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Avatar m tn I recently bought a small koi fish from my local Petco. Everything has been fine but I've noticed at night that I hear clanking noises. I watched him and saw that he's swallowing the tank gravel and spitting it back out repeatedly. He also has started almost resting behind his coral for extended periods of time. I feed him regularly and his water temperature is normal. What could be going on with him?
Avatar f tn My Oranda was attacked on Sunday by my koi fish. He was kept in a pond with 5 koi and a red cap. They were raised together since babies and never had issues before. They completely ate off his wen, his left fin was destroyed, as was his right eye. He's since been removed into his own tank and has started healing very well except for one thing. His left eye was damaged as well and slightly moved in its socket. Over the last 3 days it has started to film over and protrude upwards.
Avatar n tn try ick clear first, if that does not work find an independent fish store, one that only sells fish they will be able to diagnose and treat, it maybe difficult to find a place like this that is still in business but they are out there, and can give you small tubes or viles of medication that can treat almost anything to be on the safe side i would use a parasite treament anytime i added new fish, or with oscars some people feed them crazy stuff that may contain parisites i have never had an osca
Avatar f tn While she was gone, I picked up a bag containing two fish. I thought they would be dead, but then the lady came back. She told me to look inside, and when I looked in, I saw that they were two large-ish salmon, pink on the outside, too, and I could see their gills moving slightly. She said that they would stay alive until I put them in water. Meanwhile, we took them out to look at them, and a red and black lizard that moved like a monkey was playing with one of them.
1303813 tn?1303159362 m just going for healthy! I picked white and orange for the nursery. The bedding has koi fish on it. Exciting!
82861 tn?1333453911 -/ He knew me well enough to know I could never just flush those fish, so they went from the bowl, to a 10 gallon tank to a 47 gallon full-blown aquarium. Fred and Wilma reached 7" long about a year ago and obviously outgrew the tank so I had to find them a new home. Today they went to a huge koi/ goldfish pond in front of a commercial office.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know how to keep the birds away (aside from using a shot gun) from my pond? I've lost two koi in 3 weeks. The worst thing about it is, they don't even eat's like they try and fly away with them, and then realize the fish is too heavy and drop it. We've tried putting one of those "scarecrow" owls out there, but they're not afraid of it. We also don't want to put anything over the pond that will take away from the beauty of it! Thanks!
Avatar f tn Mera beta 18 month ka hai wo bina koi paresani ke jub bhi urin karata hai ek second ruk ruk kar karta hai mujhe douit hai ki usse urin se reletatet koi problem na ho?
390416 tn?1275185087 Fish do eat cookies, I've got a Koi pond! And hell no, I most certainly do not have trouble finding fun, I never resisit it either. Life's too unpredictable for that.
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195469 tn?1388322888 but i am very envious of you i wish i had a koi it great to be alive...i have 1 fish or actually its my g'sons its a siamese fighting fish...his name is harry and i got him to come up and tap my finger for his have a great day and every one else to...hugs to all....
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Avatar f tn Actually,mere shadi ko 5 saal ho chuke hai aur mera abi tak koi issue nai hai Im so worried abt it
Avatar n tn ive noticed my koi carp has a few wart looking spots on its tail...
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195469 tn?1388322888 No you do not have to bring them in during the winter. All you have to do it place a pvc pipe in the water, to allow the "gases" to escape if the pond freezes over. The fish go into a suspended state of animation, so to speak. When the pond unfreezes, they regain their energy and are ready to feed, just like nothing ever happened. You do have to have a depth of about 3-4 feet in one section of the pond, where they will go when the pond freezes.
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Avatar f tn HIGH MERCURY Eat three servings or less per month (pregnant women and small children should avoid these): Bluefish Grouper Sea Bass Tuna (Canned Albacore, Yellowfin)
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Avatar f tn My husband made fish tonight and I thought out was salmon but halfway thru a piece I found out it was sea bass which is on the no no fish list what do I do now?