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Avatar f tn I here very slimly do women get pregnant from having the murena iud, but my question is if you get pregnant while having the murena (iud) in will it or can it show negative on pregnancy test. I have had some symptoms like i feel bloated all the time just recently, I feel light fluttering in my abdomen go to bathroom all the time and alot of pain in my lower back and feet swelling. Only time my feet ever swelled before was when i was pregnant...
Avatar f tn My boy friend have sex frequently and I recently started bleeding I went to the ER they diagnosed me with Dysfunctional Uterine bleeding which can be caused by an IUD or Pregnancy... If I am pregnant I'm in the early stages and my period was set to come today. I do have some pregnancy symptoms...
7043514 tn?1402427680 I'm 25weeks 2days and having a lil boy I got pregnant with an iud in and was just wondering how many other moms got pregnant with one in. My doctor said its less than 1percent of a chance to get pregnant with it in so I know my baby is a gift from God.
2035575 tn?1329549178 can a iud make you infertile? and how long after you get it removed can you get pregnant?
Avatar f tn You are probably not pregnant and should not worry. The IUD did not mess with my menstrual cycle and my period was regular every month but it was very very heavy due to the IUD. I highly recommend anyone that is not trying to get pregnant to use the IUD because it worked for me for all those years.
Avatar m tn The next year she got the IUD and ended up pregnant once again with another set of twins. 4 babies in 2 years. That was also 29 years ago.
Avatar m tn i would rather get pregnant again than feel the way i did with the iud in!
Avatar n tn Just wanted to say the possibility of becoming pregnant with an iud is still there. I had mine for about 5 months. It started falling out which I was not aware of which is why I got pregnant. If its a copper iud the positioning is very important. If its not exactly where it needs to be you can end up pregnant.
Avatar f tn I had iud for almost 3 years me and my husband wanted to try again so I took it out in may 2012 got pregnant in July unfurnetly I had a miscarriage I was wondering can the iud have caused it?
Avatar f tn I have 2 daughters ages 9 and 6 and got pregnant on the first try with both of them. I have had HEAVY periods since having it removed June 2008. My husband and I were not preventing getting pregnant and really tried around my ovulation time. I am bloated my nipples were sore up until last week and I am tired and I am now 22 days late. My body is changing. My breasts have gotten larger and my stomach bigger but my weight is still the same.
Avatar f tn I had mine taken out in august of last year and had my full blow period in sept. It doesn't take long with an iud to get back on track because its no hormone or low hormone.
11226391 tn?1416362541 Yes! I would go see your doctor to be sure. What kind of iud? Copper or mirena?
Avatar n tn So I want to be safe b/f I get pregnant again this will be my three child and my first time with the IUD. I am happy it is coming out soon.
Avatar n tn hi im 17 years old and have the iud i have no problems with periods or anything like that but when i am not having a period i have cramping to one side which is painful.
Avatar m tn I didnt have any problems with my IUD but if you cant find the string you should call your doctor. It may not be placed correctly and at that point you could fall pregnant with it in if its not placed right. As far as cysts go when i had mine removed the dr did mention that IUDs can cause cysts and can be painful, I would say just follow up with your dr to be sure.. hope this helps a little try not to worry.
4194487 tn?1370049744 It was very much a shock for hubby and I, AND the doctors that I got pregnant with an IUD. The even crazier part was that with a pelvic exam the IUD looked ideal and in the correct place. When verifying that I was pregnant they inserted the vaginal ultrasound and saw that the IUD had moved down into my cervix. Without an ultrasound tho no one would have ever known! Just remember no birth control is 100% effective! Not even having your tubes tied.
Avatar n tn Hi I had a IUD and I took it out so I can get pregnant again. and I had it for 2 years and I got pregnant with in and month so I liked it very much and when i give birth i will put it back for more years. I think it great and no prob. I is up to you how you feel about it good luck.
1244418 tn?1289196829 i never got my period with my IUD either & i had it for 5 years & now im ttc so im totally lost with my cycle too!. i had it taken out 2weeks ago! its early days but i hope i get prego soon fingers crossed!
Avatar f tn ( then when me and my husband went to conceive another baby it took us over a year to get pregnant with this baby. I won't get it again it was literally the worst birth control I've ever seen. I've had a friends fall out and another on it got lost and had to have minor surgery to get it out and another one who ended up with the dang pelvic inflammatory disease you can get from it.
Avatar f tn I just recently had my IUD removed on a Wednesday afternoon. The Sunday evening before that, me and my husband had sex and I was ovulating during that time. What are the chances that the sperm was still been in my body on Tuesday? Do you think I could get pregnant from that?
541196 tn?1293556536 I was hoping I could get some feedback from women who have or are currently using an IUD. I have been on oral contraceptive for 2 years and had to go off it for some other medical problems. I likely have a pituitary tumor and cannot risk getting pregnant (as much as my husband and I want to) before the MRI or during the course of the treatment. My endocrinologist thinks and IUD would be my best bet... any info you could provide me with on the placement and how you like it would be great.
Avatar n tn I have recently had my IUD removed after 2 years so we can try to have another baby..
Avatar f tn Strangely enough I got pregnant despite IUD after something had gone wrong with the strings. That was two decades ago. Possibly it is not an issue anymore with modern IUDs.
Avatar f tn Iud worked fine for me i got it after birth and had it for 5 years, but iddly enough, towards the last year i started getting TERRIBLE cramos and a muh heavier period.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have the IUD for a long time , But my breast hurts so bad and i missed my period last month , ?? could I be pregnant??
Avatar n tn Im scared that there will be something wrong with it or I may have become pregnant.
Avatar n tn Also I would start taking prenatal vitamins ASAP, my Dr told me to start taking them 3 months prior to conceiving to make sure that your body is ready to go. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy. Good luck and hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I have the mirena iud but I've been feeling pregnancy symptoms. I took three urine test and they came back negative. My boyfriend wants me to take a blood test. I have sore boobs, my feet are swelling up, I feel morning sickness and tired a lot.
Avatar f tn was in Facebook and ran across post where moms were talking about a 5 year IUD, I have 2 questions: 1) what is the name of it ?? 2) have anyone of you ladies been on it , if so your experiences ????