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1580318 tn?1550254481 So I had my first pregnancy related vomiting this morning. Was so random and weird. I never vomited with my first pregnancy, and I hadn't vomited with this pregnancy. But for some reason this morning I did. I was feeling nauseous when I woke up like I usually do. But it usually goes away by around lunch time. So I was surprised when I felt the water in the back of my throat and had to make a run for the bathroom. I hadn't even eaten anything yet, so it was just bile coming up.
849762 tn?1288184748 Since 8 weeks pregnant I noticed Symptoms of nausea and food aversion letting up. Since 9 weeks pregnant I've had more vomiting than other time of my pregnancy. The nausea is really mild but yet vomiting occurs. I have more indigestion and that can cause vomitting for me and certain foods i've eaten. today I threw up twice and lots of it. tmi yuck!
1212595 tn?1266213479 m now 3 weeks delayed and got 2 pregnancy test and 1 blood test done but its all negative, and now im having a brown discharge and vomiting too. is that possible that im pregnant even though the test said negative?
1419717 tn?1419339982 Gallbladder removed a couple of weeks ago in attempt to help with the vomiting. Vomiting stopped when acid reflux medication was stopped. Still feeling pretty fragile. Sleeping a lot because of medications.
4337119 tn?1353003799 Found out I was pregnant. Went to the PCC with Cody around noon. Found out an hour later that I was expecting.
514428 tn?1287598456 Well, I've vomited 3 times today...that's the record so far and it's only 1pm. I'm going to the drug store to get a medication that helps with nausea. I had a prescribtion last time with the twins. But I'll try this stuff and if it doesn't work, I'm going to the hosptial AGAIN!!
Avatar f tn Jaden up vomiting during the night
586373 tn?1312031791 Woke coughing at 9, took cough mixture, threw it up 10.30, eventually got back to sleep.
Avatar n tn yet again. i now have a urine infection. it is just one thing after another. i am quite tired and feel a little bit sick still.
501944 tn?1224056021 Well this morning I vomited while getting dressed. Then this afternoon I ate some salad (very little) with Italian dressing about an hour later I vomited it all up! Don't know what to do, I'm really getting worried. Went to Matt's dr. today and I lost 10 lbs since last monday. that would be 9 days.
Avatar n tn violent vomiting upon waking - twice; yellow froth only. Pain and burning starting in chest like starburst and radiating to my shoulders, arms and finger tips. Burning went away after about an hour and then I was just exhausted.
Avatar f tn Possible food poisoning?!
Avatar f tn he threw up at the sitters again. I think I gave him milk too soon. also jean gave him milk to this morning.
Avatar n tn I'm so tired of vomiting and feeling sick...i'm so thirsty and can gulp down a glass of water or juice...
Avatar f tn afteroon -- really upset stomach.
1504203 tn?1289529825 t know if this has anything to do with my vomiting.
Avatar f tn Period arrived on the 10th Sept. On the days leading up to this, I had little sporadic cramps, nothing much, just momentary. The night before I felt miserable, anxious, lonely. I was in the flat in Sumare alone. Next morning when my period began, I felt seriously nauseous, then I started to vomit. I actually vomited all the food from the night before. Felt extremely delicate and sensitive.
546753 tn?1305117498 for the last few weeks i've been agetting at least once a weel terrible vomiting and diaharia?. it lasts about 24 hours then it's ok til the next bout. i have an appt. to see my gp on friday. it seems every week something else pops up either trouble breathing-eating -exhaustion- then more strength and energy than i know what to do with. i don't know what to do anymore. how many times can you call a doctor in a week?
Avatar f tn According to my doc the reason for this I had stopped breathing for a long time which causes lack of oxegen to the brain which cause vomiting. It is quite dangerous and considering I have a heart condition extremely hard on the heart.
Avatar f tn was vomitingbefore 400 pils and called dr and he would not call in a rx for nausea !
1455526 tn?1285319062 Woke up and vomited twice before being able to go back to bed. Then I vomited again at around 7:45 a.m. Also experienced some diarrhea.
663562 tn?1291131883 so, I've barely been able to keep any food down today. Water's ok, cause I'm sipping, but food sits like a rock in my stomach and then comes back up. Feeling extra tired and just well, gross. DD is home with me now, and I don't want to freak her out, but she can hear me getting sick. I told her sometimes having a baby in your tummy can make you get sick. Good enough for now.
1310196 tn?1288368061 At approx. 10pm ate a yogurt (expired) and nausea, vomiting and diarhea followed, headache.
1578129 tn?1296311038 So this morning we went to Lowes to do the Build and Grow with Ava. We built a bird house with Ava, got a free yellow pine sapling and 4 tomatoes plants for only 2 bucks! We went to meet the sisters and brothers in law at Red Robin. I had a cod burger. UGH! Gross and greasy and tasteless. I don't want to go back there again. It's yucky. I'd rather eat at 5 Guys. Then I bought a night gown and pajama set at Kohls for about 13 bucks total. Alex found a good deal on the set!
Avatar f tn First time vomiting this pregnancy about 15 minutes after I took the Concept prenatal. I think these vitamins are the culprit. Since today's pill was washed out of my body, I will take another one before bed (or after dinner) and see if I get better with this routine. Update: Changed my mind and didn't take the pill in the evening. Will wait till tomorrow evening.
1553360 tn?1355848431 slight, in am after breakfast of toast and milk
1553360 tn?1355848431 early morning about 1 AM
1654484 tn?1334240836 I am wondering if I am pregnant due to my severe breast tenderness. Breast as engorged and the nipple looks kinda white in the middle. Also, yesterday, I had severe nausea and vomiting. Today I woke up fine without nausea. Took pregnancy test but it was negative. It was too early anyway but I thought it was worth a try. A friend said her tests would come out positive a week after she ovulates. Not sure.
Avatar m tn did you mean, would it have caused her to lose a pregnancy if she was pregnant? On the chance you meant the first thing, the reason vomiting two days after sex does not mean pregnancy is that it takes five days for an embryo to develop enough to implant in the uterus, and before that it is just floating around. It is not connected to the woman, so would not be able to make her sick.