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Avatar f tn I have two cats, they were both inside. Pregnant women aren't suppose to change litter boxes and sometimes cats can be dangerous once the baby is born because they can tend to be really cuddly and cause suffocation or take the babies breath away. I gradually got my cats use to outside and they usually stay in our garage now, atleast until the baby's born and older.
7845323 tn?1394877013 They say something about the cat will take the baby breath away..
Avatar f tn I dont think so but in my situation i was never allergic to cats and now that im pregnant its horrible my whole body starts to break outs so i had to get rid of them
Avatar f tn Even if you decided it wasn't working out after a while and re-homed the cats, at least see how it works at first. Likely they won't be interested in trying to get into the baby's room to see the baby, or anything that brings them close to the baby.
Avatar f tn Okay, for those of you with cats as furry family, what did you do for the litter box? It has always been my job since they're my cats, but I haven't ever had cats while pregnant. Obviously toxoplasmosis (sp?) Is a danger and something cats can carry. My husband is throwing a fit about scooping or changing the litter and if I don't do it it will build up until it is just downright disgusting. Can I wear gloves and a hospital mask so I don't touch it or breathe it in?
Avatar f tn i have 2 cats! ones ganna be a year in the end of march nd the other ones i think like 6-7 months mby... i furgot... but theyre fine... irritate me sometimes wen they play but theyre fine... nd my mom does the cat box.. she usually always had done it..
1124350 tn?1291947428 She was pregnant the whole time she practiced medicine and handled many cats. However, it is advised to not change the cat box while you're pregnant or if you're the only one who can then to use gloves and wash hands very well afterwards. If you live with someone who can change the cat box (like your husband) then have them do it while you are pregnant.
4928337 tn?1362754766 Please any advice would be helpful I believe this cats leg is broken. How long can I wait before its seen I do not get paid for another two weeks.
Avatar n tn I am 27 weeks pregnant, and I have to go to Christmas with a house that has cats. I know that you can get toxoplasma from changing the litter box. Are there any risks associated with being around cats if I do not get close to the litter box? Is it safe to eat food at this home? Also, I am slightly allergic to cats, would this cause any problem during pregnancy? Thank you!!!
Avatar n tn I would like to know if other then not cleaning cat's litter box, should a pregnant woman be careful of kissing or hugging her cats? They sleep with us in our bed and we hug and kiss them alot. my logic tells me that there is no reason to avoid touching them, as long as i stay away of their toilet business... After all, Cats are very very clean. Thank you.
1017158 tn?1257734240 Hi, I have 3 cats (all live indoors). I am trying to get pregnant at the moment and have had numerous people telling me about how dangerous cats are for preganant women. Can you explain what toxoplasmosis is and how it is transmitted. Can also please tell me of other dangers? I know that cats should not be allowed to go near sleeping babies as they can lay on the babies face and suffocate them.
Avatar n tn I am worried about taxoplasomy (is that how you spell it?) I have two cats, both are indoor only cats. We have never seen a rodent in our house, so the chance of them eating raw meet is rare. My husband changes the litter box abotu every other day. What are the chances of getting the disease. I love my cats and don't want to give them up!
Avatar f tn I don't know I think they could be good for you as nice little friends to help with that riba-rage on treatment if you ask me! My doggie was a GREAT source of comfort! (And regarding the pregnant long as you are not the one changing the litter or anything I sure wouldn't worry about getting rid of any kitty kats).
4928337 tn?1362754766 / but my point he never once bothered baby. My daughter has two cats. One is a year the other 7 months. They are very affectionate! They sleep with her every night on her pillow behind her head. My huge fear now thanks to my nightmare is that geniveve her super fluffy long hair kitty who is youngest will smother the baby trying to sleep in its bed :( She loves her Kitty's and at 3 even feeds and waters them everyday on her own. I could never get rid of them. Help.
107860 tn?1302930340 Whileyou should never leave any animals alone with a newborn, anyone who thinks that cats need to be removed from the home is either buying into those old tales or just doesn't like cats. I am 36 weeks pregnant and have 4 cats that I ADORE. They aren't going anywhere. A friend of mine mentioned I should be careful because cats steal babies breath away and that I should get rid of them. I told her that I wasn't even going to dignify that with a response.
Avatar n tn i had a cat with both of my pregnancies, although you should avoid the litter box, i was told if you have had cats for a long time, you are kind of immune to it, my ob told me to wear one of those face mask things and wash your hands really good after. my hubby didnt like cats either, but once i became preggo, he did it for me, i'm sure yours will come around once it happens.
1560663 tn?1298050127 We switched vets a year or so ago because one of our cats died at the hands of our vet. We just couldn't bring ourselves to return. We questioned our vet's handling of his treatment. Anyway ths could turn into a very long story but my focus here is to help pet owners with cats with megacolon. We used a laxative that I cant remember the name of but it was a prescription that is for people and animals.
Avatar f tn how long should I wait to have another baby ? I have 4month old and 41/2year old and I would like one more or two if twins come my way. before I am 30 am27 will be 28 in october?
8377023 tn?1399512760 When i see post about people in bad relationships and not leaving them it makes me sad. Its hard to find nice guys now a days.
203342 tn?1328740807 Savas, if you think this needs to be moved to the health page you can move it or show me how to. I don't know how at this point! Anyway, I hope this reassures some people. Cat Little Threat To Pregnancy "The concern about cats and pregnancy involves transmission of a one-celled parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. Toxoplasma can infect most warm-blooded animals and is widespread across the country. The parasite makes a home inside many tissues.
Avatar f tn old son and when I was pregnant with him I had three cats and I even changed the litter! The chances of getting toxo is quite slim. I think it is a problem when cats eat small animals and poop in your garden and then you eat tomatoes and whatever is growing in your garden that is infected....if they are kept indoors not to worry. Also, stay away from dusty litter! Try to get litter that is 98% dust free.
1488781 tn?1301482898 but its also possible for them to become pregnant if they are around males and go into a heat cycle at this age. If she's an indoor cat with no contact with males its ok to wait until after a cycle, if she's in contact with a male its problably better to be safe and have the surgery no later than 5 months of age.
996946 tn?1503252712 There are too many bad things that can happen to them out there, from hawks to dogs to cars to nasty people who just hate cats, the list is long. In your case, I would have to agree with your husband that it would probably be better to rehome the younger dog, as long as you know for sure that he is the culprit.
587315 tn?1333556383 ...well you are in for an experience with a bath...only bath a cat if really necessary, it removes their natural oils from their coat and can lead to very dry skin...and NO DO NOT use your shampoo..much too harsh, u will need some pet shampoo from a pet store/or vet....or a very small amount of baby shampoo...the easiest is to do it in a kitchen sink(for height)...
414635 tn?1272221293 How can this tripe about cats smothering babies really still be going around?!? Doesn't anyone suppose that this notion would actually get news documentation just a little if it were EVER really happening!!??? Don't you think it would be Priority One with every o.b. and pediatrician to tell people having babies to get rid of cats because they are baby killers?!?!? Cats have absolutely no interest in human breast milk or formula; if they were, they'd come to the source.
Avatar f tn they are welcome) you know cats they come hugged you and then go and thats all nigth long ..we got used to I am a professional and I work monday to friday and also own a business and i have to wake up at 5am to start my day....sometimes you find me hugging 3 cats and one of mydogs and then i dont want to wake up...
Avatar f tn They will be hurt and offended if you wait too long. My cousin waited a long time to finally tell my parents and they were very hurt. They had helped raise her as her mother passed when she was 5 so she was a daughter to them. Sometimes you cant anticipate someone's response. You think they will be upset and they actually embarrass it. Go for it tell them. But yes maybe also ask the 18-24 group as they might have experienced the same thing.