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1901568 tn?1339095541 -) Kendradawn, Yeah my DH likes to help me put lotion on too but it's usually because he's trying to get lucky lol. It's really nice to see this see so many pregnant women who struggle with there DH or father's of their babies it's nice to know that there are some other really lucky women and babies out there too.
1434731 tn?1382725984 Fertility prayer and quotes Fertility Prayer, Prayer for Pregnancy Almighty Creator, hear this fertility prayer and the wishes of my heart. You know my deep desire for a child a little one to love and to hold, to care for, to cherish. Grant that my body may conceive and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby in Your holy image. Guide me in all my choices so that this conception, my pregnancy and my baby's birth are in line with Your will.
Avatar f tn ~Juan Ramon Jimenez [T]he departing world leaves behind… not an heir, but a pregnant widow. ~Alexander Ivanovich Herzen, Other Shore Two and two the mathematician continues to make four, in spite of the whine of the amateur for three, or the cry of the critic for five. ~James McNeill Whistler, Whistler Versus Ruskin, 1878 We are never prepared for what we expect. ~James A. Michener, Caravans The universe is simmering down, like a giant stew left to cook for four billion years.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am wondering if there is any possibility of me being pregnant. I was on the depo shot for 5 months, and my last shot was August 1st 2012. I quit taking it because of the miserable, almost constant, periods I had. After coming off the shot, I had a period that lasted for about 3 months, beginning in September with the last day of bleeding around December 24th 2012. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend several times, using condoms and occasionally just the withdrawal method.
Avatar f tn I been receiving lapers int he mail so I can sign uo my baby to an insurance I have no idea since. O my self only have medical because im pregnant but after that I wont have it ive asked my bf to help me figure out and to choose what insuramce to pick for the baby since I have no idea ive asked my mom but shes like its been so long idk what to tell you...hmm clueless ...
5609044 tn?1383518543 You know your pregnant when you argue with yourself at 3 a.m. In the morning about whether or not to get out of bed to go pee. (haha do you ladies have any quotes?
Avatar f tn I want it to work so badly, maybe it's just being pregnant so soon and newly living together that's throwing me off. Is it normal for feelings to fade and come back? I just feel horrible cause he does everything for me, but still I don't know if I love him! Sometimes I wonder if I am just incapable of love.
897494 tn?1267479664 I'm 6 weeks pregnant and moving this week, all the walls in the place we are moving to are stark white ( which I despise) I really want to paint it. Do you think this would be safe if I wore a mask and had a fan blowing with the window open or is it too risky?
594189 tn?1386920207 I had a M/C 04/07 and now I can't seem to get pregnant anymore. For a lot of the time from that month till now I have not even been ovulating regularly. All I want is to get pregnant again and I keep losing my faith. I just want to get pregnant already. I will be having the CD 21 test tomorrow to make sure that I am ovulating.
Avatar n tn Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
Avatar f tn This makes the liklihood that she really is pregnant by you less so. Why would she say she is pregnant by you? Three reasons come to mind---- first, she's crazy or wants to drive you crazy. Second, she's pregnant by someone else and needs a baby daddy. Or, she really is pregnant. With that in mind, which do YOU think it is? Well, there is an easy remedy to this. Two options---- buy a home pregnancy test yourself, head over and ask her to take it with you there.
Avatar f tn Hey guys! I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I posted here a while ago and got tested via a lab and I tested fully negative via westernblot on each band. I have been having odd symptoms and just knew something was up so I decided to send my blood to igenex via a specialist in the uk... It came back igm positive .... You can imagine how heartbroken I feel as I contracted lyme in the first trimester and only have found out now!
Avatar n tn The combined test is what is positive for you. I think you had a typo with your specific testing that you posted but both were negative. The combined test has a high false positive rate and isn't really a good test to chose for any adult. Disregard the results sinc eyour type specific test results were negative.
Avatar f tn There's no exact science behind it. The average that everyone quotes is day 14, though when I took physiology, my physiology teacher (a practicing doctor) said research at the time was suggesting day 7 could be more accurate. Day 1 is the first day of your period. But the thing is that, regardless what the average day is, it's an average, meaning they took many numbers, added them together, and divided by the amount of numbers.
Avatar f tn I need cute quotes to put on a T-shirt I'm custom making BC I'm 24 and get nasty stares and comments I look very young so people think I'm a teen. Any ideas?!!
535202 tn?1216409060 lol ooooo Then yea your more than likely not pregnant. women have gotten pregnant on bc but its not a great chance at all. what your experienceing its from the bc pills would be my guess.
Avatar n tn If you've had ur cycle then ur not pregnant, maybe bloating because your geting ready to start . Just because you may look like ur pregnant (bloated) doesn't mean that you are.
Avatar n tn I have not gotten my period in almost 3 months I am not pregnant I already took a blood test....Therefore, that means there is something else wrong with me , But before I can get any help I need insurance. Where can I get Health Insurance ? My boyfriend and I need it and he can pay for the both of us....
Avatar f tn Hi, I have not been able to find a reliable resource that quotes this "100% risk after three pregnancies." I do know that the risk of developing diabetes in future is raised with subsequent pregancies with gestational diabetes, and the chances are high that you will have GDB in your next pregnancy. Speak with your doctor and OB-GYN about optimizing your overall health, diet and weight prior to becoming pregnant, as well as developing a plan for care after your delivery.
Avatar f tn Your pill insert should tell you how long it takes to be protected. Upon first look at Cerazette's site, I'm seeing it's progesteron-only. It is very important these sorts of single-hormone pills be taken at the same time daily to be effective. Further research that you may want to note: consult a doctor before taking St. John's Wort if you ever decide to take it at any time as it may interfere.
Avatar f tn hi everyone! I've just found out that I'm about 4 weeks pregnant! What should I be eating and how much should I be eating?
Avatar f tn My problem is that I can't afford to pay for health insurance. I have quotes from companies give me amounts anywhere from 400 a month to a 1,000. I am unemployed, a full-time grad student, and I have student loans up the wahzoo. I just don't have the money to pay for the insurance and the quality of what they are willing to give me is subpar at best. I am not pregnant, have no kids, and I'm not working so I can't qualify for my state, Texas, women's health plan.
Avatar f tn I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and I feel so alone. This feeling I have I just can't kick it, and it seems like it is just getting worse as my pregnancy progresses. Has anyone else felt like this and if so how do u deal with it?
Avatar n tn Oh yeah and your addiction quotes are making me laugh.....From the symptoms I went through I'd say my body was DEFINATELY addicted! Whew.
Avatar f tn i highly dislike women without kids telling me what to do while pregnant so i say " do you have kids ?
Avatar f tn I'm 35+1 and this pregnancy just keeps getting more and more real for me I had been told since the age of 12 I'd never get pregnant due to way to many cyst problems.. well here I am with probably one of the healthiest pregnancies I've heard of I guess all throughout this last 35 weeks I kept expecting docs to say.. oops your not pregnant it was just some fluke accident we thought u were..
9292345 tn?1405323035 Practice rubbing your belly and talking to your baby. I'm 18 pregnant with my second kid online pregnancy quotes cheers me up to this very day. Only your little one can hear what your heart sounds like from the inside.
Avatar f tn Not sure about abortion quotes but I know Planned Parenthood works on a sliding income scale. Depends on where you live. If the condom broke almost a week after ovulating, I think your odds of pregnancy are slim to none. The egg only survives about 24 hours or so. You also took Plan B well within the correct time frame. Plan B's about 85% effective if used properly, but it can give you a good scare because there's a lot of potential side effects you don't find on the box.
193988 tn?1215027483 Either DON'T F*CKING GET PREGNANT! Or Get pregnant, and eitiher A- deal with the conciquences. Or B- Set it up for adoption if you can't handle it. I would never put my kid for adoption cuz my mother was adopted and I see how much it hurts her that she doesn't know her REAL family... So it looks like I'm dealing with the conciquences.
Avatar n tn Just a thought but it could be. I know my hubby was worried and scared...providing for a baby, thinking of the future, etc's a big responsibility. I hope everything goes perfectly well for you! HUGS!