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1393778 tn?1280347609 Hi, im not sure if they help, but my doc told me its good to take prenatal vitamins even b4 i get pregnant cause they prepare your body for the baby. Its good to have the minerals and vitamins in your system already.
9309185 tn?1420228764 Lol I explained that for 1 they are over dosing on vitamins by taking more than one serving and 2I need my vitamins...Lol it's ridiculous how do I get through to them?
Avatar f tn Does anybody have any suggestions on vitamins that I could get for DH? I'm going to wait a few more months before I make an appointment with an RE, but I feel there is something that we can be doing now to help increase our fertility. I'm currently taking pre-natals, but don't know if I should also be supplementing? Has anybody tried the FertilAid, with any success?
Avatar f tn The only way prenatal vitamins or any vitamins help a woman get pregnant is if she has problems with iron deficiency (or some other vitamin deficiency) and the vitamins generally improve her health. A healthy woman is more likely to get pregnant. But they are not magic pregnancy pills.
Avatar f tn I take prenatal vitamins, chlorophyll for iron and calcium pills.
Avatar n tn My husband and I have been trying since March so I can understand you're frustrated. Try taking prenatal vitamins. They have vitamins for men and women who are trying to get pregnant, and it's suppose to give you the nutritional support you need. Hope that helps!
Avatar f tn Hello!! Just wondering what vitamins are good to take along with my prenatal. I want to take extra vitamin c, d and olive leaf for my immune system. Just unsure of any others or if I shouldn't take the olive leaf.
Avatar f tn Prenatal gummies are best for me m don't make me sick n taste good
Avatar f tn Yes, prenatal vitamins from Wal-Mart are cheap and do the job.
871965 tn?1241833146 You can call an OB office to consult a prenatal nurse to see what prenatal vitamins they recommend, or ask your local pharmacist. Also, eating lots of vitamin rich vegs (spinach, all dark green vegs) and fruits (oranges, kiwi, all dark berries, bananas) will help naturally provide you with most of your nutritional intake for these vitamins. Happy Conceiving!
Avatar f tn I didn't take vitamins. Prenatal vitamins made me sick. Take a prenatal vitamin if u want, and the Dr. Should have done blood tests to see how good Ur iron and everything is. I wouldn't take anything that the Dr. Doesn't tell me.
1047147 tn?1328906154 My RE prescribed prenatal vitamins, Vital-OB+DHA Im sorry but i was paying 32.00 for them the first 3 months, now i went and got my 4th months supply $70.00.. I want the best but c'mon thats expensive enough with my fertility medicines.. Does anyone know of a cheaper brand I could tell my RE to prescribe me that good also?
Avatar n tn so my doctor did give me some prenatal vitamins that I refuse to take everyday. They're way too big so I'll buy my own.
8573748 tn?1398993081 Please advise good, small prenatal vitamins with right combination of all necessary vitamins and minerals plus dha. Asking for too much?! :-) maybe someone knows a good option! In USA.
Avatar f tn Yes definitely take prenatal vitamins, most women don't have 100% of the nutrients in general for themselves let alone for the baby I take prenatals and calcium pills, just go to Walmart and get some I use the women's one a day prenatals, the gummy ones are good if you don't like swallowing pills
Avatar f tn I absolutely can't take my pills anymore. I bought prenatal gummy vitamins. Are they safe to take until I go back to the doctor, or just go the next 7 days without any vitamins...
Avatar f tn I'm on the Similac brand prenatal vitamins. My husband who is a body builder picked them out for me because he's the supplement king so he stood in the isle for 20 minutes comparing all of the brands & says that was the best one.
Avatar f tn Is it normal for the prenatal vitamins to make your stomach feel like butterflies?
Avatar f tn Prenatal vitamins are very good for u and the baby, it provides protein and other nutrients that the baby needs to have and keeps you and especially the baby strong.
Avatar f tn I get free prenatal vitamins at Meijer. Do you have a Meijer where you live?
Avatar f tn That way if they have an adverse effect then I will sleep right through it. My sister had this same problem so she started taking the gummy prenatal vitamins! She loves them! But don't let your husband eat them. Her husband thought they looked good so he ate two and regretted it within a few hours. For men it will tear their stomach up! So tell your man that no matter how good they look do not eat them. Or let him eat them and find out the hard way what it does to guys. I hope this helps!
Avatar n tn If you are unable to take due to nausea, try taking at night before bed... prenatal vitamins (frolic acid especially) is very important for brain development in your growing baby :) good luck!
Avatar f tn I cant stand the prenatal vitamins the pills u take I puke them ive been taking multi are those okay to take