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Avatar n tn So yeaterday i took 2 hpt and i found out that i am in fact pregnant. Now what? What do i do?
1485165 tn?1288354980 Hello ladies (: so I discovered I'm pregnant (: <3 but now its like "now what" what should I be feeling, I'm very nervous.what should be the first thing to do.should I already change my eating habits,can I use force. I'm here at school so there is not much to start doing today,but a little advice should help (: thank you for your time.
799697 tn?1445747464 panel and informed me i needed to be vac for mmr and so I was , the nurse informed me i should wait to try to get pregnant again for 4 weeks .
549876 tn?1219955870 I still have all the symptoms of being pregnant! When i had the last m/c i knew two days before bc i just didnt feel pregnant anymore i cant explain it but this time i dont! im so scared! im trying to be calm but i just want this baby so bad!!!! just like i wanted the other! im just going crazy while trying to think positive!
339229 tn?1243048894 I know it sounds funny coming from the girl that said she never wanted to be pregnant again, but it just makes me think ya know? let me know what you think. is 3-5 years too long? or should my boy and i try for another one within the next 1-2??? ps i'm posting pictures of my baby graham right now so check them out!!!
Avatar f tn If you mean as far as what to do about pregnancy, you should make an appointment with your OB or a midwife and they will confirm and do tests. And start taking prenatals in the mean time. Congrats!
Avatar f tn Well give it at least a whole week to be late or maybe even two weeks because there were 5weeks in the month of April as this will sometimes cause a relay or early onset of your menstral cycle. It could also be due to stress the reason for it to be late or not come at all? Are you stressin about anything that you can think of?!?
Avatar m tn and its been two weeks since then and now im spotting. im forsure it is spotting because it is nowhere near a period. i dont know what to do. its a really light red, i guess i shouldnt even describe it as a light red, cause its pink. and it doesnt go on my panyliner at all. its been going on for two days already and this morning i noticed it going lighter. oh no, does this mean theres highly chances of me being pregnant? i need your opinions since i cant have this conversation with anyone.
1580318 tn?1550258081 Well I really felt good about this cycle, and not getting AF. But I was disappointed once again. So now our next step is to get DF's sperm tested. And he's freaking out. He said he'll do it for me, but he's scared he will hear something terrible. He's afraid that I won't love him anymore if it comes out bad and he can't give me another child. All I can do is keep reassuring him. I'm getting a little scared.....Does anyone have any advice?
1243232 tn?1268588728 Im young and been off of the pill for 3 months now after taking it for al little over a year..ive timed my ovaltion and been having healthy sex. What now? I dont know what im doing wrong is my body producing eggs? Im I not having sex the right way? (him on top) We've been at this since ive been off the pill and have no other ways of answering our what now?
1173250 tn?1292265234 ok so I am three days late ovulated between the 6th and 11th and still no AF and ABFN!!!!!!!! What now? I have never missed a period and not stressing anymore than normal? What would you do?
495055 tn?1259704550 can't do that b/c birthmom decided to give the baby to another family . . . OK, what now?
340344 tn?1195657287 i am 20 yrs old and i found out i had multiple sclerosis and cidp after i had my first daughter in october 2006 now i am pregnant again i have so many people telling me that i shouldnt have gotten pregnant again because of the risk from me having both diseases but honestly i want to know what are the risks what is going to happen to me if anything will? will it be like the first time me be hospitalized for a mth or will it be better or worse?
Avatar f tn try a different brand mby or go get a blood test
Avatar n tn It's hard to think of continuing on if it didn't work yet. We can obviously fertilize, but we can't get pregnant, what can we do next? It's getting tougher and tougher with each failure ...
291233 tn?1347301126 I joined... now what do I do? Just add questions? I wanted to post an update. I got my blood work back today. I am exactly 2 weeks past my IUI today. I had my blood test this morning and it came back at 99.9. They want a repeat done next Weds. 12\12\12 is our estimated due date as of right now. U/S at 6 weeks will tell more. I want to be excited but... that's hard for me.
Avatar f tn What are foods. Should avoid? What are things I should avoid to keep from miscarriage? Its my first time pregnant and am scared. I just want to keep my baby safe as well as my self..