Prenatal vitamins keep you awake

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Avatar n tn If it's a prenatal, it probably contains iron, vit C and B vitamins, all of which can stimulate you and wake you up... They're great for the morning, but not so good to take at night. Good night time vitamins that promote relaxation are magnesium, zinc and calcium.
Avatar f tn Not really much you can do. Make sure you are taking your prenatal vitamins, to ensure your getting all your vitamins. Otherwise when I'm not working I nap, when I am working I just power through it.
Avatar f tn I take prenatal gummies with all 3 of my pregnancies. You take 2 and you're golden. Yes you do need prenatal vitamins baby needs folic acid.
Avatar f tn I have only heard that you should talk to your doctor about any extra vitamins you take besides your prenatal. I have wanted to take garlic gel pills and omega 3, etc but I haven't because I don't want to worry that my baby is getting too much of something. They sat your body will filter out extra stuff, but its better to be safe rather than sorry.
Avatar f tn s sensitivity to supplements and especially one with iron, you may want to take your prenatal vitamins at night to avoid being awake during a period of time that you could potentially feel sick. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I have been taking the gummy prenatal vitamins. My sister took them with both her girls and loved that they have no side effects. I'm almost 37 wks and I have to say they are amazing!!! I buy the target brand ones!
Avatar f tn I take the flintstone children gummies. They were the only ones I could keep down and my o.b. reccomended them. Prenatal vitamins are more for the momma than baby. Your lil one will take what it needs from you so you gotta keep up with vits so you don't get sick.
Avatar f tn Yeah if u can't keep down the prenatal vitamins just buy the gummies vitamins its pretty much the same thing and a lot easier than trying to keep down the prenatal vitamins.
Avatar f tn should you keep taking your prenatal vitamins after you give birth?? or switch a different kind?
Avatar f tn High levels of iron in your blood can be toxic so I can understand why the doctor wants you to stop but there are plenty of prenatal vitamins that dont have iron especially the prenatal gummies.
Avatar f tn Is it a must for one to take prenatal vitamins, lately they've been messing up my system. I want to throw up after i take them. Advice please.
Avatar f tn I've taken one a day prenatal vitamins for the past month and now IM 8 weeks and every time I take them I get sick.. I really don't wanna take them cause they make me feel horrible. Idk If I should keep taking them or is there something wrong w them ?
10843549 tn?1425096623 I have no idea why. But the prenatal vitamins should help. Also rub fresh garlic on them and under them. The enzymes from the garlic will help.
11195379 tn?1427921527 I was like that at the beginning. Just get a calendar or a piece of paper and mark down when you take one. Keep it in the same spot you keep the vitamins to make sure you don't forgot to mark it. That worked for me.
Avatar f tn Definitely eat when you take them! That helps a lot! You can always try a different brand just ask your doctor to switch you to something else.
Avatar f tn I always take prenatal vitamins before I got my BFP and Omega 3. This time around O I took a baby aspirin for a few days instead of the Omega 3 since Omega 3 is also an anti-inflamatory. Then after a few days after O, I started taking Omega 3 again with my pre-natal vitamins. I still do.
Avatar f tn Is it bad if I haven't taken my prenatal vitamins daily ?
Avatar n tn Do you know when you go to your first doctor and they give you a bunch of vitamins ... Can you take all of those even though they are all brands or do you have to stick with one brand or can you keep changing them every day ...till I ran out of the sample ones...??
Avatar f tn Yes my prenatal vitamins made me so sick every single day! I started taking the gummy prenatal vitamins by VitaFusion and I do not get sick anymore. They taste great and my Dr. approves of them.
3113559 tn?1347750099 The very important thing to take is folic acid, which you can take alone (i.e., without the whole rest of the prenatal group attached to it). If you have been told not to take prenatals because they won't stay down or something like that, a folic acid tablet is small, not irritating to the stomach, and should stay down fine. And it is extremely important to the baby's health, not only during pregnancy but especially in the three months before pregnancy.
Avatar f tn If prenatal ate bothering you you can take a children's daily vitamin with DHA is very important you take some kind of vitamin. What about a multi vitamin or just folic acid by itself? Good luck, I would like to hear about what ends up working for you!
9602111 tn?1443721049 But you have to eat right! Talk to your doctor about what you need to eat daily instead of prenatal pills my mom did that but its alot of food I cant list.
Avatar f tn So my doctor let me switch to the gummy kind. Keep that in mind if you ever have any issue with the pills.