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Avatar f tn Help... I had a hysterectomy when I was 38 and was put on premarin... I am now 48 and the Dr. took me off and put me on estrdiol... Its been a month and i feel like crap... I don't know if I should just try nothing for now.. I had a full hysterectomy.. I was good while I was on premarin.. Somebody please help...
Avatar n tn Synthroid is another example of bio identical in that it is structurally the same as what your body makes. You will get a lot of the extreme naturalists who will try to tell you to take armour thyroid because it is "natural" but its from a pig - just like premarin is from a horse. So how natural is that really vs something that is synthesized to talk your body's language.
Avatar n tn I talked with the pharm today re the fact that the bi est seemed to not give me any relief. I had switched to the Estrace and prog cream that I had and it seemed to be better but have some headache issues. She said that the "natural products take longer to get into your system". Isn't Estrace considered natural in that it is synthesized from soy and yams? Is the Biest synthesized also? She said the biest was more natural than the estrace. I am really confused. Any input?
1344197 tn?1392822771 So what are the FDA-approved Bioidentical Hormones?
Avatar n tn It is PATHETIC it took me six doctors to get an answer on what has been the cause of my horrible pain for all these years(givin, not a reason or a treatment yet) I am picking up my prescriptions today, MACRODANTIN,BACTRIM, and ESTRACE CREAM. I do have some bladder issues and "rawness" issues so not sure if any of this is for the ulcer. Dealing with bladder problems for over ten years. I am scheduling an apt.