Premature contractions in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn m going into labor too early what do contractions feel like? Are they sharp pains in the pelvic area? My pain is on the top of my pelvic bone...
Avatar f tn I'm sorry I cannot help you since this is my first pregnancy, but I just wanted to respond and see how you are doing. I hope things are okay.
Avatar f tn Anyone ever went in premature labor, please tell your story sings, symptoms, I'm confused
Avatar f tn well i went into premature labor about 3 weeks ago but we got my contractions stopped i was about 30 1\2 weeks at that time.they gave me the steroid shots to help develop the lungs just in case and i was 4 cm dilated.well im now 33 1\2 weeks and im back in the hospital because my water broke but ive had very few contractions and they dont want to make my labor progress at this point,is that safe?
Avatar f tn 36 weeks pregnant and been having contractions for about 3 weeks now. I was in pre term labor according to the hospital, but wasn't dilated (3 weeks ago). But, been having any where from 8-15 contractions a day, cramps, diarrhea (tmi sry), and fatigue. I am a scheduled c section so doc doesn't want me dilating past 3. But haven't been checked in 3 weeks.... Idk what to do. I've did the whole laying on left side and drinking plenty of fluids... They are so annoying.. Anyone else??
Avatar f tn I got the around 32 weeks and they would come every 15ish minutes. I would get them for hours! They were a little worse than a period cramp for me. They were very questionable as to whether or not they were "contractions" but like you'll hear a lot you will know when they are real contractions! Advice if you get them get up and walk around...
Avatar f tn Okay so I am in a high risk pregnancy and am not allowed to be left alone. So my hubby had to quit working to stay by me 24/7. Thus is the difficult part because now we are living with his grandpa and his girlfriend. His grandpa decides we are all going hunting today because he "needs" my husbands help well guess who gets stuck in the backseat of a car all day. Yep you guessed it. Me.
Avatar f tn Call the 24 hour nurse line and have someone call you back they might have u come in to monitor for contractions and can give u a shot of something to stop contractions if that's what it is
Avatar f tn Now on my second child im 20 wekks and have heard that in you second pregnancy child birth comes sooner? !
Avatar f tn Drink lots of water, treat yourself to something soothing and relaxing, you could try to see a therapist to help deal with stress. Ive had a stressful pregnancy and I've just had to schedule in time to destress. Take care!
Avatar f tn Not in all cases. Contractions (true ones) are generally painful and it feels like your entire stomach gets hard everywhere. You can experience BH contractions as well and those don't hurt. They kinda feel like a Charlie horse, but in your stomach. I had contractions with my pregnancy though and I didn't know that's what they were (mine were BH) and when I was in labour, I had contractions in the front that hardly hurt.
Avatar m tn No likely by a month, if you have more than 4 contractions in an hour (or at most, 6) you need to go to the hospital. Even if you had one baby born at a certain time you can still have preterm labour. I'd go and not wait.
Avatar n tn So I just turned 22 weeks and I'm having contractions since yesterday night they kind of hurt should I go in, to the er to check cuss it's been napping all day!
Avatar n tn ve been multiple times with this pregnancy (due to premature labor several times ).
Avatar n tn org/pregnancy-health/articles/7-Signs-Your-Baby-Is-On-the-Way/398 You can also find the symptoms of diarrhea and contractions in the app by going to the Pregnancy Diary from the home screen and selecting them from the Symptoms menu. Then click the menu bar in the upper left and select Symptoms Manual to see your symptoms. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I feel like I have been experiencing Braxton hicks contractions all day today. I have been stressed today. I have 2 girls but I only remember having Braxton hicks near the end of my pregnancy. I'm only 20 weeks now with my first boy. I have had 2 miscarriages and just a little paranoid. My youngest daughter was born premature at 32 weeks.
Avatar f tn I'm 30 weeks and 6 days. This morning at around 6 I had a very intense stomach pain that lasted only a few seconds and then a sharp vaginal pain. At 7 I had a less intense pain that was in my stomach. At about 8:15 I had a burning feeling in my stomach and then severe back pain. At 8:35 though I had another slight pain in my stomach. Could they be contractions? I don't know if I should wait to call the doctor and keep timing them or call now. Please help.
Avatar f tn No. Other than taking steroids to stop early contractions, there's nothing you can do personally to prevent it if it happens. Just take care of yourself, don't over do things, and stay positive.
Avatar f tn re going to have a heavier discharge in your pregnancy and ligaments are going to hurt from the stretching around this time that can last for weeks.
Avatar f tn When I was in l&d for contractions at 25 weeks I asked the same thing (I was a month early n my sister 2 months).
Avatar n tn I've been currently on bed rest for 8 weeks since I have my cervical Stitch put in, taking Progesterone shots and blood thinners. I'm extremely high risk. I am 26 weeks and 4days right now. I've had all my pregnancies be premature. (20wks/24wks/30wks/32wks.) With two of them being with an abruption. I started having bleeding and contractions last night went to the hospital. They gave me a shot to stop and slow my contractions bleeding has slowed also.
590110 tn?1367506741 Hello, agin ladies lol... I feel like I ask you guys more questions then my stupid dr... Ok real quick has anyone ever had a full term pregnancy while having what my dr is say premature contractions??? I've hospitalize twice now for contractions, 1st time in the beginning of oct and 2nd this pass Wednesday.. My cervix is closed thank god but I heard contractions makes it open up...
Avatar f tn By the time my husband got home from work 20mins later I was having regular painful contractions. By the time we got to the hospital they were 3mins apart. They stopped it and kept me in for 2wks as they had to stop it a couple more times and I've been on meds since. I'm now 34+4wks and scheduled for csection in 10days.
10821765 tn?1427311586 I had my 2nd daughter at 23 weeks. She spent 5 mo in NICU with many complications but is alive and healthy today.