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5173333 tn?1364761667 Trust me on this don't watch a little bit of heaven with kate Hudson the ending will make you cry. That was the 1st time i cried cuz of a movie.....
Avatar f tn Found out that Kate is pregnant and due 4 days after I would have been
Avatar n tn Med Help - please reconsider your ban of Hudson from this forum. Hudson was one of the first here to answer my questions when I emerged from surgery scared and in need of support, and she has been kind enough since then to check in on how I am doing - and others on this site - since then.
Avatar n tn Thanks to those who posted to me about my endometrial biopsy. The path report just came back... "normal". So, I guess my spotting last month is being attributed to peri-menopause. On and on we go.
Avatar n tn Thanks so much for your thoughts, Hudson! I'm very aggravated, as my doctor's office is saying they can't get me in until next Monday (doc is still away). I need to keep calling back, though, to try and talk to someone higher up in the office who might be able to help. Ugh!
Avatar n tn How old are you and have you had any reproductive surgeries or issues lately?
Avatar n tn Oh hon, I know it can drive you insane. With my last pregnancy I would have been due in Jan and I kept watching Kate Hudson & Kate Winslet and all the other celbs talking about their pregnancies knowing they had approx. the same due date. And boy did sex evey become so unromantic. It swear to you that both times we got pregnant this year, it was when I had decided to give up and just live. In fact, after my D&C in June, I focused on losing weight.
Avatar n tn One of the babies we have decided on Miller. The other one we like Grant or Hudson. Which one do you like? Other ideas? Thanks in advance!!
893090 tn?1251657010 i like the name hudson and axton , i always go for names i have never heard before...
Avatar n tn Hi there, I was thinking of you and wondering how you are doing? Haven't seen you post in a bit. Please let us know.
Avatar f tn Heya I will join once I've told family and friends we are pregnant as I don't want them seeing I've joined a pregnancy group until 12 weeks.
Avatar n tn Can somebody PLEASE help me. I am 5 months pregnant, and I know I have a long way to go but I want help now. I am pregnant with boy/girl twins. My husband and I have picked out a name for the boy which is Hudson. We cannot however agree on a girl name and I cant' think of anything that i just love. I've looked on the web for months for names but nothing sticks out at me. We've actually been talking about this for 2-3 years as it took us that long to actually conceive.
Avatar n tn Hi Hudson- Thank goodness you made the appt and got the biopsy- Good for YOU!!! I on the other hand had the crazy spotting issues made the appointment with my doctor(obgyn),who ONLY did an internal and suggested I was premenopausal and gave me a free box of Yasmine birth control pills and says I'll be calling him in 3 months with great results. During my internal he said he felt a fibroid and that was normal for my age (46).........
Avatar f tn // Abstract Background Deer tick virus, DTV, is a genetically and ecologically distinct lineage of Powassan virus (POWV) also known as lineage II POWV. Human incidence of POW encephalitis has increased in the last 15 years potentially due to the emergence of DTV, particularly in the Hudson Valley of New York State.
Avatar n tn Med camp Garden Hudson slept over
Avatar n tn Yes, you can have an ovary and cyst removed with laparoscopy. I had this done in March.
Avatar f tn The Poughkeepsie Journal (in the Hudson Valley of NY) is continuing to put out worthy information about diseases from ticks. This latest one isn't about Lyme but a virus. I'll give the link---- but since I have a subsription to the Journal I don't know if all can access it or not. Try it. http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.
Avatar f tn Im 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a girl today but i dont have signs of labor yet lol.
Avatar n tn What would low creatinine levels (.5) indicate? I understand high is not good - is low not good? Just curious if I need to make nutritional adjustments. thank you.