Prenatal vitamins grow hair

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Avatar f tn I heard they make your hair grow. How much do help anyone see any difference in their hair since taking them?
Avatar f tn So taking prenatals everyday is a great benefit to you and to baby. These vitamins will help your hair and nairs grow and help with babied development. So no your babys hair and nails just dont grow but its giving your baby all around goodness so he or she can come out healthy and strong.
Avatar f tn prenatal vitamins will make your hair grow,and if you flip your hair down and massage your scalp for 5 minutes each night is suppose too help it grow as well, i use herbal essences 'honey im strong' shampoo and conditioner
Avatar f tn If you just take regular prenatal vitamins, your hair and nail will grow super fast. Because the prenatal vitamins have vitamin d & foliage acid which helps with hair and nail growth.
455110 tn?1205964069 I believe Gwenneth Paltrow swears her long locks of gorgeous straight blonde hair are due to her taking prenatal vitamins for years. Who knows? I guess we'll know to back off the prenatals if she turns up with colon cancer! Here is a blurb on taking prenatal vitamins from Mayo Clinic that might help explain it more clearly: Prenatal vitamins are multivitamins intended for women who are pregnant or hope to become pregnant.
Avatar f tn , after pregnancy ended I lost a lot of hair too it was so depressing because it was so beautiful but its defenitly worth it I still got my hair to grow nicely but yes I think vitamins helped
Avatar f tn Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy will you notice a difference. The prenatal vitamins they say help with hair growth, however I believe its more hormonal changes within you. When you notice your hair growing you will also notice your nails growing faster than usual. I have been taking prenatal vitamins for only 3-4 wks... I would say its more hormonal changes than the vitamins, for myself atleast.
Avatar f tn My prenatal vitamins are growing my hair,but I have nasty breakouts on my arms:( I know drinking lots of water has helped my face clearup nicely though
Avatar f tn Everything you need is in the prenatal vitamin. It also helps with your nails. Trust me your hair will grow quicker than normal during pregnancy. And as long as you take your vitamins you'll see a difference. But don't freak out if it's not growing as fast as you'd like.
Avatar f tn I barley took my prenatal vitamins the whole 5 months im 22weeks my freind told me i need to start taking them , asap but ive been to my appointments and my child is growing fine drop some opinions below i dont want to have a still born
2119134 tn?1350050210 Maybe the prenatal vitamins are too strong. Sometimes women experience side effects with the prenatals because they're not pregnant. You could be an example of that. I would tone it down and see if that doesn't help. If anything you can just take folic or a multivitamin. I'm using clomid and just a normal multivitamin. Good luck.
Avatar f tn kay i wanna grow my hair longer my normal hair is curly when its curly its short but when its straighten its longer but this is my question does anyone know how i can grow my hair long without strengthening it what kind of home remedy or hair products or something
Avatar f tn My hair and nails have grown but my hair has ots moments when it randomly falls out :/
Avatar f tn I don't know what those are but your prenatal vitamins contain folic acid which promotes hair growth.
7136384 tn?1390142888 s because of your prenatal vitamins. They help hair and nail growth. And the idea about it being a boy because you have a lot of extra hair, could be true. Before I got pregnant I just had peach fuzz on my tummy and now it looks darker and longer, and I'm having a boy. But yet again, I shave my arm pits and legs a lot more than usual. Also your pubic hair will probably begin to grow so much you can't keep up with it.
Avatar f tn The prenatal vitamins that you take daily are what's suppose to help with the hair length and nail growth.
Avatar f tn I take my prenatal vitamins but recently started taking a hair skin and nails due to my hair thinning and nails pealing so I'm hoping that helps
Avatar f tn I do t think the hair loss stop but you hair dose grow in thicker and faster I started noticing at the end of my second trimester
Avatar f tn I think if you've been taking vitamins already that could explain it. Prenatals help your hair grow much faster than before and your scalp could be sore from hair growing much quicker than usual.
Avatar f tn There is nothing in prenatal vitamins that encourage hair growth. That's a myth. This is a hormonal thing that differs from woman to woman in pregnancy. Just like some people are sicker than others.
Avatar f tn Also they will increase the growth rate of your fingernails and skin cells. Many women who are not pregnant take prenatal vitamins to help with thinning hair, weak fingernails, or skin problems.
Avatar f tn Taking prenatal vitamins gives your reproductive system the proper vitamins to give you a better chance:) folic acid is the main vitamin that helps
Avatar f tn Do prenatal vitamins really make hair & nails grow stronger faster & healthier? Do your feet really grow in size when you're prego? Is i true if you carry low its a boy and high its a girl?...just want to know what you girls think about these myths/tales ..ever experienced or seen any of them? i personally am half & half about all the pregnancy myths cus everyones different. what do ya'll think?