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Avatar n tn Last 2 tests came back negative for yeast and BV. Premarin vag cream, steroid cream, valtrex for ten days, pre-seed lubricant, baking soda and salt water douche and baths (gave temporary relieve up to 6hrs), vagisil helps with the pain a lot but seems to make her more inflamed so I am not using that anymore, vitamin E suppositories, Excedrin, ibuprofen. Nothing made it go away completely. Now I had gotten a UTI, probably from all the creams and potions and got put on antibiotics for 3 days.
Avatar f tn He said to only use warm water in the vaginal area but soap and water in the anal area. I've been using an OTC cream the doctor suggested that helps on days my vaginal area feels too dry or just uncomfortable and some days I use Vagisil. I put it on clean toilet paper and smear it on and into the vaginal opening. I do not wash before putting on the cream.
1128665 tn?1269277071 I took benadryl and used vagisil cream which soothed the area and stopped the itching. I used the vagisil cream every time I urinated after I cleaned the area with a moist wipe. I had a followup with my urogynecologist a couple of days later and she agreed that silver nitrate and I should never meet again! She said I was healing exceptionally well and she would see me for my 8 week post op. I'm driving, doing laundry, cooking and VERY LIGHT housekeeping (no vacuuming or mopping floors yet).
Avatar n tn The doc thought it could be contact dermatitis from something (allergic reaction) but I tried a course of steroids and steroid cream and it didn't work. Good luck and I'll let you know if I ever figure out what it is.
Avatar n tn hello------I know what you are talking about------I have the same problem----I see a gyno---one of the top in the U.S.-----he has put me on premarin cream----he told me to use it before sex----not to insert it but just to put some on the outside area-----that I was proably not producing enough hormones to keep moist enough----plus I was to use plenty of lubrication------those little cuts you are talking about are very painful...
Avatar n tn a few ladies are saying this is a type of yeast infection and while many have ruled it out because they don't have the typical symptoms, they have tried anti-fungal steroid cream or anti-yeast cream and have had success getting their cuts, itchiness, or whatever to go away and stay away. all the other ladies are also saying their doctors don't have a clue. they are otherwise healthy women. one lady suggested swabbing the area with rubbing alcohol (it worked for her). ouch! no thanks!
492652 tn?1252949008 Is this auto-immune.........does anyone know? My GYN perscribed Premarin vaginal cream with a antifungal/coritsone cleared up.......kinda............only to come back again after 2 days. My husband is somewhat understanding but this seemsd to have come out of nowhere and I'm in agony. That's very interesting about the tea.............I do drink a lot of iced tea and I will try stopping it to see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the advice on that.
Avatar n tn I haven't had a yeast infection in 30 years, since my college days, until the dr. put me on Premarin vaginal cream. After 2 weeks of daily use, the itching, cottage cheese discharge showed up in full force. I used one dose of the Monistat 3 and then decided I needed quicker relief. MISTAKE!!!. I used the Monistat 1 cream and knew immediately that I was in trouble. I was up all night trying to get this out of me.
Avatar n tn I have self-medicated with Vagisil, hydrocortisone cream, and eucerin cream. The hydrocortisone seems to have the most benefit for me. My research on the internet has also led me to believe that it may be lichen sclerosus. I am happy to find that others believe the same thing about themselves. I tried to make an appt the other day and was told there were no appts available for the rest of the month and to call back on Friday when June's calendar would be open. Nice!
Avatar n tn he gave me antibiotics and nystatin and triamcinolone cream i have been on this cream over 5 days and no progress. the fissure is at the top of the hood area and therefore cracks open again every time i sit down to pee or wash or get up from sitting on the floor..i switched to wearing boxer shorts all day and night and no help there..god does anyone have any helpful ideas?!!!!
Avatar n tn Anyway, used the Metronidazon cream as directed for infection and also started using Premarin cream to try to help out that dryness and thin little walls. Sex got better and better. We use Albolene as a lubricant, no condoms, and lots of digital stimulation deep in my vagina. We found my G-spot girls. What a treat. But, over the last 4-6 months, have been experiencing burning in that area ... vagina ... ? Bladder? What all's down there? I don't have any repro organs.
Avatar n tn He also told me to stop using the steroid cream I'd been prescribed by my GYN. He said the cream only served to thin the skin and make the tearing/papercuts worse. Last night I woke up at 4:00AM with intense itching/burning/throbbing. It had been building for days. I was seen by the Pelvic Floor Therapist at 11:00AM. She hooked me up to a machine that looked kind of like a ultrasound machine. She placed sensors on my lower abdomen, inside my vagina, and just inside the rectum.
Avatar n tn He sent me home with Premarin an estrogen cream. He said I could be low and the cream would thicken and moisturize the area. They only opened up when I had sex. Very painfull. Well it worked. I have to use it on occasion. I can feel when I need it. I was 26 at the time I am now 36. I wish everyone luck who has had this problem, because it can sure be miserable.
Avatar n tn Sex has often been painful or uncomfortable for me but now the pain and tearing is unbearable. Dr's said it is because of my age and prescribed premarin cream to replenish estrogen directly to the tissues; it does not seem to have helped any, but may be because I am afraid to use it often? There has to be something else we can do.
Avatar n tn I have tried different brands of lubrication--no help at all, premarin cream--also no help and I subjected myself to chemical cauterization to burn away the scar tissue at the advice of a doctor who thought that once the area healed, there would be an improvement--there wasn't! I have reluctantly endured painful sex for years which has caused a tremendous strain on my marriage.
Avatar n tn I get the feeling that they are like little paper cuts all inside, and they are excruciating when you tinkle. I have tried a steroidal cream, perscribed by my gyne, but it is messy and gooey, and I really don't like using it, because it doesn't really do much. Do you notice they get worse before or after your period? I know what you mean about feeling like, "what the hell is this?" I am in a monogomous relationship for 6 years, with the same partner, who is now my husband.