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535822 tn?1443976780 When I was little I used to love Barbies and still think they are great. I actually had a pregnant barbie when I was little... I don't think there is anything wrong with them! But I agree that Bratz are not very appropriate!
Avatar f tn Barbie dolls are weird about that. Now I love President barbie & the one in the wheel chair. Don't get me wrong. But, pregnant barbie? And the one with the "tramp stamp" tattoo?! Really?
Avatar n tn Barbie, I wouldn't worry too much yet, That is still a little early to see the heartbeat I think, It's good that they saw a sac, when I went in when I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks, she said you can't even see the sac if your around 5 weeks or less and you don't see the h/b until later, so keep your fingers crossed and your head up and your stress level down. YOur #'s sound good.
620923 tn?1452915648 Hi all wear ur purple to show support and awareness as barbie heads in for her surgery Tuesday Aug 2nd. Sending good vibes~~~~~ and prayers to her and all in charge of her care. Sending prayers for a smooth recovery too.
Avatar f tn CNN) -- The FBI is warning law agencies that the new Barbie "Video Girl" doll could be used as a tool by pedophiles to make child pornography. In an alert entitled "Barbie 'Video Girl' a Possible Child Pornography Production Method," the FBI said the doll has a built-in hidden camera in the chest and a small LCD screen for video display in her back.
Avatar m tn Yes! A pregnant woman is more beautiful than she was before because is now full of life! My husband finds me just as sexy as before. Don't try to be a skinny Barbie doll. Everyone can be beautiful.
Avatar f tn I had an anxiety attack a little bit ago and my stomach is super cramped, is this okay will it go away or did i hurt anything? Im 6weeks pregnant..i havemt had an anxiety attack in a long time and never have pregnant so jist worried.
Avatar f tn Barbie...I thought I was Barbie...little did I know how hard it would be in life to have the man, mansion, clothes, the pink corvette and all the friends!
Avatar n tn Is there still a possibility that I am pregnant? I have my period exactly 28 days apart each month, I feel cramping sort of like a period but with no bleeding. Please help! Should I take another hpt or just wait and see if I get my period this month? I am grateful for any advice.
1580318 tn?1550254481 Here's the photo and article about the "human Barbie" I saw on The Doctors today. Personally I think she looks older then 38. But I guess wanting to look like plastic will do that to you. My question is why would you want to be just like Barbie and dumb yourself down. Intelligence is a sexy quality in a person.
Avatar n tn My son just turned 4 & is intrested all of a sudden in Barbie and girls clothes and makeup. He hides this from me. He did it when he played with a girl cousin (supervised) who is 8. He is definetly into boy stuff. Just very curious. He plays w/ this cousin a lot and she plays here most of the time. I did explain that it is okay to play with girl stuff just as cousin plays w/your boy stuff. I just wonder if I should be worried. I know this is a society where we are more gender biased.
Avatar m tn Since Friday dindo to now Barbie tired.
Avatar f tn My question is, am I pregnant? Because its been 1 week and I expect that Im gonna have my period this week, but I still haven't got it yet. But on the first 3 days of December, I have these symptoms: -Medium energy -Anxiety -Food Cravings -Depression -slight Menstrual Cramps -Hopelessness -Sadness PLEASE! I need an answer ASAP!
Avatar f tn And I have harder time feeling of contraction every movement of my little barbie inside..
Avatar f tn How a female feels while pregnant will vary from female to female and pregnancy to pregnancy. You could be sick as a dog in one and perfectly fine in another.
Avatar f tn Faye, Shannikwah, Lee'anna, Barbie, Gizzell