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Avatar f tn Maybe I'm just crabby because getting pregnant seems to be so easy for everyone else, ya know. . . I have to remember, that the pregnant people I see around everywhere (and trust me, they are everywhere!) maybe they tried for years before getting lucky.
145992 tn?1341348674 Ok this is so off topic but what's with all of these pregnant celebrities? Is this just a new hollywood trend. Getting knocked up!!! I mean really, what's the deal. Continue to use this as an open forum. Happy Friday.
Avatar f tn I was 17 and pregnant bk in 2007 and when ive seen the show it actually gets me pissed because a lot of em act like their life is over >:[
Avatar f tn I am 36 18 weeks pregnant and I'll be 37 when I deliver.
Avatar m tn Now this woman came off as a bit of a fantasist, telling me she got messages direct from celebrities on Twitter, claiming she dreamed she would meet somebody in the same job as me (Not that it's very exciting). Fair enough, no problem, it was nice to meet her and I said my goodbyes without giving her my number, although I did tell her where I worked. Two weeks later she phones me at work randomly for a chat, asking if I'll go back to the club we met.
6918915 tn?1395936471 I, too, like seeing and hearing when celebrities are pregnant. Especially now that we are pregnant together.
5898681 tn?1392224610 I highly doubt that makeup can cause birth defects, have you seen how much makeup celebrities wear even when they are pregnant, if make up did that then celebrities would have babies with tons of defects. Same thing goes for hair dye. Don't worry,use makeup if you want.
Avatar f tn Wow where'd you find this old thread? If the o.p was pregnant when she posted, the kid has to be close to 3 yrs old by now........
Avatar f tn I never cared if my fiancée said celebrities were pretty. He rarely ever did unless I said they were first. But now I'm pregnant and I'm soooo insecure and jealous. Even about women who he said we're pretty in the past. I'm like obsessing over why he even likes them and I feel so horrible about myself I can't even look in the mirror without getting teary eyed. I hate my body I hate my face I hate my hair. It's so overwhelming sometimes I start having panic attacks. Wtf is this...
Avatar f tn 19 Weeks Pregnant Do you find yourself seeking out magazines with pregnant celebrities? You're not alone. A lot of expecting women find 20 Weeks Pregnant Boy or girl? Right around your 20th week of pregnancy, an ultrasound can answer that big question for you. 21 Weeks Pregnant You don't have to wait until your baby arrives to begin bonding.
Avatar m tn What if the weight gain triggered the intercranial hypertension again? Well we hadn't seen any sign of that until now - at the 30 weeks pregnant mark, she's had her first doozy headache and this time with both eye dilated. she did four days in Wellington hospital - mainly just to get fluids onboard and some pain relief. Severe pain lead to nausea and she was throwing up all the time which the baby really didn't like - it was always still for quite a while after each vomit.
Avatar f tn even alot of celebrities are pregnant right now.
Avatar f tn have been trying to get pregnant for months now but, instead I have my periods monthly...let me tell you, it is dreadful every month just when you think you are pregnant for a split second and only to come realize that you are experiencing cramps due to your period. what is a girl to do? i just want to experience my first born...I am far from rich so I cant do what celebrities are doing with the in vitro fertilization thing.
Avatar f tn diagnosed hiv+ after becoming pregnant and finding out fiance used iv drugs before we met and contracted it from him sexually. he then beat me -he died in 1995 but i was in 2 car accidents, fell on black ice and had bad slip and fall at part time job and i have been fighting to stay alive since 1989 hiv+ diagnosis and deal with chronic pain which my pain doctor has had me stable yet i was told in feb 2010 that she left.
1961938 tn?1398721701 Well there was this one that was called the pregnant lady waddle. What you do is you get a balloon for each person, or enough for volunteers, and quarters. They then place a balloon up there shirt and a quarter between their knees. They have to do the pregnant lady waddle from the start to the finish line without the balloon or quarter dropping. At the finish line they drop the quarter a cup to "relieve" themselves.
Avatar f tn I went this past week and confirmed I am pregnant. I am excited and surprised and a little nervous. Age factor and all the possible things that could go wrong circling in my head. The important thing is to keep positive and try not to focus on all the small or big things that could go wrong... it kinda scared me though as I just experienced a scary moment. I went to go to the bathroom and wiped and had blood with a tiny little clot?
Avatar f tn Strech marks are completely avoidable and not hereditary! Is it just a coincidence that no celebrities have them? They don't all have perfect genes. Drink tons of water and use coconut oil and pure vitamin e!
Avatar f tn You are right it only takes one! There just seem to be so many friends/celebrities who get pregnant just lookin at their partner and we have been TTC since Oct 09. Will stay positive and see what happens in a week or so.
976462 tn?1293466748 ) Okay, I just cried over a commercial for celebrities finding out their family history or something stupid; now I am watching the news about the guy who placed a 100K bet on the Derby and won almost a million dollars and I'm sobbing hysterically. At least I can see the humor in this lol. Anyway, I peed on another stick and yep - the line is definitely there!! I cannot WAIT for Ricky to get home and for my fertility doc to call!!! Nips VERY sensitive...
518031 tn?1295578974 My hubby loves cartoons too. When I was pregnant I thought... Oh I can't do this cartoon thing...then I find myself telling my hubby what happened on Handy Manny this morning. Which is also a sign I need out more!!!
Avatar f tn The other one, was diagnose HIV+ in 1989 after my fiance never told me he had used IV drugs before we met so that when I got pregnant and then sick, no one knew why until he confessed to the doctor that he had used iv drugs and that us have slept together caused me to get the AIDS virus from him.
1259649 tn?1336417632 But as many of you know some days are hard, and today I am having a hard one. What is so funny, even though I am so happy for them, hearing that another 40+ celebrity is pregnant every other day is not helping. It seems like it is just another thing to remind me of my situation. I know I am really new to this & I have been reading how some women have been trying for years. I really want to thank many of you for your strength....
Avatar f tn Its kinda expensive for the size tube it comes in but when used daily you will see change. Ive used a year prior and now that im pregnant I started bk using it.
8666559 tn?1399390262 19 Weeks Pregnant Do you find yourself seeking out magazines with pregnant celebrities? You're not alone. A lot of expecting women find 20 Weeks Pregnant Boy or girl? Right around your 20th week of pregnancy, an ultrasound can answer that big question for you. 21 Weeks Pregnant You don't have to wait until your baby arrives to begin bonding.
1346723 tn?1300722341 If my cousin could get his prostitute druggie girlfriend pregnsnt and these 40+ celebrities can get pregnant then I can get pregnant. I'm taking a completely different approach to his whole thing this time. Been ttc for going on 7 months and I'm going to turn a new leaf and go with the advice of everyone telling me to stop trying. Good luck to you and hang in there. Your normal in my book. Baby dust to you!
342988 tn?1299785956 i am a social worker and know that they are like. The unfortunate part is that due to celebrities and other big names, people do not want to adopt a USA baby, they want one from different countries now, so our little ones have no one and living as a ward of the state is not a way to live at all. i am saying this the nicest way i can and to also vent safely and do not want negative feedback posted on my journal.
198504 tn?1195161659 We do need celebrities that our kids can look up to and it's getting harder and harder to find any decent ones.
Avatar f tn I am 6 weeks pregnant and cant even imagine if this happens to me... I am so sorry you have to go through this and i am praying that whatever it is, you will stay strong.
Avatar f tn If you are going to take this seriously it'd be best you read this all the way through. I've had unreasonable thoughts before like being pregnant even though I've never even had sex and the most intimate I've ever gotten with a guy is a high five but even knowing these facts my mind makes up things to tell me "this is real! that feeling in your stomach? it's a baby. that bump? um...what? food? you're pregnant." And I can't get rid of the thoughts as hard as I try.