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Avatar n tn Maybe you can get a state Medicare for your baby
Avatar f tn Yes you will lose your insurance because you will no longer be a dependent under your mom, youll be Seen by the the state as a dependent under your husband
Avatar f tn We finally got pregnant (our miracle baby) I'm about 6 weeks and NO insurance. Deadline for coverage was Feb 15th. Any recommendations for insurance or ideas Thank you.
Avatar f tn No way! Call the mass health office. All pregnant women in ma without insurance are covered automatically, no questions. I had my insurance approved hours after I found out I was expecting. Just keep calling!
Avatar n tn Ok, we've been trying to get pregnant for two years. My first pregnancy was an ectopic in October 05 and my last was a miscarriage in May 06. Between October 05 and May 06 I only had two periods, and since the end of May when I had my miscarriage, I've only had two cycles. Right now, I'm on cycle day 90. I've taking tests, and I'm not pregnant. I've talked to my doctor, and he's not concerned at all. I've tried birth control, and that didn't regulate me.
Avatar f tn Yes you do, here in the UK we have the nhs so we don't have to pay, but other countries like US don't have nhs they have health insurance instead so, like with our car insurance, if u don't have insurance or ur insurance doesn't cover it then u have to pay
Avatar f tn I want to get married within the next two weeks. He missed the deadline for insurance through his work, so he wouldn't be able to cover me through his insurance until next year, so would I still be able to have insurance through medicaid, or would it be taken away since we would be married? I know it's kind of a personal qurstion, but I'm very confused & not sure how all this will work. Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn I'm frustrated with insurance. We got this Obama care stuff-- consumer choice. I had it before I was pregnant. When nothing is wrong its great! $30/ month. But the OBGYN that is covered by them is 30 minutes away. She works out of a hospital that is not covered by them!!! How crazy is that! So due to bleeding and being rh+ I had to go to the ER with authorization from my OB. That ER visit is costing me $2000 because it was not covered at that hospital.
768015 tn?1333655675 Ok so I am about 6 weeks pregnant and have no insurance. I applied one week ago for insurance and they told me it could take another 2 weeks for them to even let me know if I was approved. I have a doctor's appointment monday which I will have to cancel being that it is to expensive to pay out of pocket. I don't know what to do. I'm worried that I haven't been to a doctor yet or had any blood drawn or checked my HCG levels. How long does it usually take to get insurance after applying?
Avatar f tn I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant with our first and I don't have insurance. My husband and I don't qualify for Medicaid. any one of you ladies have any suggestion or know of some programs that could help us out? We live in Texas.
Avatar f tn Ok so I've been trying to get insurance but its hard because I'm already pregnant & I make to much money to receive medicaid. Has anyone else been thru this our is anyone else going thru this situation? Also is there any other way I can get insurance?
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks pregnant and still haven't been to a prenatal visit with the doctor because I have no insurance. I am not able to produce all of the documents needed in order to obtain health insurance and I cannot afford to pay $1000 per visit. Do you guys know of any other options that I'd be able to utilize so that I can know what's going on with my baby?
Avatar f tn If u don't have Insurance apply for medicaid ASAP! The Processing time 4 pregnant women is 15 days max so I really recommend u do that cuz u really should be going to the dr every month regardless of ur belly & baby are doing good cuz u anyways wanna make site it stays that way..once u apply for medicaid u can talk to ur drs office and see if they will wrk with u and bill u so medicaid can pay once u get approved cuz medicaid pays bills 3 months back...
Avatar n tn I currently have no insurance. I live in Illinois now but plan on moving back to Michigan to be around my family. Is anybody familiar with where I should try and purchase insurance? confused about where to set up ob appointments and how to to start this journey. First time mom to be. 7weeks.
Avatar f tn Almost 12 weeks pregnant with no health insurance! I need to go to the doctor ASAP but idk what to do!
Avatar f tn I am in my 13th week and I still haven't seen a doctor because I have no insurance and cannot get insurance until November 14 because of Obama care. I am really stressed. I've been taking a prenatal vitamin since I found out but I have a history of preterm birth so I am very worried. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do until I get insurance?
Avatar n tn I want to do it again but we dont have medical insurance, I wanted to know if anyone know about any health insurance we can buy that will pay for IVF?? I know I might have to wait but I want to start getting information. Also,, anybody know of a fertility clinic that let you do more than one try for 1/2 price or give you any discount if the first IVF failed????? Thank you...
1007532 tn?1332771526 I had to see an endocrinologist to learn about this. So while you don't have any insurance, there is really no other way to know for sure medically what is causing the problem, and there are SOOOO many reasons that women have amenorrhoea (no periods). So, if it is possible, try the medical route first before you go to the fertility clinics. That would have saved me $120.00 also, if I had of tried that first! And I do have medical coverage, but fertility was not covered! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Luckily, I had insurance through dad, but my baby wasn't able to get any insurance at all so we got a big bill from the hospital for him. They hospital had us take out a loan from the bank to pay it. It definitely stinks! You should definitely get prenatal care because you never know what could go wrong like in my case I had pre-eclampsia. Like other ladies suggested, talk to different doctors and see if they will set up a payment plan. I only have to pay my doctor $50 a month.
Avatar f tn All these years I paid for insurance coverage at my job. I decided at the end of last year to not re enroll because I was not going to the dr that much and it was getting too expensive for insurance I wasn't using. I never expected to get pregnant (hint: if you are trying to get pregnant, drop your insurance, it works). Now I can't enroll and no company will cover it even though I haven't confirmed it with a dr yet. It will show that I was pregnant before I enrolled.