performing better throughout the day. Except for the anxiety and shakiness and palpitations. I kind of feel since I had my heart checked out with an echo and they said it was ok it should not hurt me to keep doing what I'm doing....I did decrease my dose a little in an effort to reduce the chest pain.
Avatar n tn There are no birth control pills over the counter.All require a prescription from a doctor. The only type of protection you can get over the counter is condoms, and vaginal film.If you are planning on being sexually active, I would talk to your dr. about getting on pill.
29837 tn?1414538248 So, I can't go back and try and file a lawsuit against Genentech, since I signed the waiver, but I'm now without a job, since I quit in a panic. A panic or upset that wouldn't have been there before my cognitive troubles started. My doctor who treated me seems to be avoiding the idea of the possibility that the drugs he prescribed for my disease could have caused the cognitive impairment.
Avatar n tn Keep in mind that I am also eating a very low carb diet and drinking a ton of water. I have lost the 9 pounds without exercising. I was 148 and now I'm 138.5. I am still only taking 1 pill twice a day because when I take two I definitely get speeded out for a couple of hours and I don't like it. I'm wearing pants that I haven't been able to wear for a year. I feel great. good luck!
Avatar f tn My sister has been taking phentremine diet pills that she bought off the internet without a prescription. No one knew she was taking them. She was even taking them behind her husband's back. Now she is really sick. Anybody else get sick after taking them? The most disturbing of her symptoms is heart palpitations. Would appreciate hearing from anyone else who has had problems after taking these drugs.
Avatar f tn 500 cal without HCG and 500 cal with HGC, thought I'd relate my experiences for those Naysayers who keep saying 'Anyone can lose on a 500 calorie diet, HCG is useless'. No one disagrees that you can lose on a 500 cal diet with ow without HCG, but you have to look at the whole picture. How do you feel on the diet? Can you stick with the diet? Can you maintain your weight afterwards?
Avatar n tn Is it possible for a ten year old to have shingles without a rash??? He has been unwell for nearly a month now, but has had extremely sore neck front and back,chest and shoulders for about 2weeks. We have had two lots of blood tests all coming back normal. He is in excruiating pain mainly in the evening, he cant even stand water falling on his neck when having a shower and he definately wont let me touch it. He cries himself to sleep because he is in so much pain...
Avatar f tn She told me it was most likely environmental allergies, and that I'm wasting my money on the prescription diet. She wasn't a big fan of the raw diet cause Kobie isn't a performance dog. She did tell me to get him on a senior food cause its higher in fiber, which she said he needs right now. She told me to continue the OTC allergy pills and gave me a chart of how much to give for his weight.
Avatar n tn You see, in case you didn't know, it's not just a 500 calorie a day diet, it's a very specific 500 calories a day. There may be some doctors at certain clinics who have tweaked the program a bit and had success, but they are doctors and know what the heck they are doing. I'm not a doc, I can't tweak the program like a doc can so I'll be following the Simeons protocol to the letter. Here's hoping.
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Avatar n tn Can anyone offer me tips on how to cope and any suggestions on a healthy lifestyle (diet/exercise) regimen I can incorporate into my life. Any idea of some the hurdles I might need to prepare myself and my loved ones for??
793908 tn?1294708709 If she's eating the Hills I/D (that's the prescription diet the vet recommended after her pancreatitis attack?) without any problems, then that's good. Stick to it. Don't worry about giving her different tastes and flavours at the moment. She is getting all she needs from the food. Dogs aren't quite like us about their food. What seems boring to us, they are happy with.
Avatar f tn There are actually alot of reviews online about different diet pills.
1704915 tn?1357604854 I have avoided grains which hasn't helped. I am very careful about my diet though now I see a low fat no dairy diet is recommended and I do eat nuts and have cream in coffee and small amounts of yogurt. I have no choice but to eliminate all that. I also see that a high fiber diet is recommended --this is contrary to what my acupuncturist and doctor recommended.
Avatar m tn Hey there, Bill, Welcome & Congratulations on your Big 1 month clean!! Can you tell us a little bit about how much you were using & for how long & if you've had previous habits? The time it takes for the symptoms you describe to abate vary from person to person & generally have to do w/ the questions above as well as: age, physical health, quality of diet & exercise. Are you taking Imodium for the runs?
Avatar n tn If you are extremly obese, you can take help of diet pill phentermine,xenical(FDA approved prescription diet pills) etc. with proper execrcise. But before using diet pill you take proper precaution: Diet pills do help to control obesity and shed off the extra pounds which you are uncomfortable with.
Avatar n tn I recently gained 10 lbs back from a diet I did last month (some pills from China Town LOL) and I wos hoping the 10 lbs would come off fast because I just gained them. day 1 VLCD -3lbs Wha Whoo!
Avatar n tn It is the DRASTIC reduction in calories, the stimulating of the thyroid with helpful supplements (I've even seen advice to take Armour Thyroid with it (without a prescription of course), the DIETARY choices not allowed. Bottom line. IF you followed all the advice in the diet and ignored the HCG supplementing part you will lose weight regardless without adding risky HCG. Has to be! ALTHOUGH it is not healthy to lose weight through such a drastic reduction in calories.
Avatar m tn I have had this problem for years. I sometimes can't take a deep breath without yawning. I feel as if, even though a take a nice clean breath, that it's not deep enough, like I'm just missing a full complete breath. After struggling to take a full breath I finally hold me head, arm, whatever, in the right position and yawn where I'm then able to take a complete full breath.
Avatar n tn I take metformin and victoza and I haven't been a good girl about diet. Without the hep c drugs I can tell that promiscuity with respect to "party fats" like ice cream and cake and candie and chocolate and pizza etc. can lead to explosive diarrhea and terrible stomach cramps. I can imagine what it would do on the study drugs. I think I will stick to the avocado, peanut butter, granola (I still can't believe it is 33 mg of fat; what is in this granola?) etc. to get my fats.