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Avatar f tn Folic Acid alone or Prenatal Vitamins?? In preparation for getting pregnant, I am confused on what is best in terms of vitamin supplements. My doctors says to take a folic acid supplement so I have started to take 1 mg. per day. Some of my female friends tell me that I should be taking the prenantal vitamins already to prepare but I am not taking their word for it as maybe too much of a good thing isn't good.
Avatar f tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Generally no preparation is required for the CCP test. Hence it should not affect the results. I do not think you need to get it done again. You can read this article for more information: Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Hello. I wanted to know if there are any test preparations or fasting or special timing is needed for any of these tests if I suspect hypothyroid. I did find that 4-6 weeks spacing from x-rays (iodine) is needed. *Full Thyroid Panel *TSH *'Free-T4' *'Free-T3' *Thyroid antibodies (anti-TPO and TgAb) *TSI *Ferritin *B12, Folate, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, Vit D. *Complete Blood Count *Celiac/gluten Thank you and God bless you.
Avatar n tn Like goof said upper gi is a piece of cake, I had the other test execpt for the colonoscopy but being a stage 4 like me these test should have long been done. If he thought you knew all this id ask him why wasn't the upper gi (the main one for cirrhosis) and the ultrasound or ctscan done either before at the start of tx.?
336365 tn?1213323198 Defecency Epilepsy - Tramatic Brain Injury White Matter Disease Minimal High Blood Pressure Severe Neurogenic Bladder I had 26 vials of blood tested and a 24 hour urine test about 2 months ago in preparation for a spinal tap. The spinal was cancelled for unrelated reasons. My 24 hour urine test came back with high protein and blood in the urine (this has been on-going for years). My neurologist had a fit and ordered this test. See results above.
757527 tn?1237896663 Hi everyone (I posted this on the diabetes forum as well) I have been having horrible daily headaches, nausea, and extreme muscle pain for about 3 months. In preparation for a abdomen/ pelvic CT scan with contrast, I had to have a Creatinine blood test done. I was informed that I could not get the IV contrast because my Creatinine was high at 1.5mg (Normal for female is 1.0mg). My fasting blood glucose was also high at 169 (normal is 70-99).
Avatar f tn The earliest I could get blood drawn was 11am fasting. Is that going to mess with my results at all? Advise?
Avatar n tn A quantitative estimation of stool fat can be done to evaluate for malabsorption. If every single test continues to be negative, you then may want to consider the diagnosis of irritable bowel - as this is one of the more common causes for chronic diarrhea. There are many options for treatment, but the patient response is variable. You may want to discuss these options with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar m tn Then too, Riba absorption plays a big part as mentioned. Unfortunately they don't test for that directly, but if your blood continued to drop you probably were absobing enough, if it didn't then maybe you weren't. I didn't know when I started tx that eating fiber was interferring with my Riba absorption.
Avatar m tn The obvious question to ask here is did you fast before the test? If fasting is not done, the test results can be all over the place. For one of my tests I looked at the clock and realised I was eating when I shouldn't be. I didn't cancel the test and the results showed my cholesterol was higher than it should be. Ready to increase my Statins, I had to own up to my GP and she was not happy with me :( Another fasting test soon after revealed low cholesterol.
607566 tn?1221255980 Thanks for all the input, I just don,t get how she could say I have diabetes from a 126 glucose and I wasn't fasting for the last 2 test. I wasn't sure if the Dr was just a waste of my time diagnosing me on 2 non-fasting results.
Avatar m tn It moves food along the intestines faster because plants and whole grains are digested in a day while red meat takes 3 days for example. We lowered our cholesterol, Blood pressure and it will reverse type II diabetes IBS,, among other things.It also lowers several types of cancers. It is worth a try. If not try metamucil every day.
757527 tn?1237896663 Hi everyone, I have been having horrible daily headaches, nausea, and extreme muscle pain for about 3 months. In preparation for a CT scan with contrast, I had to have a Creatinine blood test done. I was informed that I could not get the contrast IV because my Creatinine was high at 1.5mg (Normal for female is 1.0mg). My fasting blood glucose was also 169 (normal is 70-99). I had these tests done a few months ago and both were normal. Do you think diabetes is causing this?
Avatar n tn Thanks, I think I will go and ask for a blood test this week. I will keep everone posted on the results.
Avatar f tn Next morning i went to the lab to have the test. The night before the dinner. So no special preparation for the test I also must say Im a heavy smoker and drink alcohol very often, i little overweighted and dont take much care about what i eat. Exercise zero. Could the test results got altered by my dinner event the night before? If so, how badly altered? Ive never had triglycerides this high. Should I retest? What can i expect in terms of numbers if the test is done as it should?
780153 tn?1287572547 One of the major biochemical features of polycystic ovary syndrome is insulin resistance accompanied by compensatory hyperinsulinemia (elevated fasting blood insulin levels). There is increasing data that hyperinsulinemia produces the hyperandrogenism of polycystic ovary syndrome by increasing ovarian androgen production, particularly testosterone and by decreasing the serum sex hormone binding globulin concentration.
Avatar m tn 373 ng/ml ferritin give strong predictive value for iron overload/hemochromatosis? Is a gene test irrelevant for asian patient? How does one differentiate between fatty liver & hemochromatosis? I'll also be having 3rd CT on suspected atypical hemangioma lesions in June (9mo interval); no growth so far at 1wk, 3mo intervals. Can one have both fatty liver AND hemochromatosis, or is it more likely elevated labs are all due to fatty liver, or worse liver disease/lesion?
Avatar n tn That your symptoms came on abruptly and were so prominent suggests a new infection, not chronic carriage of the organism. There is no reliable test for trichomonas in men and his negative test means nothing; you and he need to assume he is infected, and he needs to be treated. In fact, if you have had sex with him since you were treated, you need to be retreated as well. (That is, both members of an infected couple need to be treated simultaneously.
Avatar f tn I did drink more water than usual before the blood work as I thought I may need to provide a urine sample. I was also fasting so water was my only option. :-) I'm now concerned that I made the same mistake for a second time. The nurse practitioner that interpreted the initial results to me indicated that dehydration could lower the sodium level.
Avatar f tn Another idea is to consult the lab and ask if any instructions they have for preparation for the test include the avoidance of certain medications so many hours prior to testing that might skew the test results. You are also supposed to avoid certain food prior to the urine test, I believe, such as vanilla.
Avatar n tn Pylori Bacteria blood test – Negative. Also confirmed via biopsy. Hydrogen breath test (Lactose Intolerance) – Negative Abdominal ultrasound – Everything is fine. A small polyp on my gall bladder was found. It is most likely a cholesterol polyp and would not produce my symptoms. Hem-occult slide test – Negative HIDA-Scan gall bladder test – Normal (87% ejection fraction) Food Allergy Blood Test (IGe) – Negative to all foods, except a very minor allergy to oats Endoscopy – Normal.
Avatar n tn I dont know if tx has been blamed for causing high blood sugars and Im sure you dont want to quit it at this point, so good luck to you!! I would think either you have diabetes or you dont, but this would be a good question for Erin to answer. Here's the links:
Avatar m tn Also get your blood sugar checked both fasting and two hour after food to know what if you have diabetes. Hypothyroidism too can cause this type of skin and lip problem.
Avatar m tn I was taking medicine for cholesterol/sugar/blood thickenning and for strength. I was taking daily 75 mg ecosprin tab for reduce blood thickening now my hemoglobin is 14.8. My weight is still 85 kgs. Please suggest what shall I do.
Avatar f tn My mom said it's a side effect of the anti biotics so she wont take him to the vet. But THEN, yesterday he leaked blood through his penis for almost an entire day. (It wasn't in his urine, just when he's sitting at home, also he's not nutured). So what should I do?? When he was younger, he also had a couple of episodes of blood through his penis. The vet tested his urine and found that his PH was a little high, so she put him on a special bladder food.
6902068 tn?1386353097 I don't see anything about my acth level being tested so I will phone and ask about this on Monday im not sure if its just not on the print out they have gave me can they test for this while im on the hydrocortisone. Is there any other blood tests you think I should ask for. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I am on Levothyroxine 125. And yes, I am going to visit the radiologist and have it scan. No seafood for 24 hours and fasting for 6 hours before the procedure. Then head back to revisit the radiologist 4-6 hours after the procedure again. The thing is I've been stay off the med for a month now and there is no way I can control my weight gaining, bodyache, headache, and my sleep. Everything is just so out of order. I didn't expect all these would happen.
Avatar f tn You should get an allergy test done, either a skin test or RAST, to know what you are allergic to. Contact dermatitis could be due to tooth pastes, mouth cleansers, spoons, cups, glasses, food items, cosmetics, shampoos, etc, basically anything that comes in contact with your lips. Another possibility is eczema. Herpes infection is another possibility if there is a history of kissing or sexual contact (can get aggravated in presence of vitamin deficiencies, dry cracked lips, infections etc).
619345 tn?1310345021 Hewas ready for me to start tx if I just took of at least 8 kilos around 20 lbs GOOD INFO BELOW recommend others to have these tests before tx to know what the will be up against with SVR we really have to be proactive with this disease it is tricky Your fasting blood sugar is 103. That means you're pre-diabetic. A fatsing blood sugar higher than 100 lowers your chances of treatment success. Your insulin is 12 and your fasting blood sugar is 103.
Avatar n tn I mentioned to the endo the possibility of iron deficiency, and the endo ordered a blood test for ferritin. On the issue of vit D and my lowered thyroid levels, I told the endo about this article: This article describes how vit D exacerbates autoimmune disease like my hypothyroidism. However, the new endo does not believe that I had enough vit D in me to exacerbate my hypothyroidism.