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Avatar m tn Is it possible for your husband to kno your pregnant b4 you do? My husband swears that I am pregnant but my period is not due till next Friday... Any advice?
Avatar f tn How many of you girls are pregnant and feel like your boyfriend/ baby daddy would rather hangout with his friends than you??
Avatar f tn Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of hearing about men and their pregnant women fetishes?... on some social media sites I have guys asking for pictures of my belly or telling me they wanna hang out because pregnant women are a fetish to them, and things like that... personally, I feel disrespected by it because ive always made it clear that im still with the baby's father and how cheating isn't an option, but yet they seem to disregard that..
Avatar f tn Why is it as soon as you get pregnant. .. the guy turns into stupid.I'm 29. Trying to enjoy being a ftm but my so called boyfriend is not being supportive of my needs and want... instead he thinks im being controlling bc I ask him to take out the trash or even come home at night. i have already mad the decision to kick him out... bc I want to be happy. I will not compromise when it comes to a man being a man.
Avatar f tn Ugh sometimes I wish men could feel what it's like to be pregnant. To feel all of the aches and pains that come with it. My husband keeps calling me a baby when I tell him I don't want to eat certain foods. I keep telling him it's because it will make me sick! He is so going to have most of the diaper duty when this kid arrives!!
Avatar f tn Why are these men i dont know mssging me on my kik and my insta saying marry me i wanna raise ur baby or ill be the daddy? Its so creepy!
Avatar f tn Also he hasn't initiated sex since I fell pregnant so I'm feeling like he's not attracted to me anymore. Though when I was pregnant with our first he coyldnt keep his hand off me. Just scares me to think he's you going out somewhere without me and that there will be very attractive girls there. And ill be at home looking after our son. He has told me to come if it makes me feel better but I feel ilike he doesn't want me there cause it means he won't enjoy himself as much.
Avatar f tn I have a 19 week old son and im 15 weeks pregnant again. Just lately fella is always wanting sex and if I don't give it him we argue. I've been very ill with both pregnancy's but that doesn't seem to sink in. I don't work at the moment and he says you can't be tired you don't do anything.
Avatar f tn My bf is the exact same way. I'm now 18w3d but from the day we found out I was pregnant he's been like that. It gets annoying sometimes but I'd rather have him than not. Ya know?
Avatar f tn we deserve better.. i dont understand that either.. we've given up all that we could even giving them a child.. which means we could get a lot of pain and all that stuff.. my husband just left me.. he chose to be with someone else over me and my hurts like hell..
Avatar n tn This is my first pregnancy and my baby's father is 32 and he left me when I let him know I might be pregnant. a week later I found out I was 7wks and he couldn't care less. I know how you feel my ex is 32 and says he's not ready for a baby and it will ruin his career. I could care less bout him and honestly abortion was never an option for me to even consider that's not my thing.
Avatar f tn It's so frustrating! If you've never been pregnant you do not have the right to judge pregnant women, WE ARE GROWING A HUMAN BEING (sometimes more than one at a time) WE CAN COMPLAIN AS MUCH AS WE WANT TO COMPLAIN!
Avatar f tn My only complaint is he is having a hard time dealing with the decline in our sex life (it's extremely painful every time we do it ever since becoming pregnant) but I still try to do it as much as I can stand or do other stuff to fulfill his needs. He does everything he can for me, financially, physically, emotionally etc and how he deals with my crazy hormonal days is just amazing so the least I can do is fulfill his one need when I can!
Avatar f tn 30 so he cud go back to bed even tho I cud barely keep my head up n has ago wen I say I cnt u wud think there tge pregnant ones its patheticc lol n sorry to high jack lol x
Avatar f tn Why are men so sly on there phones?? Dobt get me wrong I do trust my partner, but everytime I even so much go near his phones he panics like mad. Ive never doughted him really but I know if I was to ask him to let me on his phone out of curiosity he would rather split up with me and that makes me feel like he is hiding something!!
Avatar f tn How many of you girls are pregnant and feel like your boyfriend/ baby daddy would rather hangout with his friends than you??
Avatar f tn The other night I try to seduce him, the way I do almoat every night, and he totally shut me down in a rude way. Today I've been cleaning and getting everything done I've been putting off (as I'm 36 weeks pregnant, have depression and spd and I'm exhausted) while taking care of my 2 yr old with the stomach flu. Well after my house was spotless I realized I over did it and my spd pain is next to unbearable and I'm having BH contractions VERY frequently.
Avatar f tn I did it for the first time in almost 4 months (I stopped going out at about 3 months when I started showing) and seriously, drunk men + clearly pregnant woman at a bar = bad news! I finally just went and had my friend stay near me all night so they would leave me alone!
Avatar f tn Men please leave me be! I am 26 weeks pregnant and I get more hellos and how u doing more often now compared to when I wasn't pregnant! My body hasn't changed (no big butt or boobs). My weight is in my stomach...So I don't understand what they see... Just leave me be...I'm doing fine and hello back to ya!
Avatar f tn Exactly, my husband refused to believe I was pregnant (we were just dating and had broke up the day I found out I was pregnant, I found out a few hours after he broke up with me) he kept asking everyone if the picture of the positive test I sent him really was positive lol. It took his mom coming over and being there while I took a test and seeing all the others one I'd taken before he came to.gripes with it.
3051663 tn?1345223481 Why are men such big freaking babies when they get the slightest bit sick? I hate it. I mean i am 29+3 weeks pregnant and was sick a few weeks ago. I didn't complain. My hubby gets a sore throat and is acting like he is dying bc he can't swallow that well. So go to the freaking er wanna be a baby. I have been taking care of him and a sick 3 year old. Plus being.pregnant. May sound petty of me but where is my "How you doing Hun?" Sorry had to vent.
Avatar f tn If you aren't with a reproductive endocrinologist (infertility doc) yet, ask for referral, depending on how long you have been trying and having issues getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn I'm pretty calm actually for being 9 months pregnant. Men just don't and won't ever understand... they just need to learn how to ve patient with us.
Avatar f tn I'm almost 35 weeks & mine says "no your pregnant. I can't it doesn't work anyways you have watermelon in the way" I have needs to your not the only one. He doesn't get it..
Avatar f tn You should not wait any longer what is something is happening with your baby. And your waisting time looking for your bd. Call the ambulance and tell them your not feeling "well" and that your pregnant with no one there that could take you to the emergency room. Hope everything gos well for you and the baby .
Avatar f tn And yes I understand how you feel. Around 20 weeks pregnant I hit depression and wanted a cat. Now being pregnant I can't change the kitty litter. my fiance Bought the cat for me and changes the litter. Never once do he throw in my face that I'm the one who wanted it. He understands the wishy-washy-ness of pregnancy. And if he had tried throwing it in my face I would have told him the same thing you told your man.