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Avatar f tn Doc gave me an antibiotic that I took two days later and I began having a yellow discharge. Then I started to itch real bad which made me think it was just a yeast infection but there's still that yellow discharge! It's not constant, but happens frequently. I just thought it was he antibiotic cleaning me out or something but the more I look online about it the more freaked out I get. I have an appointment scheduled but it's a week and a half away. Should I get in sooner or am I ok?
168006 tn?1241016561 Noticed yesterday that my discharge is changing. It was yellow and seems to have a stronger and more foul odor to it. I am also occasionally getting a "watery" discharge. It is usually a sudden feeling of being wet, but it doesn't continue to leak so I doubt it's amniotic fluid. I am 35 weeks pregnant. Are these signs of pending labor, or should I be concerned about infection?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and was wondering if anyone else had yellow discharge? They had me do something for a yeast infection, but it doesn't seem to help? They also said there's no sign it could be an STD either, so I'm kind of freaking out. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I am 8weeks pregnant with my second child and I am getting yellow discharge every time I go pee and wipe? Why is this??
Avatar f tn I am 8 weeks pregnant and have a yellow discharge that has a faint fish like smell to it. Am I oka...
Avatar n tn thn aftr those sim to minimise,i thn hd a yellow discharge whch smells terrible n evn leav mi panties smellin bad.nw it doesnt mak me comfortbl whn i mak luv to mi boyfrend.and um worried may b thr is sum othr infection in me whch might affect the baby.pliz help.
Avatar f tn Hi well I have my next appointment until Monday so I will ask my doctor as well, but I am 31weeks pregnant and have been having this yellow discharge for about 3 days now. Its not alot but its mucus like and sometimes its in little chunks. I got checked when I was 27 weeks and had no yeast infection or nothing, I also got tested for Hiv, chlamidia, basically everything and I have nothing. So is this normal or something bad? Help please im really scared. This is my first pregnacy.
5793136 tn?1375298104 Yup like the other ladies said, its normal.
Avatar n tn I had sex with the same guy last Saturday/Sunday, and since then I've been having this yellow discharge. It doesn't smell bad, but I feel a little itchy, like with yeast. The amount has been diminishing since the week has gone on. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow, but does anyone have any ideas about what this might be?
Avatar f tn Hey ! I am 15 weeks pregnant. I had some sticky yellow discharge I saw it in my underwear. Is this a problem?
Avatar n tn Some women will have more discharge while pregnant.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 months pregnant, and I was treated for trichomoniasis for a yellow/green discharge. It's been almost three weeks and I'm still having the discharge. I haven't had sex in almost three months . Why am I still having this discharge?
Avatar f tn Ok, so we've determined I am somewhere between 6-8wks pregnant and I've been having for about 3 days now a heavy dark yellow/brownish this normal? and is it common in pregnancies??
529440 tn?1232117305 I am also 17 w 6 d and I have been having alot of discharge lately. My doc told me that as the pregnancy progresses, the more discharge you will have so discharge is normal. If it has an odor to it or a strange color, there is the chance that you could have an infection, like a bacterial one. I would ask your doctor about it.
Avatar f tn Hello,I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant at age 37 and today after using restroom I wiped and noticed watery yellow tan discharge.I have no pains.Have had two ultrasounds and baby said to be doing well.Has anyone else experienced this?Could this be a start of miscarriage? Will be going to hospital when hubby gets home.
Avatar n tn also sometimes my doctor said that i would see a yellow discharge and that was becuase of the yolk inside the cathedar. i did see some brownish discharge and they told me to expect that too. Best of luck, but just try to relax i know its hard but try to watch tv and focus on other things.
Avatar f tn hi bambino same thing happend to me exactly the same i m also ttc and i found yellow discharge on my panties 1st it looks white but agter dring it looks yellowish ..i m also worried about it . and today i had white discharde it was not stretchy or sticky it was just like milk what is it ?can nybody help??
Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I had a discharge yesterday wen I wiped it was like yellow mucus...
Avatar f tn Its more a yellow green and thick and stringy
Avatar f tn Foundt out i was pregnant last thursday, did 3 clear blue test and got midwifes next week. Im having discharge which is white/ yellow ( can only tell its yellow when i wipe on the toliet paper) sorry tmi. Worried is it normal in early pregnancy or do i need go doctors ?
5457586 tn?1369874289 HI, Yellow discharge may be indicative of infection, although you have no symptoms. And more so ever you are pregnant and infection can complicate matters. Hence consult your gynaecologist for an examination and a vaginal swab test. Hope this helps.
5457586 tn?1369874289 every oncr in a while i get a snotty yellow vaginal discharge. It doesnt smell or burn or anything. Its just alarming! I never had any of this with my first pregnancy. My anxeity level has been pretty high since learning that i am pregnant with twins. Im 10 wks today.
Avatar n tn hi, im 14 weeks pregnant i have yellow discharge in my panty which is sticky and foul smell, i dont have any itching.
Avatar f tn This past weekend I had lost my virginity to my boyfriend (his first time too). I was supposed to get my period, which hasn't come even after I took a morning after pill. Twice before I took the morning after pill I had two random globs of blood and once a membrane like brown type of discharge. This is not something that is normal for me whatsoever.