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778044 tn?1299546534 It took me several months for my cycle to return and I was then put on Premarin. What dosage of Premarin are you on? My dosage is .625 per day. Hope things get better for you......
Avatar m tn I would like to know if there is an over the counter remedy for my night sweats and other sysmtoms. I have been on Premarin since 2001, very low dosage, I looked into Amberen but you have to buy this online. I no longer have insurance and Premairn is just to expensive. So can you suggest something else.Thank You.
Avatar n tn He asked how I was doing on the premarin, and I told him that I did take it for 3 days, but it made me have bad heart palpitations, and that when I got it from the pharm. that they said that it was a higher dosage than normally given. Internet says that the standard dosage is .625mg, but was given 1.25mg. The doctor said that it is not a high dose, that the amount of estrogen that you get from the birth control pill is 5x higher than you get in premarin.
Avatar f tn Hello: hoping somebody can help me. I have been on Premarin.625mg for 7 months and did very well. Before that, I had tried everything else with very little improvement. Before Premarin I was having hot flashes, anxiety, and terrible insomnia. After the first few days of taking Premarin, I began to notice great improvement. My hot flashes went away and insomnia disappeared. I had a few bumps along the way but then everything balanced out. Now, the old symptoms have returned with a vengeance.
Avatar n tn My hot flashes were up to 13 per day, prior to the premarin. This dosage of premarin seems to be the least I can take, and ward off the hot flashes, and night sweats. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn 3, but now my doctor wants to continue to lower my dosage of Levoxyl. In trying to decide if that is a good idea, I've been wondering what could cause the continual ups and (mostly) downs in the TSH level? Any input would be appreciated.
527657 tn?1214055450 what is the normal dosage for premarin vaginal cream?
Avatar n tn The dosage has been lowered from .6 to .325. Can I stop taking Premarin and, if so, what are the consequences?
Avatar n tn Thanks for getting back with me. I have been reading about Premarin and it can likely cause the problem. I would like to get off Premarin and take a natural hormone replacement, or should I stay on the Premarin. What do you think about that and just how do I do that? I know I shouldn't just quit taking it suddenly.
Avatar n tn For the last 18 or so years, the premarin dosage was .3 mg/day. Because of the HRT scare and my clotting issues, my docs suggested that I ditch the premarin. I did, a year ago. The hotflashes are intolerable. They make me feel like I have to sit/lie down or I would pass out, make it difficult to breathe, and many times, my chest feels strange (like when you've overused a muscle and it gets that spongy ticklish feeling). My blood pressure is also becoming very resistant to being brought down.
Avatar n tn I have no other health issues and only take a low-dosage aspirin and Premarin for hot flashes.
Avatar f tn Did the blood test route, etc., took whopping doses of Viatmin D and got put on Premarin, the lowest dose. I did not do well on that. I became actually worse, emotionally and it didn't help the sweats, irritability or anything. My doctor told me to try Estroven, and it's better, but I still feel like crap. I don't sleep well at all, I am irritable and snappish and that is NOT my personality. A friend told me she was in a similar state and took bio-identicals.
Avatar n tn Two weeks ago, I asked my doctor to put me on HRT because of terrible mood swigns and, of course, hot flashes. She put me on Premarin 0.3mg, daily. I am still having the hot flashes (even worse than before) and the terrible mood swings. Is there a different type of HRT that works better? Also, do I only need to have estrogen replaced - or should I be getting progesterone and testosterone as well? Thank you for any advise you can offer.
Avatar f tn So now I'm on Premarin .625 mg. The pain in the lower right abdomen returned as severe as before but I'm afraid to go back to doctor, as he seems so "flip" about this. I believe it MAY be due to constipation since I have do tend to have problems with this?? Since my hysterectomy, I have gained about 12 lbs. and have absolutely no libido & I'm wondering if the Premarin is the underlying cause of this. Are there alternative medications that might be helpful to me?
Avatar n tn My TSH is 0. My T4 is 12.3. (I do take Premarin.) My T3 Uptake is 30.2. I had my right tyroid gland removed in 1983. There was a benign tumor. I used to have a 2 reading for my TSH. (I had been taking Synthroid .1 for all of these years.) At Christmas I tried Armour. I was in bed for 3 weeks with what I thought was flu. My doctor put me back on Synthroid and gave me 1.33. The subesequent test showed 1/2 pt.TSH, so she began cutting the dosage. I am now at .
Avatar f tn My doctor, who is a OB/GYN, preformed the surgery and after placed me on Premarin. I was worried after finding out all the health issues around premerin, especially the blood clots, since my mom died of that several years after her hysterectomy. I started having very bad stinging sharp pains in my lower legs and discussed this with my doctor but he didnt take me very serious and only lowered the dosage.
Avatar f tn I have a prolapsed bladder and the dr. has given me a the smallest dosage of premarin cream. I hesitate to use this but do not want surgery which he agrees. I am so miserable. Thank you. Nuner This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/660749'>I'm miserable: rubbing sensation inside vagina post surgery</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a question,i used clomephene and premarin for first,my temperature rised for 5-6 days, i got my irregular periods and there was a change in my bleeding(less) this time. My question is,shall i consult my Dr. for another dosage of clomephene or wait for a month? Please advice me......
Avatar f tn i have pcos and i am on medication clomiphene 50 mg for 5 days from 2nd - 5th day of my cycle , premarin for 5 days 2times a day from 8th - 12th day and duphaston from 19th day for 10days. this course was for 3 months .this month is my 3rd month on medication and i am yet to get question is whether i can continue this medication for another 1 month or untill i conceive.i also want to my chances of pregnancy on this medication.
Avatar n tn I am not an expert at this and I hope not to have to experience it quite yet, but when my mother had a complete hysterectomy, you could not stand to be around her until they adjusted her Premarin to the level she needed. She was fine about having done so it wasn't all in head as some say happens. My mom is very easy going not illtempered, but became a close second to Linda Blair without hormone therapy.
135691 tn?1271100723 I am interested in taking Wellbutrin but am afraid of over-medicating myself if these are just side effects from the estrogen. Also wondering, if I lowered my dosage of Premarin to .625mg, would that help with my weight gain? Are there Dr's that specialize in hormones? Sorry for all the questions - my quality of life is so miserable right now, I think I was actually happier when I was going through chemo!
Avatar n tn My doctor initially started my dosage at 20 mg, then upped the dosage to 80 (3 pills) I felt too hyper and experienced burning when urinating, so i went back to 20 mg. I have depression as well as panic attacks. I am also taking ativan 2mg and think this helps more than the prozac. I am 48 years old and am perimenopausal, taking premarin as well. I feel too medicated and want to stop the prozac. When I tried to sptop last fall, my body felt as if i had a mad itch that wouldn't go away.
Avatar n tn Where on the old tests, my TSH (to check if I am receiving the right dosage) always matched the lab's norms, on this 3rd gen test, the norm is 4.0-4.5 MIU/L and my results are 0.26 MIU/L. I cannot find any information here (yet) regarding post-thyroidectomy and lab tests to check proper dosage of synthroid. I am 61 y.o. and have been experiencing new hair growth on my legs and arms and face. I am very tired and sometimes weak/shaky. My skin has suddenly become very dry.
Avatar n tn 3mg Premarin (that dosage was recently lowered from .625mg because of all the negative reports on HRT meds). What other options are available with these issues? The acid reflux and the osteoporsis medications are conflicting and there seem to be no positive long term results on any of the osteoporosis drug treatments.
Avatar n tn Regular doc sez its because HRT otherwise everything else ok. OBGYN increased patch to .1, then premarin .45 and then .625. Now trying compound pharmacy to create natural estrogen pills at .625 level. As dosage increased, so did the symptoms. Often take Advil to relieve symptoms. Question: since these are symptoms, should I be concerned that it could be something else? Confused and searching for answers. Thanks.
1129774 tn?1279835362 Hi Rasta, Since you say that the symptoms get worse right before you change your patch, it sounds like you either need an increased dosage, or maybe you could ask your doctor if your can change your patch a bit sooner. I use the Wisdom Menopause Formula, and I haven't had problems with vaginal dryness, but I kept my ovaries, so there's really no comparison. I'll ask some of the others I know if it has helped in those areas.
Avatar f tn In the last year, I would say that the symptoms including hot flashes, have been unbearable at times and have been more frequently and more severly. He has increased the dosage since and where the hot flashes are subsiding, the mood swings are now way out of control. Watching a commercial can literally send me into a complete crying tail spin.
Avatar n tn I am having such severe mood swings that that the doctor put me on a low lose of premarin (I'm 54) I am still having pain/soreness on my left side. I hope I feel better soon - I am getting quite anxious- xanax is just a temporary fix for me.
Avatar n tn I'm not a medical person, but I also take Premarin (for hysterectomy in l995) and Synthroid (.50 mcg). My Thyroid test fluctuate as well. Sometimes my T3Uptake is low, sometimes my T4 is high...but the TSH is always within normal range. My doctor told me that Premarin can have this effect. I'm assuming the numbers are not an extreme? Mine are only marginally low or high. I think you should take the advise of the neuro doc here. If it were me, I'd investigate further!
Avatar f tn e., Premarin -- or in birth control pills) may need to take more thyroid replacement hormone. Estrogen increases the body's production of a blood protein that binds thyroid hormone to it, making it inactive. For women without thyroids in particular, this can cause a need to increase the dosage level slightly, as there is no thyroid to compensate.