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3106038 tn?1346813169 Idk if I'm still gonna be pregnant by Halloween so I've been putting off getting anything but I was gonna stick doll arms thru one of my shirts and hang a little pumpkin pail from it with some fake blood so it looks like bubs trying to escape from my belly lol
1416390 tn?1333901604 So we have a big party this weekend. My dh has so much work to do- it has been left up to me. Thing is- I could care less! I could do the easy thing and get a witches hat and wear a black dress but then what does my dh go as? I was thinking mother earth or mother nature- paint ta globe on a t-shirt- put flowers in my hair- dress kind of like a hippy but then again- what does my dh go as?
Avatar n tn HA! I like that one. Maybe a pregnant nun? Other women paint their bellies like a pumpkin, a basketball, a beach ball or something else you can carry around as part of a costume. I was thinking of ideas for my self. I will 22.5 weeks then and I think we will have a lot of tick or treaters! Have fun!
Avatar f tn Halloween is my absolute favorite day of the year. No matter how old I get, I still love to dress up, and break out the makeup kit and be whatever I want. This year for Halloween, I'll be 36 weeks pregnant, and was looking for some cute ideas on a costume that will make the best of this huge baby bump! Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have been trying to find a costume or something creative too.
212720 tn?1304375415 If I am feeling up to it, my DH and I will go as a priest and a pregnant nun. I've always wanted to do that so this is the year! But, that is less than 3 weeks from my due date, so we'll see.
150937 tn?1235943880 surprise, I went as a Q tip once. haha. How odd is that coincidence? It was a really fun costume - I dressed in solid blue (many q tips had blue sticks before) and used quilt batting to make a tall cotton hat, and batting around each leg. I really did look like a q-tip! My best friend used to have halloween parties every year, and we did some fun costumes.
Avatar f tn This year I will proudly walk the neighborhood in my vampire costume with my 6 and 8 yr olds with a clear mind and no worries about how long I have before the high wears off! People will be seeing the real me without the drug induced "Mask"! Have a safe and fun night and good luck to all who are fighting!
Avatar f tn Im only 17 weeks so i can still barely squeeze into my referee costume from last year lol. I wanted to go as a pregnant person but im not big enough that people really notice my belly right away.
Avatar n tn his costume is adorable! i checked out his site, very cute! you are wanting to get pregnant again are'nt you? good luck! i have my 3 boys, i am through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would like a girl but looks like i am set up for boys!
Avatar f tn I saw a pregnant lady costume with baby doll limbs sticking out of the tummy and the hand holding a little pumpkin for candy.
Avatar m tn hey my name is octavia and i be soooooo sleepy and i eat alot and i cant lay on my stomach and i be havein real bad pains and i took a pregnant test and it dnt say nun and i beein sick i cant hold nun down so ...... ima dnt have period soo......
5703337 tn?1372711365 dito ako ngayon sa dubai tumading ako d2 nun september 2012, nagpa medical ako nun october 10,2012 result non-reactive.. housewife lang ako.. umuwi kami ng pilipinas ng May 2013 10days lang for short liv ng husband ko.. pagkakalam ko isa sa kapamilya ko meron hepa...nag stay kami sa bahay ng mga 4days lang then sa biyenan ko then back to dubai na ulit kami..
427382 tn?1298209586 Anyone going to a Halloween party? I am trying to come up with a costume, but the day is fastly approaching and I don't have a definate plan yet. Was thinking Juno. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Years ago, I went as a pregnant lady. Of course the joke was that everyone knew I wasn't pregnant. This hilarious yuk would lose its fizz this year. :) But the reason I mentioned it was that it was the easiest costume I ever made. Next year, wrap your son in bloody bandages made of sheets, simple, effective, and appealing to a boy.
Avatar f tn ok my period cam on for 7 day but just a light spot da hold 7 days can i b pregnant nun heavy like my reagler period so can i b pregnant
4715985 tn?1371582997 I got two year old twins and they were born August 5,2010! They first Halloween costume was a pumpkin and a fairy! They second Halloween costume was a bumblebee and lady bug, and the past Halloween they were male and female ghols! This year I have a little boy in may and I'm thinking animals for all 3!
Avatar f tn So my boyfriend always tells me ion do nun but sleep , I'm 38weeks man I need my sleep. I got my maternity leave at 36weeks from my job . ugh he jus doesn't n will never get it , I hate it he tells me I'm lazy AF and don't do nun but sleep . ugh so Aggy!!!
Avatar n tn Anyone know of a good website or where to get maternity halloween costumes? I'm taking my 2 year old out this year and was thinking of dressing up, but I don't know where to find a maternity costume or a costume that would be suitable for a pregnant lady. I'm only 18 weeks, but thought if there was a maternity costume that it'd be fun. What are others doing for Halloween if you are dressing up?
8488481 tn?1410326209 You'll be taking a gazillion pictures in that first couple weeks anyway... you'll probably want costume pics even though you're pretty unlikely to be leaving the house in costume. My son was born in March and went home from the hospital in a little bat costume, but we're a little on the silly side.
Avatar f tn What was ur babies first Halloween costume?? Or what will it be? My baby girl is due in July her first holiday is going to be halloween and will only be about 3 months old. But I still definitely want her to take part :)!
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