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234013 tn?1231110193 Who is taking OTC prenatal vitamins and who is taking a prescription? I have been on a prescription but my insurance won't cover any more through my local pharmacy. I must do a mail order. I really don't want to mess with that. I am considering buying OTC vitamins. Anyone else taking them....what brand????
234013 tn?1231110193 Who is taking OTC prenatal vitamins and who is taking a prescription? I have been on a prescription but my insurance won't cover any more through my local pharmacy. I must do a mail order. I really don't want to mess with that. I am considering buying OTC vitamins. Anyone else taking them....what brand????
Avatar f tn ) when I first tested positive I ran right to the grocery store and bought an otc prenatal vitamin took it for almost 3 weeks and was terribly sick the whole time dr said to take 2 flintstone vitamins and a folic acid 400mcg and after that I became human again lol thank goodness! But I've heard alot of people just buy the otc vitamins cause the prescription ones cost more. Just food for thought! :) congrats girl!
4101382 tn?1352814020 You can switch to OTC, you can get a gummy prenatal, easier to eat and tastes way better, when we were TTC I took vitafusion prenatal gummies, they weren't too bad, my prenatals are huge and nasty tasting too, but I'd rather save the money that I'm putting towards prenatals each month since my insurance covers it.
359321 tn?1278268890 MY RE told me to use the prenatals at the pharmacy but someone just told me that they have heard horror stories about the over the counter prenatal vitamins, she said they do not include a stool softener so they make you really constipated as opposed to the prescribed. Is anyone taking the over the counter vitamins??
1047147 tn?1328906154 My RE prescribed prenatal vitamins, Vital-OB+DHA Im sorry but i was paying 32.00 for them the first 3 months, now i went and got my 4th months supply $70.00.. I want the best but c'mon thats expensive enough with my fertility medicines.. Does anyone know of a cheaper brand I could tell my RE to prescribe me that good also?
Avatar f tn Did your OB write you a prescription for one? Usually they do, but you can take any of the OTC prenatal vitamins, they have a bunch whichever one you choose is fine, but I use One A Day Prenatal. Congratulations!!!
Avatar m tn I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. What prenatal vitamins are the best to take?
Avatar f tn I'm taking NatureMade prenatal vitamins that I bought from Costco. My ob said it's a good brand that have everything for pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Ive been using the Santogen pre-natal vitamins as they also have vitamin D, they are good for after brith and breast feeding, talk to your midwife but the over the counter ones are the same as the pescription ones (and cheaper!
Avatar f tn When I had this same question (whether prescription or OTC vitamins were the same), I took the bottle of OTC pills and the bottle of prescription ones to my ob-gyn and asked her. She just flipped the bottle over and compared the number of international units of each vitamin, and said "they look comparable to me." In other words, all she was concerned with was the amount of the various vitamins in the prenatal formula. She didn't act like the vitamin's brand was the issue.
Avatar f tn this might be a dumb question but idc. are over the counter prenatal vitamins okay to take instead of the vitamins your doctor offers?
871965 tn?1241833146 re covered. Prescription and OTC prenatal vitamins are very comparable in vitamin/nutrient dosage, just be sure your folic acid is 1mg. I am on a prescription prenatal called PreNexa. It contains DHA and a stool softener. Most OTC prenatals do not contain these additives, you would have to purchase seperately. You can call an OB office to consult a prenatal nurse to see what prenatal vitamins they recommend, or ask your local pharmacist.
1109996 tn?1267012897 Does anyone know the difference between over the counter Prenatal Vitamins (DHA) or prescriptions Prenatal? I can get the pills over the counter or the one's my dr's nurse recommended at $60 for a months supply.
506820 tn?1295051333 In the meantime I think I will just go back to using an otc prenatal. I hope there is nothing considerably wrong with these vitamins. Augh!!! Here is the website I found regarding the recall.
Avatar f tn The gummy vitamins, though much easier to take, trends to have far less off the needed vitamins than other OTC prenatal vitamins. Your OBGYN or midwife should be able too provide you a checklist listing ask the necessary nutrients your vitamins should include, or recommend/prescribe specific kinds. Check with them first before switching!
Avatar f tn Does anyone take similac prenatal vitamins? I was taking select ob plus dha but they are way too expensive $128 for a month supply. I want to try some different ones that are cheaper and over the counter.
Avatar f tn I got gummy prenatal vitamins that taste like lemon and raspberry from riteaid. I recommend them since they don't make you feel sick like other prenatal vitamins do.
4652866 tn?1373428175 So i came to the conclusion that the reason i was so sick all day every day for the last 2 weeks was because of the prenatal vitamins i was taking. I didnt take any yesterday or today and i feel completly fine. I had my sister pick me up some gummie ones and the only thing im worried about is that they dont have any iron in them.... is this something that i need to make sure im taking seperately along with the vitamins? And how much do i need?
Avatar f tn my doctor says the prenatal vitamins make you very nauseous and if you don't take them with food they will make you sick try switching and taking them with your biggest meal or before bed
Avatar f tn I'm currently taking gummy prenatal vitamins but wondering if there is a better one I should buy any suggestions????
Avatar f tn Go to any pharmacy and they have prenatal vitamins that are chewable and taste better then the pill.
Avatar f tn My OTC prenatal vitamins made me nauseated. I quit those and just got a prescription from my OB dr. I'm not nauseated anymore... I am 8wk5d. If you're unable to get them from the doctor, just switch brands.
Avatar n tn m 8 weeks pg and have been taking over the counter prenatal vitamins. I told a friend this and she was surpirised the doc didnt prescribe me vitamins. My doc never mentiined it. Should i call and ask? Is there a difference betweem otc and prescription prenatals?
Avatar n tn There is an otc prenatal made by seeking health that is supposed to be good but I am not sure. i take prescription neevo DHA. It is for sensitive tummies and for those that have MTHFR and need metholated folate. Prenatal vitamins are SO important so please don't stop taking them. Hope this info helps.