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Avatar f tn hey i have a platy she has the gravid spot and kinda chubby but has not been acting right shes been behind the filter and her restroom has hung from her for over a hour.
Avatar f tn Hi everybody! Iam new to this forum. Today is my 15th day post IUI. Iam prescribed with PUREGEST 100 till today. When should I go for pregnancy test. Iam scared to go for the test. What would be the symptoms, if it is positive.
Avatar n tn you should use protection if you dont wnat to have any kids i want a baby and im trying realy hard to concieve and here it is that you might be pregnant and your thinking about killing your baby well you shouldn't have had sex then but i will give you some options it depends on how far along you are and if you have a planned parenthood in yopur community then they can help with the abortions if not you can go to the county department of health ( board of health) to get the abortion as long as yo