Pregnant and depressed

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Avatar f tn Now it's all I want and it seems so far away, so impossible I just wish and pray that I could be pregnant. I imagine myself finding out and telling my husband and it depresses me even more. I feel like I won't ever get that again. I'm just emotionally tired of feeling this way. Advice?
Avatar f tn Lately I've been Feeling really depressed. I've been wanting to sleep and just lay around and do nothing. I do suffer from depression but can't take the medication due to being pregnant. Is there soemthing I can do to help the depression?
Avatar f tn In 2008 i was diagonised with endometriosis condition and had a laparascopic surgery the same year, Today i have two big cysts in all the ovaries and i need surgery again, Will i be able to get pregnant ? and how long will i take until i get pregnant, i am 26 years old and i really want a baby.
Avatar f tn I understand that smoking is extremely addictive, however there are certain things we do for our kid that are very hard, and one of them is being pregnant, taking care of our bodies while pregnant and nursing (and I am not even talking about giving birth!). That is only the start of a difficult life of a parent. So, let me give you the facts that you probably already know, but they are important to repeat.
Avatar f tn My mom makes my life hell since i moved home. I'm three months pregnant and practically living out a suitcase. I am just so sad lately. My husband just doesn't understand as much and he's miles away in another state. My parents tried to convince me that he left me.
Avatar f tn My sickness has started today and it's not good..I'm becoming really depressed at my's not a good environment here for me and causes more stress. .I don't know how I'm going to manage at my job feeling like one knows I'm pregnant here. ..on top of my bf not wanting this baby..I'm feeling really alone and don't know what to do..
Avatar f tn Sooooooo want another and getting so sad and bummed. Ive known 6 people who have gottin pregnant this past yr and after awhile it turns to envy like why not us. Weve been doing every tip, this time of day do this time of week or month this position dont stress or think about it no drugs no drinking i started taking vitamins and its like no luck and just after so long and another month no luck im upset again. I have about 20 lbs to lose so maybe its that?
Avatar n tn I have gained more than 30 pounds and I hate seeing women who are pregnant and in their last trimester and all they have is a little bubble. I don't like to buy magazines because it is all skinny pregnant women. But then I consider that if I were that skinny pregnant woman with a little belly, then my mother-in-law would say that I was starving my baby and say that I was the worst mom ever for not gaining that much. I would never hear the end of it.
Avatar f tn I have 3 cyst on my left ovary I was told to stay in birth control for atleast 6 months and if I wanted kids I would need help from my doctor what does that mean.
Avatar f tn Your pregnant it's not like you have sone type of contagious illness or something. Sit down and talk to.
Avatar f tn Then yesterday at work I was getting terrible back pain and cramps. I ran to the bathroom and I was bleeding but it was extremely liight like spotting it was like tht all day till last night when i stopped bleeding. Then i wake up at like 4 and its like im on my period. Im so upset and I have nobody to tlk to about it.
Avatar f tn It's probably your raging hormones making you feel like that. Are you happy your pregnant? Try and concentrate on all the positives and get plenty of sleep. If your crying all the time, maybe you could pop and see your doctor?
Avatar f tn So, I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I keep feeling like I'm depressed. My children's father went to jail last week and it's hard to be happy without him around. I can barely even talk to him and the jail that he is in wont let me visit because I'm pregnant. He wont get out of jail until may and it hurts when my 15 month old asks me where his Dada is. What should I do? Please give me some advice!!
Avatar f tn Before I knew I was pregnant me and my boyfriend we're broken up and when I told him I was pregnant he got back with me. Now I feel like he got back with just cause we're having my baby girl. He wants to go out all the time to smoke and drink with his friends. Complains about taking me to the hospital saying that it's not. I don't know what to do I only have him and it seems that partying is more important then me and our baby.
Avatar n tn and feel completley hopeless and i dont understand.. i hate being pregnant im miserable sad feel fat and ugly always tired. Is this normal? people always told me being pregnant is a specail bonding loving time between u and ur baby but i dnt i know i love my baby but other than that i hate this..
Avatar f tn I have My ultrasounds but they don't have my name on them...just my doctors could I prove that I'm really pregnant and not faking it?..
Avatar f tn But my second trimester I started to feel better way better and I started to be less distressed and depressed. I'm in 3rd trimester now and it hasn't come back. I was thinking mine was just hormones and stress that me and my children's father was going through.early on. I hope it ggets better for you.
Avatar n tn Hi ladies, im currently 21 weeks pregnant and I am extremely depressed i cry all day and night i dont know what to do i know its bad for my baby, any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Had a really bad night. I'm bipolar, sick and 19 weeks pregnant. Why when I need my husband the most do I seem to just irritate him? I'm so hurt right now. Ive been having nightmares I'm sick can't stop coughing and just started sobbing last night. I cried myself to sleep and this morning he didnt even say goodbye.
6709254 tn?1389306949 I'm excited I'm pregnant and all but I can't help but feel depressed. I was diagnosed with major depression almost a year before a got pregnant. I was on medicines and seeing a psychiatrist twice a week I was admitted into the hospital and everything when things got worse. I don't know what to do. One minute I'm fine and the next I start thinking about things. I hide it cause I don't to raise any alarms. I keep thinking its just my hormones but I also wonder what if its not.
4193337 tn?1355701972 I am now 25 weeks pregnant and I now weigh about 151 lbs which I know isnt terrible but I feel huge and horrible. I didnt want to weigh more than 165 by the end of this pregnancy but I feel like I already ruined that goal. Im only 5'2" so on me a little bit of weight makes a lot of difference. Anyone else having a hard time dealing with their weight?
Avatar f tn I'm 20 weeks and im always SO SAD!! Today (right now) I just can't stop crying. I'm 17 & ever since i found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks.. Not one of my "friends" have asked to hangout.. My bd who i live with constantly leaves and is with his friends.. I just sit home everrrysiiinnggllle day by myself. I've never felt so depressed before. Am i the only one in this situation!?
Avatar f tn lol And my daughter's over here eating all her dinner and saying please and thank you and not acting like a jacka$$. They're like, how do you do it?! and I'm like, I'm mom and dad. She has no other word but mine, when I say no. it's no. it's tough financially, and emotionally, but man - its way easier. lmao. go spend the day at grandma's and see how irritated you get when you say no, and grandma says ohhhh, sure honey. imagine living with someone like that, haha. you got this girl.
Avatar f tn I'm 25 Weeks pregnant and I'm honestly thinking about leaving my baby Daddy....I'm not happy anymore he's always yelling at me and I have no friends.... We got in a big fight an hour ago and it was because I have a crosage from prom that is from a guy friend that I went to prom with who I never messed around with. He wants me to throw it away and I said no and it blew up into him yelling at me and calling me a *****..
Avatar f tn I was depressed at 1st so I lived my life as if I weren't pregnant so I wouldn't think about it too much. I never told anyone I was pregnant until I was 5 months, it actually helped this pregnancy go by pretty fast. I just worked everyday and took care of myself as if I were pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Keep your head up, all babies are blessing.
Avatar f tn Hi there and welcome. Well, I personally don't like porn because of the degradation to women and the lifestyle of most in the porn (abuse of drugs, abuse in general). But I will say that a lot of men do watch it and it is fairly meaningless. It's an easy release. It doesn't mean anything about you or that you aren't satisfying him, it's just easier. Porn doesn't feel the need to cuddle after. Ya know? My own husband was kind of weirded out by my belly as I got more and more pregnant.
Avatar f tn I love my son so much already but this is the worst experience I've ever gone through and I'm ready to start feeling like myself again. Anyone else absolutely hate being pregnant?
Avatar f tn I really wanted a vba2c and am finding it really hard not to get depressed and to relax as stress will ensure I dont. Try maybe some prenatal yoga, I am going to try a class this weekend. Or a prenatal massage or acupuncture. I am going to a chiropractor cuz my lil girl decided to position in front of my cervix not over so that was really the only real option to try and help align me better to give her room to move. Sorry for the long response. Good luck!