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Avatar m tn Hello I am a 21 year old man. I had erectile dysfunction and terribly low libido for 5 years. (no more morning erections :(, half-solid erections) I recently decided to go to a urologist to check what is wrong. He ordered testosterone and prolactin dosing. Results: Prolactin 21.67ng/mL (normal<18 in men) but shouldn't it be around 8 at my age? Total Testosterone: 521 (normal between 100something-1000something) but shouldn't it be around 670-700 at my age?
Avatar m tn But, this does not mean there is NO chance a woman can get pregnant from pre-ejaculate.
Avatar n tn what are the most chances of gettin a woman pregnant? a man that haS trouble staying hard" and has no pre *** cuz he ejaculated already (into a condom) and went to take a shower after or a man who literally EJACULATES IN U??
Avatar n tn and she refuses to let me go with her to the doctor so he has no proof that she really is/was ever pregnant. I am a mess because if she really is/was pregnant then I want to do the right thing and be there for her, but if this is a lie then I need to get as far away as possible and never speak to her or see her again. This is just a terrible situation - because I feel that I am being held hostage by her and in the end I may never know the real truth; since she will not provide any proof...
Avatar n tn But today me and my bf had anal sex..I know that anal sex can get you pregnant but is it still possible if he didn't ***? I know sperm can get into your vagina when a man ejaculates during anal sex...What if he did not ejaculate...Also we used a lubricant and I also researched that lubes can prevent the motility of the sperm...So what do you think guys? Can I become pregnant? Please help! I'm stressing....I need help..Thanks..Your advice would be greatly appreciated...
Avatar n tn But today me and my bf had anal sex..I know that anal sex can get you pregnant but is it still possible if he didn't ***? I know sperm can get into your vagina when a man ejaculates during anal sex...What if he did not ejaculate...Also we used a lubricant and I also researched that lubes can prevent the motility of the sperm...So what do you think guys? Can I become pregnant? Please help! I'm stressing....I need help..Thanks..Your advice would be greatly appreciated...
Avatar n tn Yes, I got a neg. test when I was almost 7 weeks. I KNEW I was pregnant and the Dr. kept telling me that the test was neg. So I demanded a blood test and ultrasound and the baby was indeed there. She is now 7 years old! Hope it turns out for you!
Avatar n tn And also, unless you want a baby, I would go back on the pill or find another method of birth control besides the pull out method. I'm 32 years old and 34 weeks pregnant because my fiance and I used the "pull out" method.
800427 tn?1324949319 she isnt even a teenager yet. she was 10 when she got pregnant..unbelieveable ...apparently her mother is taking care of her and the baby now but where was she before this?! How does a mother let their 10 year old daughter get pregnant? I understand that you cant keep your eyes on them all the time once they hit 14 or 15 and i can see how accidental pregnancies happen then...but 10? I'm sorry but when does a 10 year old girl even get a chance to get pregnant at a co ed sleepover?
Avatar m tn The kids must sing songs that only talk about X-mas in the generic, you notice there is no Christ, songs like “Fruitcake” and “Old Man Winter” are pushing the limits. The news just talked about one school district that had to take down their “Giving Tree” because it was a religious symbol (?) and put up two gender neutral snow people. Wouldn’t free and brave people say let’s celebrate this season for what it is?
Avatar n tn None of them even matter to me as much as the two I heard relating to birth defects YEARS after the mother had taken ACCUTANE. I have read tons about NOT getting pregnant while on the medicine, that I understand. However having children is my soul purpose in life and I will absolutely not go on this drug if it will cause birth defects AFTER being off it. Please offer me some insight before I make a mistake....
1636472 tn?1439186588 // ) on the inside cavity of my uterus where implantation is suppose to take place!! At that moment I KNEW that my heart was right, that my gut feeling was spot on. I don't want to say that I am happy there is a growth but I am relieved knowing that there is something other than ovulation preventing pregnancy from happening. I was beginning to lose hope and my mind all at the same time.
Avatar n tn there is too much of a margin of error. The only way that pre ejaculate can get you pregnant is if the man has had intercourse recently and has not urinated to clean out his urethra. Because there can still be sperm in the urinary tract, and this is the tube pre ejaculate comes from, then hypothetically yes, there can be sperm in pre ejaculate. However if this does not occur, then there is no sperm in pre ejaculate.
Avatar n tn // says the following: "Sho-Saiko-To reacts adversely with interferon treatment, and can lead to health complications if taken concurrent with interferon treatment." If I were in beautiful Matsumoto and wanted to give it a try, I'd have no problem buying the product from a pharmacy. Here in North America, it's a mug's game whether it seriously harms or possibly helps. And it's never a cure.
Avatar f tn man ive had all this heart racing fatigue stomach symptoms as its beating diarrhea and many more when i get anxious about something not to say about panic attacks anxiety is hell
Avatar f tn It'll be a yr in march since I left my ex and even kno it hasn't been easy for me at all I stayed strong because I knew I deserved better !!!!! I was pregnant and that didn't matter he still beat the crap out of me , I was even put in the hospital 2 different times once I thought he broke my arm and the other he threw a camera at me luckily it hit my hand and not my belly . He almost killed my kitten too he threw her into the wall but a vet saved her.
1590266 tn?1297048822 Hi, I'm 23 yr old female, 5 1/2 months pregnant. In the summer of 2006, I had a string of a couple of days where my face stayed visibly flushed constantly. I thought I was coming down with something, because my face was hot to the touch, as if I had a fever. On about the third day of this, I tried to take a bite of my sandwich on my lunch break, and realized that eating or the thought of it made me extremely nauseous.
Avatar n tn I hope it's ok to butt in like this, I'm not sure if I read that wrong or not, but there is a 14 year old that is TRYING to get pregnant?? In the town I live in there is a 8th grader 7 months pregnant!! It's so sad! I really feel for her. I don't think she meant to get pregnant, but my heart goes out to her. It's kinda weird how I have been really thinking of this young girl for the past two days and then read about something similar on this.
1477979 tn?1288013894 i was told in december 09 when i was 18 weeks pregnant with my second child that the baby had many problems with her heart and other things and she would not survive and i was expected to miscarry or if i did get full term nothing could be done for her and she would die, it was the hardest dicision of my life to have a induced miscarrage on the 20th december 09 as i could nt cope with the thought of going full term only to have her die and experience any pain the docs said it would ne kinder to
Avatar f tn He mentioned that I might have endometriosis or ovarian cancer but it is less likely since Im only 29years old and am trying to get pregnant. Before that I was diagnosed by my OB a few weeks ago with ovarian cyst on the left side a 3.somethinf and on the right 4.2 [i know how unlucky right to have 2]. I opted for the BC treatment she put me on Junel 1/20 so i have only been taking it for 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn i know i had a doctor right away said no thats not it and went to my doctor now and oddly enough he found it and solved it and man its a new world cramps are sooooo much easier!!!!
Avatar f tn I don't know that 'live vaccine' is used anymore in any vaccination like it used to be, now with the ability to used killed bacteria or viruses, which trigger an immune response which is also effective against the same bugs in live condition.
Avatar m tn she fantasizes about running away with her dog, she asks me my opinion on how she would fare in prison, she hits her twin brother when she gets angry, she will pet her animals (dog and cat) and then carelessly toss them aside, she makes things up, she asked me the best way to commit suicide, she claims there is a ghost in her house, she has fantasized about running away and getting pregnant, and she looks up Youtube videos on how to become a vampire, And she has a hard time remembering me unlik
Avatar f tn Baby needs as much time as they can get inside! Every woman gets tired of being huge and pregnant. Im 38 weeks with a scheduled induction next monday due to medical problems of my own. Have been dilated over 2 weeks with contractions off and on and made no progress. So i totally understand how much it *****..just hang in there! Only a few weeks left!!
Avatar n tn The lower the number they test, the earlier you will know if you are pregnant. Oh, and the 28 days is from the first day of your last period. Try Clear Blue Easy early response... I think it tests a low level of HCG.
599170 tn?1300977493 The school I teach at closed down today too. Being that I am 24 weeks pregnant this really freaks me out, don't worry I already called my OB!!! Anyway two students have type A they are doing further testing and the results will not be back until Monday. So we have no school until then. They also tested the siblings of these students as well. Our school will be thoroughly cleaned and all extra-cirrucliar is cancelled too. Man I really hope this turns out okay.
464337 tn?1237655255 I have been feeling mister man moving for about 2 weeks now so it is so different now. I miscarried last year at 14 weeks and I can NOT go through that again... I am sorry if this is long but I needed to vent and get this out. I am just trying to understand as much as possible about what is going on... Bed rest *****!! I am not going to be a happy camper If I have to stay on bed rest the rest of this pregnancy.
963268 tn?1312903915's_test Basically, if you aren't able to keep your balance with your eyes closed, and your feet together, then you have a problem with the dorsal columns of the spinal cord. I have this problem - I go right over when I close my eyes, especially if my feet are together. I always have to have one hand on the shower wall so I don't go over, and even with that it's a bit risky.