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Avatar n tn Hey guys I'm,virgi and I've known this boy since babies and were lo g distance so every time o go visit e wants to **** but I'm scared to come out pregnant is te first time a horrible feeling
Avatar f tn I think wait ur peroide and see if its late go to the doctor...
Avatar n tn is it possible for me to be pregnant even though i'm a virgin? my boyfriend came near me, i was sitting on his thigh without panties on and now i'm not sute whether if i'm pregnant or not. i'm supposed to get my period this week so i'm still not late but i'm very worried. can a pregnancy test detect one so early on? this was 2 weeks ago. thanks.
Avatar f tn Mines irregular and it's that big of a problem besides if you were trying to get pregnant but that's awhile down the road. So if it lasts the same time or right around the same time as your normal period you should be fine. There wouldn't be no need to go get seen by a doctor.
Avatar f tn I am about to be 19 years old and I am still a virgin. I have been thinking about loosing it with someone very special to me but I want to know how fertile I will be when I do loose my virginity?
Avatar f tn Just hormones lol hormones and love can do great things but also do bad things haha my worst fear is getting pregnant and if I got pregnant I wouldn't want to aboard it because I love who im dating and it would be our first but at the same time I dont want tk be pregnant through high school:( so I thought that I would wait until marriage so I wouldn't have any worries and we could do it naturally without any birth control such as condoms because I want to be as close to him as possible and I w
Avatar m tn Maybe you are worried about getting her pregnant or something such as that. May you are religious and you think that you should be married in church before doing this to your virgin girlfriend. My advise is that you just wait six more months, date her and do not try to have sex until your ideas mature more. In these six months, mentally figure out what is going on in your head. Maybe you are the type of person that needs to be married before doing this act that bonds you to her for ever.
1178440 tn?1296099798 Also what are the chances of her becoming pregnant if she still is a virgin and we've been very carefull? Thank!!!
Avatar m tn yes you can still get pregnant if you are virgin, all you need is sperm and sperm can live on the outside of the vagina and enter.
Avatar f tn Maybe this is how your S/O is feeling as well. My advice is to communicate with him and let him know how you feel and why. It could be a simple fix, but our emotions are so wacky right now we blow everything into more than it is.
Avatar f tn No, you are not pregnant. You can' t get pregnant having never had sex. Impossible, implausible. Not realistic to even worry about. A penis has to be in your vagina for you to conceive. Hormones though can affect us differently and we get PMS symptoms that are very similar to what people think of as pregnancy symptoms. In reality, women don't get pregnancy symptoms until about 6 to 7 weeks into pregnancy. So, you likely have PMS.
Avatar f tn I'm a virgin but would like to get pregnant through IUI or IVF. In addition to that, i have irregular period. Can i get pregnant?
4043310 tn?1355916247 I actual hate sex now I am one horny pregnant lassie always wantin it, but its just so not worth it for the after pain feel like av been stabbed up my hole lol rant over
Avatar n tn I am 34 years old and still a virgin. The problem is that my breasts lactate. What could be the problem. with this problem, am i capable of getting pregnant if at all i slept with a man?
Avatar m tn Now, i'm over 2 months late and kind of the same story, as i've been even more stressed and anxious, barely sleeping, and then last night I had a panic attack again. I can't be pregnant as I'm a virgin so I'm thinking could it be related to all the stress/anxiety?
Avatar n tn You're still a virgin and this is coming from a nurse. He didn't fully break your hymen (fleshy tissue inside the vagina). When that is fully torn, you would experience slight pain and more bleeding than you describe. There is a zero chance of you being pregnant.