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Avatar f tn So I had my interview today with my dream job I have always wanted it went great I wanted to be honest and I told them that I was 35 weeks pregnant an I have 5 more weeks to go at the end of the interview I don't no how they feel about that but they was asking me question like what are you having, what's the baby name, you don't look pregnant, is this your first child then they went onto saying they have kids also and telling me there names im so nervous I pray that they will work with me becaus
Avatar f tn Its also illegal in my country to get fired for being pregnant no matter if you're casual or not. I got a job with my first when I was 18 weeks along. I told them after a couple days just so they knew I wasn't going to be there long term and they were cool with it. It was only casual work so its not like I took a full term role to try get some maternity leave out of them.
Avatar n tn Im going to be starting a new job this week. Im 8 weeks 4 days today. There is a 90 probation with them but not sure when I should tell them im pregnant. The job will require me to push carts some times. So i can be doing to much dute to i had a IUD removed las weeks. There for there already a chance of miscarriage. Not sure on what to do.
7791645 tn?1394296001 I had an interview and still got the job when I was pregnant with my daughter so it's possible to get a job while pregnant.
Avatar f tn Today is my first day at my new job. I'm nervous. Because noone knows I'm pregnant. I was afraid they wouldn't hire me.. But I know ny limitations. Wish me luck!
Avatar n tn I recently got this new job serving in a restaurant. The restaurant doesn't open until the 9th of this month, but we've been training. I just found out I'm 8 weeks pregnant a few days ago and I'm terrified to tell my managers. Fearing that they might fire me. This job is an "at will" job so, they can let us go for any reason. Should I tell them before the restaurant opens or just wait? Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar f tn I got a new job as a home care worker im five months but not really showing when should i tell them i am pregnant cause i want to resume working for them after i have my baby so when should i let them know im expecting
Avatar f tn I'll be 15-16wks when I start my new job 2. when after getting the job would you tell them? legally i don't have to tell bc they can't not hire me for that reason. the job process is a month long and I'm 11wks monday.
Avatar f tn So this is my first pregnancy and I found out after excepting a new job and on my two week notice for my old job. My question is when should I tell my new job that I'm pregnant? I'm only 5 weeks now.
Avatar f tn Does being pregnant hurt your chances at a new job? I've been going to school to become a paralegal assistant, my long term goals would be a parole/probation officer and maybe even a lawyer when all is set in stone. I recently applied and submitted my resume to the Adult Probation office in town as an administrative clerk. Well, they finally emailed me yesterday that they liked my resume and would like to interview me on Friday! I'm sooooooooooo excited, but nervous at the same time.
Avatar f tn I started my new job today.yay! I'm just praying that I can get threw the next six months. I'm a single parent on my third pregnancy.. sometimes thinking wats was I thinking..
1877875 tn?1422450457 I just got a new job today. However during the interview I did NOT tell them I was pregnant. How do I go about telling them this? I need the job and the money. There is no way that they can fire me correct? Should I just wait to tell them even though Im gonna b showing soon?!
Avatar f tn I just got hired for a new job and start orientation on Tuesday the 2nd of September. I didn't tell them that I'm pregnant and ofcourse they didn't ask. When is a good time to tell them? I'm 19 weeks now , I got this job pretty quickly got hired on the spot. It's in the medical field, I'll be doing CNA stuff and running around a lot. Any suggestions????
Avatar f tn I started my new job and found out I was pregnant a month later, they cannot fire you for being pregnant, hang in there girl! As long as you show your worth, they will probably want to keep you around. The tough part for us mama's is leaving our babies to go back to work, idk how I'm gonna be able to do that, but I love my job and it is important to me as I'm sure it is the same for you.
Avatar n tn hi all what are the rights if I'm starting a new job 8weeks pregnant. When do I tel the boss!? Will I get maternity pay? Eeek!!
Avatar f tn I'm 27 weeks & 3 days , and starting a new job this week. I plan on stop working at 39weeks I'm not showing yet, so when I do I tell them I'm pregnant ?
Avatar f tn Just started a new care assistance job 2 weeks ago. How do I now tell my manager I'm pregnant? I think I'm about 12weeks by now. My doctors appointment not until late 11th July.
Avatar f tn I'm starting a new job next Monday. I'm 18 weeks pregnant, and haven't told them. Any advice? I don't think FMLA applies to me since I'm new there, and don't want to lose my current insurance and not be covered for my c-section.
9792606 tn?1416286244 Just be like i forgot to mention in my job interview that i am pregnant but just because im pregnant doesnt mean i will be less capable of doing my job as i would do it if i wasnt pregnant. Make them feel as if you are completely capable of doing everything they ask of you to do as you would if you werent pregnant.
Avatar f tn How far along are u? Whats the probationary period of your new job? They cant let u go because your preggo but if u jump the gun and tell them to early they can let u go for not being able to fully demonastrate all aspects of the job that are required. Just a thought. Ive been a retail manager for years and hr can be pretty sleazy.
Avatar f tn I'm so scared and excited I'm 35 weeks and I'm starting a new job on Friday. They know I'm pregnant and am due next month but I'm so scared they are going to take back their offer because I probably will barely be there a month before I go on maternity leave.
Avatar f tn I am 11 weeks pregnant and I'm starting a new job this week. I obviously didn't tell them that I was pregnant but I feel like I have lied to them and now they are going to be mad when I come out and say it. When should I and how should I? It's a very conservative bank and I'm only part-time because I'm in college but I do graduate in May so they already offered me the full-time position after graduation. I'm scared they will not give me it in May because obviously by then I will be showing...
Avatar f tn I just started a new job and I'm 15 weeks. I told my boss when she called to ask for an interview because she seemed really nice and I didn't want to waste her time. Turns out my temporary position worked out perfectly for her, and I felt much better about being honest, especially since I got sick at work today.
Avatar f tn So I just found out Saturday that I'm pregnant, 5 weeks, and I started a new job this past Tuesday. Thankfully I don't have any nausea yet, but I'm nervous about people (strangers!) finding out. I couldn't be happier but I feel a little guilty too, knowing I'm going to be missing so much work. Insurance coverage starts in a couple weeks so I feel like I need to wait to make a Dr appointment. Also no vacation for three months so I'm not sure how I'll get out of work to go to appointments.
Avatar f tn Is it a good idea to look for another job or will they not hire me because im preg? My plan that I want to happen is get a new job take my 401k out to pay my rent till tax time and when tax time come I can pay off my lease?