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Avatar f tn I'm on zoloft and I'm 30 weeks pregnant and everything is fine
Avatar n tn My best friend is very afraid to have another baby because she was on Zoloft. She asked her psychiatrist and I asked mine and they both said that Zoloft is the best antidepressant to be on during pregnancy. It has the lowest risk of negative outcomes. Many, many people stay on antidepressants while pregnant. I am not trying to sway you either way, I just know myself. When I am not on my antidepressant I am terribly depressed and having panic attacks a lot.
Avatar f tn Prozac is also very safe but doctors recommend switching to zoloft by the end of pregnancy to avoid lethargy in infants. Don't always believe the ads on tv. Usually they are directed towards the .4% of cases of mild birth defects. If you need it, take it! I've been on antidepressants for over 12 years. Whenever I've attempted to wean off, I've ended up in the hospital, so stopping during pregnanxy is not an option. Talk to your doctor and ask for the research before you start a medication.
Avatar f tn Zoloft is probably the worst out of all the antidepressants o.o The two that are the safest are prozac, and welbutrin -welbutrin being the safest. @djan2011 sometimes a natural remedy is more dangerous than a pharmaceutical when it comes to depression. I myself fell into a deep depression around 13 weeks pregnant and had to start taking prozac short term had I not I probably would have killed myself.
1173196 tn?1292920090 I asked all 3 of my midwives, and they each told me that there was no danger in continueing zoloft for the entire pregnancy and even while breastfeeding. I've already cut my dose by half anyway. Is anyone else on zoloft or has anyone taken during their pregnancy?
Avatar f tn +1 on greenlydia. I'm looking at my zoloft script and there's a pregnancy warning on the bottle. BEE CAREFUL. Tlk to your doctor ASAP.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribe me Zoloft today 50mg, he said the side effect I will most likely get is insomnia!! Just wondering if there are Any other mother's out there who take this and have insomnia side effect how do you get thru your day with nooooooooooooo sleep I have a one year old daughter and and a four year old son ao sleeping when I actually get tired is out of the question... any advice? I'm 12 weeks on the dot!
5365627 tn?1369077616 I just started taking zoloft today for severe depression and anxiety i was having. I take 50 mg. Im 36 weeks and i just want to know if it has ever helped anyone else with their issues how much and is your baby ok if you were pregnant at the time?
12693075 tn?1442249992 I stopped taking it before my 8 week appointment, though I did reduce my dose over a period of a week or so to let my body adjust. It is not recommended to take Zoloft during your pregnancy, even though it is one of the safer drugs in the SSRI group. Medications in the SSRI group have been known to cause birth defects. I am so far able to control my anxiety, probably because I am more concerned about my baby's well being.
Avatar f tn My doc prescribed me zoloft today to take for panic attacks i've been having. I am 38+3 and am very nervous about taking this after reading some of the side effects. Does anyone have experience with this drug while pregnant? A friend of mine told me that once you start it that your not suppose to stop.
Avatar f tn Has anyone taking Zoloft and the baby has a birth defted they say it won't hurt the baby but I Sean on TV where it can
Avatar f tn For me, Zoloft seems to work fairly well. I know with me, any time I adjust or switch meds (under the direction of my doctor), I do notice some increased anxiety. Are you in counseling right now? I know for me, the best way to deal with the anxiety was a combination of the therapy and medication....keep us posted!
274158 tn?1276350787 I did my whole pregnancy on a light dose of Zoloft and the baby turned out just fine. My nurse advisor says she knows a lot of babies who were born to women who took Zoloft. Your call, it's a class C drug I think.
958812 tn?1268767772 Several SSRI's can be taken during pregnancy if the benefits outweigh the risks. Zoloft, Prozac, and Celexa are a few examples of Class C antidepressants that fit into this category. In general, its best to avoid these medications during the 1st trimester, if at all possible, and depending on the dosage you are on you may need to tapper down before delivery as some baby's do experience mild-moderate withdrawal symptoms after delivery. Visteral can be taken during pregnancy for panic attacks.
Avatar n tn I was taking Zoloft when I first got pregnant with my daughter, I stopped when I found out I was pregnant, and she turned out fine. Your hormones and moods are all over the place with pregnancy, so I don't think Zoloft will work too well anyway. It may not be worth the risk to take it. Check with your doctor to be sure.
118225 tn?1278658540 The biggest regarding Zoloft and pregnancy is when it is taken late in the 3rd trimester. Babies often experience Zoloft withdrawal effects directly after birth, for up to a week, which can include the following: breathing problems, suckling problems, gastrointestional upset. This often requires the baby to remain in the NICU until they pass. You should discuss the benefits of taking Zoloft, while pregnant, versus the risks with your doctor.
Avatar n tn I have taken Zoloft through all three of my pregnancy and all my babies are fine. My doctors me it was the safest to take while pregnant. I think you and baby will be just fine.
Avatar f tn Can Zoloft taken in Pregnancy ,do to a Depression caused by Midral Valve Prolaps,be the cause of all this or of some of this ?
1012810 tn?1260753258 anyone have any imfo on taking zoloft ( sertraline) during pregnancy? any imfo would help, thanks guys!
Avatar f tn I took Zoloft throughout my entire pregnancy. My dosage was 75mg. Zoloft is the most widely used medication of this type used in pregnancy and breastfeeding. I am not going to tell you to start up without talking to a Dr, but I am telling you is that most Dr's agree that it is safe for use in pregnancy. Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn However, I worry about what will happen in the long run and whether I'll be able to remain relatively-anxiety free in the long run. Before the pregnancy, I had plans to start tapering off Zoloft anyway, however, it seems more scary now that I know I'm pregnant. Has anyone had experience with tapering while pregnant? My apologies for the long post!
Avatar f tn I have been reading all the posts about Zoloft and pregnancy and I have to say that you are making me feel more comfortable. I currently take 25mg of Zoloft for Panic/Anxiety disorder. I have also been in therapy for over a year. It has been helping to teach me how to cope. Still can't fly, take a train or get stuck in traffic. I guess it is a little claustrophobia? My husband and I have been trying for our second child and I am wondering if the Zoloft is going to be ok.
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken Zoloft during pregnancy before? If so, what was the dosage and What were the results?
Avatar n tn I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I was taking zoloft before pregnancy and had stopped up unitl my 28th week when I started becoming depressed and having bad panic attacks again. I am definately happier and healthier now and can't imagine going back to the way I was feeing before medication. Anyway, I am currently taking 50mg/day and am wondering if anyone else was on this medication while pregnant and what the side effects are concerning the baby.