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1515784 tn?1387200890 Conception Dreams My mother recently asked me if I had any strange or memorable dreams when I became pregnant. I then recalled that Koreans believe a woman begins her pregnancy with a 태몽 (tae-mong), or a dream about the conception of the child. (I thought this was unique to the Korean culture but apparently not – J just confirmed that the Chinese believe the same thing!) When my mother first became pregnant with me, she dreamt that she was caught in a terrible thunderstorm.
1303813 tn?1303162962 ). Koi fish are like the most Beautiful fish going. They can be so many colours like oranges and pink and yellows and reds. And for bedrooms can be used for both sexes. :) And Koi fish have such a great meaning behind them I know its not the same but I watch tattoo programmes like Miami ink, and alot of people get koi fish and it means a fresh start, or strength or something like that.
971074 tn?1362763366 I'm taking out the futon couch and putting the crib and changing table/dresser in there. I painted some koi fish paintings that match the koi fish bedding that I will hang over the crib. It won't be 'perfect' but at least it will be a small space defined for the baby.
199177 tn?1490502134 I love dogs...but I got an allergified kid, so...all I have is a big pond out front with big koi and goldfish. Only one has a's Fatboy. I'd be happy to pet y'all's doggies and kitties though..
2122443 tn?1335785718 You have large goldfish or are they koi? I have done a few painting of koi. I will have to get them out and post photos for you. Yes photos of your peaceful place would be lovely to look at. My little oriental garden is confined to the patio as we have over three acres and beyond my fenced yard are the horses, chickens and of course Poe.